Even those who live in colder places don’t need to look at the calendar to realize that Memorial Day is arriving soon. The sun sets later, the trees (even under a layer of late season snow) are beginning to show tiny green buds, and there is a noticeable warming trend happening, as you almost never have to scrape the ice off your windshield! This lead up to the lazy carefree days of summer can seem longer than it really is, as you and your family are done with winter and ready to bring on summer in all its glory. What better way to kick off your favorite season than with a Memorial Day in Port Aransas getaway? Offering beach days filled with fun and frolic, beach nights filled with peace and serenity, and holiday adventures of all sorts in between, the only thing better than spending Memorial Day in our Texas hometown is spending Memorial Day in our hometown while enjoying the comforts, luxuries, and cheer of our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways! This guide to their charms will help you soldier through these last days of the cold weather season, especially as you spend some of the moments in between dreaming and doing shopping for a new summer wardrobe online.

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What Makes the Perfect Memorial Day?

Every traveler has different thoughts as to what constitutes the ideal Memorial Day. Some will extoll the virtues of sleeping as late as they want, (Our oh so comfortable beds, soft linens, and tranquil bedrooms make it easy!) perhaps greeting the day with a donut from the Donut Palace at 604 N Allister Street and a cup of coffee freshly brewed in our fully equipped kitchens. Our late-sleeping, donut-loving guests may not be the plan making type, and as such, when they finally step out the doors into a day that glows with warmth and sunshine, they will just enjoy the heat and make it up as they go along!

Make a visit to the shops in town to check out what sales are going on this glorious holiday weekend, including Indigo Eclectic, 1700 State Highway 361, Suite A, where the clothing, gifts, and other merchandize fits their unique personalities. Maybe a late lunch at the Bluewater Cowboy (Those donuts won’t sustain forever!) accompanied by a tropical beverage and a slow browse through the attached Mercantile will be in order! Located at 221 West Beach Street, the treasures found here are destined to please souvenir shoppers looking for gifts with a Port Aransas theme.

After lunch, a happy lethargy may come into play, and so, heading back to their home sweet Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escape for a nap on the plush sofa may be exactly what this carefree traveler looks forward to! And because it’s their holiday, meant to be enjoyed their way, watching their favorite baseball team play on the state-of-the-art televisions in the living room will make their heart sing! But even if you have different ideas of how you want to celebrate the holiday, we can pretty much guarantee that a good portion of your weekend in paradise will be spent at the beach, relaxing, playing, and reveling in the warmth and wonder that is very much appreciated after a long and hard winter.

Celebrating at Home with Sandcastle Condominiums

The best holidays begin and end in the comfort of our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday havens, giving travelers a way to celebrate in all the ways they love, while staying comfy and cozy! Choose a condo with beach views and discover how the patio that runs along the back of the unit will become your favorite spot to just sit. You don’t have to do anything more strenuous than sip a cold beer and bite into the juicy burger prepared in our fully equipped kitchens, and this extended period of downtime will be just what your soul needs.

Inside, comfortable furnishings provide a great place to binge watch military themed movies on Smart or cable access televisions, raising a glass in toast to all the sacrifices our fallen heroes made so we could enjoy moments just like this. Playing games around large dining tables with your friends, walking along water’s edge early in the morning and again late at night, even sitting up in bed with a good book or your favorite late night television show; in the grand scheme of things, these tiny vignettes in time may not seem like much, but at the very heart of the matter, they are the most important things because they are enjoyed with family and with all the freedoms our great country provides. Being able to enjoy them in a Sandcastle Condominiums home away from home is just the bonus cherry on the top of the red, white, and blue sundae!

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