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Book Your Labor Day Vacation in Port Aransas

Just like that, summer is nearly half over, and if you are like most of the nation, you aren’t ready for the carefree days to end! Fortunately, there is still one last chance to celebrate the wonder that is summer, with Labor Day Weekend offering fun, excitement, and the feel of eternal summer. And if your holiday journey is bringing you to the shores of Port Aransas, now is the...

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4th Of July Events And Activities In Port Aransas

Oh, how we love summer at the beach! Offering days filled with sun, sand, and surf, lazy nights, and multiple ways to celebrate the summer holidays, we at Sandcastle Condominiums practically get giddy when the solstice arrives! If you are of like mind and you are starting to begin your upcoming annual 4th of July vacation (smart travelers know how to make the most of their vacation days, starting by...

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Book Your Memorial Day Rental in Port Aransas

Even those who live in colder places don’t need to look at the calendar to realize that Memorial Day is arriving soon. The sun sets later, the trees (even under a layer of late season snow) are beginning to show tiny green buds, and there is a noticeable warming trend happening, as you almost never have to scrape the ice off your windshield! This lead up to the lazy carefree...

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Book Your Port Aransas Easter Rental with Sandcastle Condominiums!

Do you want to make your Easter break memorable? Then consider our Port Aransas Easter rentals! With its gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters, Port Aransas is the perfect destination for an unforgettable getaway. And with Sandcastle Condominiums, you can easily book a rental for your stay! Read on to learn more about why Port Aransas is the ideal spot for your Easter holiday and how you can book your rental...

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Start the New Year Off with Plans for a Trip to Port Aransas

What you do on New Year’s Eve is perhaps the most important activity of your year. Superstition has it that you will spend the next 12 months of your life repeating how you spent the last night of last year and although a party with your friends or a night in with your husband sounds inviting, most travelers want to spend their free time traveling. We want to explore the...

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Book Your Christmas Getaway to Port Aransas

When a Christmas holiday away complete with sand and sun sounds like fun for you and your traveling crew, there is no better place to find yourself than Port Aransas, Texas. This charming locale is loved for its natural beauty and access to the fun that takes on a festive spin when the holidays roll around. The following activities and attractions are seasonal delights that are sure to have you...

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Rentals with the Best Kitchen for Thanksgiving at Sandcastle Condominiums

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who only cook when they absolutely must, and those who cook because it is there one true passion. There can be something soothing about following a recipe, adding the ingredients one by one to a dish that soon will become something family and friends fawn over, and for the really creative types, it can be exciting to create something...

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You Won’t Regret a Halloween Spent in Port Aransas!

While the majority of the world prefers the winter holidays, we at Sandcastle Condominiums are a little quirkier, preferring all the fun that accompanies the first holiday of fall, Halloween. We buy our Halloween candy early (then eat it all before the big night and have to buy more 2 days before trick-or-treaters begin to arrive!) we start planning NEXT year’s costumes before we have washed off the last of...

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Patriotic Activities to Enjoy in Port Aransas This 4th Of July

As we step further into the deep end of summer, the year 2022 brings us a wonderful present in the form of an unexpected 3-day weekend! Independence Day falls on a Monday this year and many Americans will be celebrating the old-fashioned way with lots of red, white, and blue, cold beers, and in many cases a vacation that our forefathers fought for our right to enjoy! Deciding to take...

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Stay in Port Aransas This Memorial Day

Every year, like clockwork, the long Memorial Day weekend rolls in, and every year, also like clockwork, it catches us by surprise. What do you mean we have Monday off? How did I miss planning a fantastic getaway again? And why didn’t I start planning a trip to Port Aransas sooner? These are the questions that you have asked repeatedly and this year, we at Sandcastle Condominiums have decided to...

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