We at Sandcastle Condominiums talk a lot about all the things you and your family will be able to enjoy outside during your Port Aransas getaway. After all, your beach vacation would be kind of lame if you didn’t spent most of your time playing outside, but there will be moments during your visit when you won’t be able to resist spending some time indoors. Rainy days encourage indoor moments, and as you explore all that Port A has to offer out of the sun, this guide to kid-friendly indoor things to do in Port Aransas will ensure that every moment will be filled with fun and you won’t have to scramble to find something the kiddos will love! And at the end of every day during your Texas adventures, some of the indoor activities may just involve coming home to play inside your Sandcastle Condominiums, exploring all the fun and comfortable amenities our cozy condos have to offer.

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Fire It! Ceramics, 611 S Allister Street

Buying souvenirs is an important part of every vacation and Fire It! Ceramics gives visitors the opportunity to create their own souvenirs that will serve as a reminder of your most favorite family vacation forever! Offering a massive selection of ceramicware just waiting for you to choose and make your own, guests can choose their pieces, their paint colors, and the brushes they need to create their masterpiece. The business fires the pieces you create, taking about five days to complete, so this fun family friendly activity is best participated in at the beginning of your Port Aransas visit! If your busy schedule doesn’t present the opportunity in the early days of your trip, they do offer shipping services for an additional fee, which also means you don’t have to take up valuable space in your luggage on your return home.

Port Aransas Community Theater, 2327 TX-361

There is no better way to spend a few hours on a lazy summer day than by seeing a live performance at the Port A Community Theater. Offering shows on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and a Sunday matinee, the theater has been a local tradition, bringing a love of the theater to children and adults of all ages. Currently showing The Lightning Thief, a take on Greek mythology that promises to be exciting to every member of your family, tickets cost only $22 ensuring that this fun activity will fit into vacation budgets of any sizes!

Port Aransas Museum, 403 N Allister Street

Now, under normal circumstances, museums and children don’t mix, but the Port Aransas Museum offers a casual vibe that parents will feel safe visiting with the kiddos. Located inside a kit house from the early 1900s,the museum celebrates and honors the fishing history of Port A, offering a variety of exhibits that will fascinate you and your children! Perhaps the most favorite part of your visit will involve the selfie pic you can take at the helm of the Manny, a half boat perched under a picture of what it would look like full-sized, but we can promise that the entire museum offers plenty of exhibits that your family will fall in love with!

At Home with Sandcastle Condominiums

The beauty of a Texas vacation spent in the warmth and comfort of our Sandcastle Condominiums is the realization that you never have to leave to have a great time at home. Whether you are sitting on the balconies overlooking the sea while your kids talk about their favorite parts of the getaway, enjoying a family movie night on state-of-the-art televisions, or playing board games at the dining room table, you will never get tired of what our condos have to offer. Fully equipped kitchens can be used to create family feasts, (saving a few bucks on dining out expenses) and as you share the secret recipes to your own childhood favorite dishes with the next generation, the memories you create will be ones you never want to forget. Living rooms will be furnished with plush sofas and offer enough space for everyone in your traveling party as you watch children’s movies on Smart or cable access televisions, many bookshelves and cabinets will be lined with the board games you loved playing with your parents when you were young, and at night, when the littles are dreaming happily, you and your favorite traveling partner can enjoy some quiet moments of your own, relaxing, dreaming, and sharing secrets on the balcony we mentioned earlier!

Every Moment Will Be Your Favorite

Choosing Port Aransas for your vacation was definitely a great decision, and spending it with us in the warmth, comfort, and luxury of our charming condos was an even better choice! Reserve your favorite escape today and start planning for a family vacation you will never forget.