Somehow, over the years, Christmas has become a major production, filled with too much food, too many gifts, and far too little peace and joy, the exact opposite of what the holiday used to provide. And as we all start to pull back, to find ways to rekindle its magic, more and more of us are choosing to enjoy a Christmas at the Beach, with a visit to the sandy shores of Port Aransas, Texas. If that thought has held a glimmer in your mind, this guide to planning your Christmas in Port Aransas will be made even better with the first step; choosing Sandcastle Condominiums for your holiday hideaway!

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Plan to Relax

The best part of your Christmas break in our coastal village is the realization that you will be able to finally relax. There will be no need to steam clean your junk drawers at home, you won’t have to spend extra dollars on gifts for the dry cleaner who often returns your clothes with broken buttons and mystery stains, and best of all, you can sleep as late as you want every day of your stay. Our Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escapes are designed to relax and help recharge your soul, providing access to community amenities when you want to play, and all the ways to rest and revel in the beauty of your surroundings.

Plan for Stunning Sunsets (and Sunrises too!)

The water may be too cold to swim or snorkel, but with few exceptions, the sunsets over the sea will always be a sight to view. Hold hands with your favorite traveling partner as you stop in your walk along sandy beaches, staring up at the fire in the sky and feeling its beauty awaken something deep in your soul. These final moments of the day will be the ones that remind you that life is about something more than expensive gifts and too rich foods and as you feel the fiery colors recharging your personal batteries that have long been depleted, you will know that this Merry Beach-mas was the best idea you have ever come up with. The Texas sunrise is equally extraordinary, but if you sleep in, it is nice to know you have the sunset to fall back on.

Plan to Visit Santa, er, Sandy Claus

A visit to see Santa Claus is a centuries old tradition, one that can offer up in a very unique way. Every year, we invite sand artists from all over the nation to show off their talents with a Sandy Christmas display on the beach. Generally completed by Thanksgiving, each year offers a different North Pole experience, but every year promises that at least one sculpture will be of the jolly old elf himself. In 2022 he made his “appearance” on sculptured golf cart, paying homage to the Holiday Golf Cart Parade that took place earlier in the month (and will be occurring again this year on December 9th) We don’t know what 2023 will bring as of yet, but we can be certain that whatever sculptures appear on our beaches, they will help us rediscover the magic of Christmas.

Plan to Finish Your Christmas Shopping

Do you really want to cart a bunch of surprise gifts across country, only to have to cart them back again at the end of your stay? Of course you don’t and you won’t have to when you hit the shops of Port A and discover all manner of unique and wonderful gifts. Be thankful for the merch found at Gratitude known for their “grins, giggles, and gifts and don’t be surprised if you find something you can’t live without yourself in this funky shop. Connoisseur is famous for its company cat that can often be found sunning itself in the window of the colorful store known for its souvenirs and funky finds. And Loving Coastal Living Origins is chock full of coastal décor and sea themed gifts that will forever serve as a reminder of the fun times you had during your Christmas vacation in Port Aransas.

Plan to Feast

As with most holidays, the meal is the focal point of your Christmas celebration, but even as our fully equipped kitchens make it easy to create that feast yourself, you may choose to enjoy a holiday meal at local restaurants that will be open on the big day. The list for 2023 isn’t complete yet, but in past years, restaurants such as FINS Grill & Icehouse, Castaways Seafood and Grill, and our family favorite, MacDaddy’s Family Kitchen have been open for limited hours.

Plan to Feel at Home with Sandcastle Condominiums

Watching Christmas movies on state-of-the-art televisions, sipping eggnog as you sit on balconies overlooking the sea, and opening all the wonderful gifts you purchased during your holiday shopping expeditions in town are just a few of the ways you will feel at home with us during your stay. Reserve your favorite holiday haven today!