Real life often gets in the way of our relationships, tossing obstacles in our path such as long days at work, school events, and chores, so when it comes time for date nights, we are often too tired or too busy to participate. There are many reasons a vacation is vital for your health and well being personally, but they also can make all the difference when it comes to your relationship as well, and when you plan a trip to Port Aransas and a stay in one of our romantic Sandcastle Condominiums, it can help even more! Offering quiet nights in filled with romance, exciting nights out where the only urgent thing on your list of things to do is to pay more attention to the much-loved face across the table, and of course, all the comforts of home, this guide to the most romantic things to do in Port Aransas, TX, for the perfect date night will have you booking your getaway sooner rather than later.

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A Picnic in the Park

Not all dates have to take place in the evening hours, especially as you have chosen to take an entire vacation in which to dedicate time to your favorite human, so a picnic in the park may be the perfect start to your romantic getaway for two. Roberts Point Park, 301 JC Barr Boulevard, is an ideal location for your meal, offering picnic pavilions with a water view, trails that lead young lovers alongside the water, providing the perfect opportunity to hold hands, and an observation tower that offers panoramic views of the area, perhaps leading to a very important question being asked as the sun sets over the sea!

Dinner at Lisabella’s Bistro & Bar

Romance starts with the stomach and a dinner at Lisabella’s Bistro & Bar, located at 5009 TX-361, promises to be a beautiful way to reignite the flames of your relationship! Dine on juicy steaks or sweet seafood by candlelight, sipping wine that is silky and delicious, and discover anew how funny your favorite guy can be or how your girl seems to glow in the light of a candle. No romantic meal would be complete without a taste of something sweet, and their Hallelujah Chocolate Cake will definitely be added to your list of best desserts ever; normally we recommend two spoons to share the sweet treat, but this cake is so good, you are going to want to devour an entire slice by yourself!

A Night at the Theater

Community theaters are often the backbone of small American towns and Port Aransas offers a taste of this all-American activity with the Port Aransas Community Theater, located at 2327 TX-361. Visitors are often surprised at the quality and talent found in these local performances and as you and your favorite traveling companion watch the goings on, holding hands and sharing a bucket of popcorn, your date night will reach Texas sized proportions! Generally offering shows about two weekends of every month, the performances start on Thursday nights and end on a Sunday matinee.

Sandy Shores Await

After an evening filled with activities surrounded by people, it will be nice to enjoy some one-on-one time at the beach. Walking along water’s edge as the moon casts its ethereal glow over the sand and sea, holding hands, and sharing dreams, hopes, and wishes for the future is the perfect way to end your time for two. Want to extend these romantic moments a little longer? Bonfires are permitted on Port A beaches, and we can promise that a bonfire on the beach will create a memory that you will never forget! Just remember the 3X3X3 rule: The fire can be no deeper than three feet, no wider than three feet, and the flames cannot reach higher than three feet. Be sure to totally extinguish it before you head back to your Sandcastle Condominiums sanctuary.

Our Honeymoon Hideaways

We firmly believe that honeymoons should last forever, and whether you are starting your new life as a couple, have been together for decades, or are just beginning a relationship that has promise, our honeymoon hideaways can provide the ideal spot to create deeper bonds. Your date night can take place without leaving the boundaries of your condo, and as you putter around in fully equipped kitchens, prepare a meal together, devour said meal at the dining room table, or decide to take the meal out to the balcony, where sunset and sea add romance to any experience, the moments you spend with us will bring you closer than you ever thought possible. Watch a romantic movie on state-of-the-art televisions, whisper secrets in the dark when you just aren’t ready for the night to end, and fall asleep still holding hands. Your Port Aransas date night will be one for the record books when you choose Sandcastle Condominiums. Reserve your favorite property with us today!