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An Insider’s Guide to Port Aransas

No matter when or why you need a break, add a little island sand, sun, fun, water, and adventure. While there are a number of things to do and see that will surely pack your schedule, there are some must-see and do activities and attractions you’ll want to add. You won’t want to miss some of our favorites, so you can get the full Port A experience you came to...

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Kick Off 2024 With a Trip to Port Aransas

You’ve packed away the last of your Christmas decorations and the house is looking a little, well, desolate and plain, but that’s ok, you have plans for 2024 and they don’t involve staying at home staring at blank walls. The new year is all about what you can do for yourself, discovering all the ways to bring peace, serenity, and a little extra fun into your life, and your first...

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Guide to the Perfect Winter Vacation in Port Aransas

Joy can be found in the most unusual of places. It can be the small moments when your toddler smiles into your eyes and says he wants to marry you when he grows up so he never has to leave you. It can be the large moments when you marry your best friend or when you finally graduate from college after working for many years. Or it can be a...

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Ultimate Holiday Port Aransas Travel Guide

You came to Port A this holiday season for Texas warmth, fun, and the sand and water at the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. There is an array of indoor and outdoor activities, as well as year-round top things to do in Port Aransas and special events for the holidays and winter season. You’ll find something that fits everyone’s vacation activity needs and style – and it’ll be just...

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The Perfect Date Night in Port Aransas

Real life often gets in the way of our relationships, tossing obstacles in our path such as long days at work, school events, and chores, so when it comes time for date nights, we are often too tired or too busy to participate. There are many reasons a vacation is vital for your health and well being personally, but they also can make all the difference when it comes to...

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Activities and Events That Are Budget-Friendly in Port Aransas

Vacations can often be expensive, having to purchase everything from airfare to sanctuaries and everything in between, but a Port Aransas vacation spent in comfort and style in one of our Sandcastle Condominiums rentals doesn’t have to be expensive. We like to help our guests out as much as possible, and as such, we have created this list of Port Aransas activities and events that won’t break your budget, leaving...

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Kid-Friendly Indoor Activities in Port Aransas

We at Sandcastle Condominiums talk a lot about all the things you and your family will be able to enjoy outside during your Port Aransas getaway. After all, your beach vacation would be kind of lame if you didn’t spent most of your time playing outside, but there will be moments during your visit when you won’t be able to resist spending some time indoors. Rainy days encourage indoor moments,...

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Upcoming Summer Events in Port Aransas

As summer gets into full swing, more and more travelers are making their way to the sandy shores of Port Aransas, expecting a Texas-sized vacation in a relatively small town and they will all have their expectations met! (Exceeded in many cases!) We don’t do anything in a small way here in the second-largest state in the nation and we still get a tad upset when we realize that Alaska...

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Port Aransas Is the Perfect Place for a Girls’ Trip

The women in our lives are a loyal bunch. Standing with you through all the assortment of issues that life can throw at you, holding you up when you just want to fall down, and loving you at the moments you feel the most unlovable. The bad times aren’t so bad when these girls step into the picture, and the good times are even more remarkable, and as you begin...

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Check Out These Spas to Have a Relaxing Trip to Port Aransas

A vacation can be the most relaxing experience of your lifetime, especially when you follow a few wonderful tips. First, do not turn on your alarm clock. If something needs to be done, it can be done at a later hour, so sleep in and get all the rest you need! Second, choose a beach vacation. Seriously, even as you frolic and play, it is impossible to feel anything but...

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