Summer will be here before you know it and if you haven’t begun making plans for a beachy getaway to Port Aransas, will you even be able to consider the season a success? Summer is best enjoyed hanging out on sandy beaches, frolicking in the surf, and relaxing in comfortable beach escapes where beds are soft, chores are minimal, and views of the sea are best enjoyed from balconies lined with chairs, something our Port Aransas Sandcastle Condominiums offer easily! This guide to planning your best summer vacation in Texas in our coastal town will give you something to look forward to in the long days, weeks, and months leading up to your vacation adventures, and will also ensure that this summer will be one providing memories you will cherish!

The Beach is Waiting

Of course your first adventure will be the one you enjoy at the beach, probably taking place within minutes of unpacking your luggage and if you are like us, maybe even BEFORE you unpack. Drop your bags at the door and run to the white sand beaches that are easily visible from the patio of your escape and if you time it right on your first day, you will arrive in time to watch the sky turn to fire from your first sunset of the week. These first few moments are just to get your toes in the sand and to feel the salty breezes kiss your cheeks, but there will be plenty of time later for a full day of fun in the sun, frolicking in the surf, relaxing on sandy beaches, and letting your soul get filled with serenity and happiness.

A Tour of Dolphins

The slippery dolphin is a fun creature to watch, chattering happily, jumping out of the sea, and diving deep into its clear waters and Fisherman’s Wharf Port A offers tours that will take you to where the dolphin show is the best! There is a local pod of dolphins that frolic nearby and their Dolphin Watch Tour is a reasonably priced one that brings you to their stomping grounds. The captain is a knowledgeable guide, explaining the habits of the dolphin and bringing you safely within reach of the best photo opportunities and if you really want an experience to remember, sign up for their Dolphin Watch and Sunset tour and fall in love with the beauty of a Port A sunset over the sea.

Mustang Island State Park

America’s state parks are wonderful thing to explore and Mustang Island State Park, located just off the waters from Port Aransas is a perfect example. Originally named for the horses that once roamed free on the island, today you won’t find any horses but you will find some awesome adventures! Fishing from shore’s edge will bring you your evening meal, building sandcastles with your littles will bring you closer, and watching the skies with binoculars in hand will bring you more checkmarks on your lists of birds you are watching for. Mustang Island is a popular birdwatching spot and even if you haven’t tried it before, you may discover a new hobby that can be continued once you are forced to return to real life. The beaches of Mustang Island are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and taking long walks at water’s edge, offering another opportunity for a day at the beach.

Visit Farley Boat Works, 716 W Avenue C

In 1910 the Farley brothers made their way to the Texas coast, seeking the life they could build near the sea and eventually discovering that the area had a need for new boats and that they had a talent for building them and Farley Boat Works was born. Today Farley Boat Works is what we call a living exhibit, offering a peek into the world of boat building while still building the boats the world still needs. Dedicated to continuing the art, they also teach people how to build the wood boats and they could be in the midst of a “class” while you are visiting, teaching you a few things as well.

Summer Sanctuaries

Whether you are shopping in downtown Port A, kayaking along the Mustang Island Paddling Trail, or partaking in any of the adventures listed above, every road leads you back to the comforts found in our Sandcastle Condominiums summer sanctuaries. Sip Margaritas on balconies overlooking the Gulf, binge watch beach movies on state of the art televisions, and sleep deeply and happily every night of your stay in our serene and tranquil bedroom retreats. Every adventure deserves a comfortable place to land at its end and although your day on the beach may be ending, the good times are just beginning in our Texas coastal town. Reserve your favorite seaside sanctuary today!