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An Insider’s Guide to Port Aransas

No matter when or why you need a break, add a little island sand, sun, fun, water, and adventure. While there are a number of things to do and see that will surely pack your schedule, there are some must-see and do activities and attractions you’ll want to add. You won’t want to miss some of our favorites, so you can get the full Port A experience you came to...

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Top Restaurants In Port Aransas

Vacations are filled with fun, excitement, and fantastic food, especially as travelers can taste the flavors of the region visited, enjoying new dishes that may end up being brought to their own tables once the good times have concluded. We at Sandcastle Condominiums have added many foreign dishes to our personal menus and every bite we take instantly transports us back to those golden days of adventure. Today, we invite...

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Best Bars and Breweries in Port Aransas

Sometimes the biggest pleasures in life can come from the simplest of situations; the sound of an uncontrollable laugh in a baby, the look in your pet’s eye when he or she is sitting in your lap, and the taste of a cold beer on a sweltering day at the beach. None of these things are particularly remarkable, they happen multiple times a day all over the world but when...

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Best Summer Outdoor Dining in Port Aransas

A beach vacation is one that should never be spent cooped up inside, except for the hours of sleep, of course. A beach vacation is a wild experience best enjoyed outside, feeling ocean breezes kiss your cheeks as the bright summer sun beats down on skin that is so happy to feel warmth again after a long winter spent hiding from the cold. And when your beach vacation brings you...

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Best Restaurants For Couples In And Around Port Aransas

Winter months are meant for cuddling together for warmth, long conversations about your dreams and secrets, and enjoying delicious meals that often seem too heavy to eat during the warmer months of the year and when your winter journey brings you and your favorite traveling partner to the sunny beaches of Port Aransas, you will be able to enjoy all three! (Not that it gets that cold, but who really...

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Can’t-Miss Local Restaurants in Port Aransas

When you’re visiting Port Aransas, there’s a lot of great, local dining to be had! While you’re out here enjoying your unique, beach vacation in Port Aransas, you’ll have plenty of options for one-of-a-kind dining. The local restaurants in Port Aransas provide a wide variety of eating experiences, and of course, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to sample the Port Aransas seafood. With all that in mind, here...

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Casual Dining Spots in Port Aransas

As an island destination, a getaway to Port Aransas, Texas practically guarantees you’ll be feasting on fresh seafood dishes at one of its many waterfront eateries. In addition to catering to seafood lovers, the culinary scene in Port Aransas offers Créole and Cajun favorites as well as worldwide cuisines. The laid-back island lifestyle means you barely have to shake the sand from your toes before heading to a nearby restaurant...

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Our Favorite Breakfast Spots in Port Aransas

Port Aransas is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite beachside destinations due to its sunny weather, opportunities for wildlife spotting, amazing things to do, and fun town atmosphere. Nothing quite kicks off a great day of vacation than a delicious breakfast. Before you hit the beach, be sure to check out one of our favorite breakfast restaurants in Port Aransas! Our Condo Rentals on the Beach Island Cafe For a...

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