Just like that, summer is nearly half over, and if you are like most of the nation, you aren’t ready for the carefree days to end! Fortunately, there is still one last chance to celebrate the wonder that is summer, with Labor Day Weekend offering fun, excitement, and the feel of eternal summer. And if your holiday journey is bringing you to the shores of Port Aransas, now is the perfect time to book your vacation escape, choosing the Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaway that fits your family best. The days are still long and warm on that first Monday in September and the adventures you will enjoy may lead to a new Port Aransas Labor Day tradition, that of visiting Port A and staying in the comfortable spaces that welcome every guest with warmth and luxury.

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The Gulf Is Calling

Everything in Port A revolves around the Gulf of Mexico, and our Sandcastle Condominiums location ensures you don’t have to miss a single second of the siren’s call of the sea! Choose the size that fits your family best (from studio all the way up to 3 bedrooms) and be sure that the one you make your own offers views of the sea, and your Labor Day getaway will be one you never forget! Wake up every morning with the sun peeking in the windows and take your coffee out to the balcony, enjoying a few quiet moments before the crazy of the day begins. On days you aren’t wanting to explore what our coastal town in Texas has to offer, spending the entire day relaxing on the beach may be the activity you love most! Pack a cooler with your favorite snacks and drinks, grab beach umbrellas, towels, and chairs (many of our condos will provide those items for guests to use during their stay) and head out to the beach you have been eyeing from your post on the balcony! Visitors can frolic in the water, renting jet skis or paddle boards from local companies, or simply lie under their colorful umbrella, ear buds playing their favorite tunes, sunscreen protecting delicate skin, and a beverage at hand. This is a holiday that encourages doing nothing, honoring all the hard work Americans do every other day of the year and if you want to day dream, read, or nap as the sun shines down on your body, no one is going to judge you!

We Love the Nightlife

The best part of the long weekend is knowing you can stay up as late as you want, and there will be no rude alarm clock forcing you to get out of bed at the crack of dawn. Port Aransas is a quiet town but we also offer a fun nightlife that will keep you entertained until the wee hours of the morning! Treasure Island, for example, located at 315 N Alister St, is open every night of the week until 2 AM, so why not go out every night of your stay, sleeping in as late as you like? Offering music, drinks, and the company of other fun-loving locals and visitors, the party is an endless one, making your getaway stand out in ways you never thought possible.

For those who prefer a quieter version of nightlife may want to spend their evenings at home, enjoying the amenities our holiday hideaways have to offer! Binge watching beach movies on state-of-the-art televisions, playing board games with the family and realizing anew just how cool your kiddos have become, and sitting out on the balcony, watching the moonlight reflected in the gulf and sipping your favorite adult beverages. These are the moments that will create memories that last a lifetime, and although there are other places on earth you could enjoy many of the same activities, the allure of Port Aransas will add an extra shine to these sparkly life events!

Celebrate with Sandcastle Condominiums

The beauty of a summer day is enhanced when you get to come home to comfort and luxury every day of your Port Aransas stay, and your Labor Day celebrations are destined to be more fun than you imagined they could be. Create the family potato salad recipe in our fully equipped kitchens, watch summer movies on state-of-the-art televisions, and dream happy dreams when you climb into our premium beds each night. There is no wrong way to celebrate Labor Day and even if your only nod to the occasion is a self-satisfied smile when you roll over in the morning and notice that even though this the normal time for waking, you can roll back over and fall right back to sleep, we applaud you on your commitment to no labor! Reserve your favorite escape today.