You had the best intentions when you booked your Valentine’s Day Texas getaway to Port Aransas and your stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways, but as February 14th draws ever closer, you may be getting a bit nervous over what you can do while you are here. Fortunately, your ace in the hole, our staff at Sandcastle, understands your possible predicament and we have prepared this guide to the top 5 events and activities you can enjoy during your romantic Texas trip of a lifetime, ensuring this trip will earn you the title of Gift Giver Supreme.

Breakfast in Bed

Even as you are willing to forge ahead and try new things, the classic traditions can still make an appearance on your Valentine’s Day, including breakfast in bed. Fully equipped kitchens make it easy to create a simple meal. Donuts from the Donut Palace, located at 604 N Allister Street, can also be a great substitute for your own cooking and doesn’t require much effort and if you really want to make her smile, don’t forget the Mimosas!

Sweets for your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without a little sugar and Winton’s Candy shop has been the traditional stop for Valentine’s of all ages and may be appreciated even more if you are sharing the Valentine love with your tiniest of travelers. Standing strong against the tides of time and hurricanes, Winton’s offers all the sweets you love and some new ones as well, ones that may end up being your newest obsession, even as you purchase a traditional heart shaped box of chocolate for your favorite traveling partner.

Hands Down, You Both will Love This New Experience

A couple’s massage offers another opportunity to spoil your Valentine and Balinese Wellness Spa, located at 121 Cut-Off RD, may be where you want to look first. Offering a wide range of services in a beautiful and relaxing facility your cares will float away as the most talented hands in the state do magical things with your aches and pains.

Sunset Walk on the Beach

While it may be too cold for swimming and frolicking in the surf, a sunset walk along the shore’s edge is sure to get the romantic sparks started, especially as you hold hands and share secrets and dreams during your stroll. A Texas sunset is a sight that will change your life forever, making you believe in bigger and better things and as the sky turns to fire and the waves of the gulf are washing over your toes and ankles, this Valentine’s Day will surely top all others. Even better, once the sun has fallen into the sea, and the dark sky starts to twinkle with the light of a billion stars, the waves crashing against sandy shores, the clear skies, and salt air breezes will make this night shine bright.

A Meal to Remember

Ending your romantic day in Port Aransas with a Valentine’s dinner at Lisabellas Bistro & Bar, promises to finish the celebration on a high note. Located at 5009 TX-361 and offering a special Valentines meal on February 14th, their menu is a sophisticated blend of locally sourced seafood, pasta dishes, and juicy meats that any carnivore will love. Even as Lisabellas offers a large outdoor grassy yard dotted with cornhole games and picnic tables, perhaps you favorite part of the evening will be the perusal of the dessert menu, so be sure to save room. Their homemade Hallelujah Chocolate Cake will have you seeing angels in the rafters, it is that good.

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Find Your Joy

Coming in at the top of the lineup, your best moments may be the ones you spend exploring the romantic charms of our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday havens. Maybe this will be the holiday you choose to remain at home, exploring luxury amenities as the sea provides a backdrop of magic for every activity. Watching Hallmark movies on state-of-the-art televisions, working together to create a meal you will never forget. Open a bottle of wine and raise a toast to the sun setting over the sea from the comfort of your balcony perch, letting the serenity of the turquoise waters wash over your soul as your soulmate sits beside you. Maybe you will spend some of your romantic day soaking in the community hot tub or maybe you will enjoy snuggling in bed, reminiscing about the early days of your relationship. However you spend these precious moments, spending them with us will bring you joy. Reserve your favorite love nest today.