Vacations can often be expensive, having to purchase everything from airfare to sanctuaries and everything in between, but a Port Aransas vacation spent in comfort and style in one of our Sandcastle Condominiums rentals doesn’t have to be expensive. We like to help our guests out as much as possible, and as such, we have created this list of Port Aransas activities and events that won’t break your budget, leaving you a little extra in your pocket to buy more souvenirs or to enjoy dessert and appetizers with every meal you purchase!

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A Day at the Beach

Costing absolutely nothing and providing serenity and excitement to your vacation experiences, visitors can pack snacks and beverages, utilize the beach gear provided by the unit they are renting (or bring their own!), and spend an entire day savoring, sun, sand, and surf for free! The beaches of Port A will help you make your best memories, and because this activity is free, stopping in a beachfront café for a cocktail will still ensure that your spending is minimal.

Play Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that is taking the world by storm, the Port Aransas pickleball courts, located at 700 Clark Parkway Port, are free to use. If you haven’t reached the stage in your obsession for the sport that you carry your own gear with you everywhere you travel, you can check out gear for free as well! Simply call the Parks & Rec Office at (361) 749-4158, check out the equipment you need, and if the courts are free, you can spend a few hours playing your new favorite game. The courts are first come, first serve, so keep that in mind.

2023 Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival, October 20- October 23 Roberts Point Park

The boating history of Port A is a long and storied one, and Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival celebrates that heritage with a three-day festival that costs nothing to attend. Learn and watch as boats are built by families right there at the dock, let your kids participate in games, and because a festival would not be a festival without food, drink, and music, you can purchase your favorite meals from the food vendors. If you are intent on not spending anything, you are at a park, so feel free to bring a picnic lunch, and if you are willing to spend a few of your hard-earned pennies, there will be vendors selling artsy crafty things that will help you remember your adventures in our favorite coastal town!

Wetlands Education Center, 750 Channel View Drive

Education can be fun, especially when it is firmly intertwined with nature, and the Wetlands Education Center is the perfect example. Offering over three acres of marshland, visitors can stroll along the boardwalk learning about flora, fauna, and the importance of wetlands to the continuing survival of our planet. Known locally as the Windows to the Sea, even your most anti-school littles will find themselves excited about learning at this natural spot!

Visit Chapel on the Dunes, 203 11th Street

Now, we all know that the sea itself provides its own source of serenity, but if you want to kick up the tranquility a notch or two, a visit to our historic Chapel on the Dunes is the ideal way to do so. Built in the mid-30s, the small white stuccoed chapel is also called the 8th Wonder of Port Aransas and has served as the beginning of many marriages for almost 100 years. Perched atop a sand dune dotted with beautiful plants, the steps that lead to its front door are relatively simple to climb but may not be so for visitors with mobility issues. It’s free to visit, but if you decide to bring your wedding on the road to Port A, there will be a charge for the ceremony.

Some Restaurants to Enjoy

Here’s the thing: The fully equipped kitchens in our Sandcastle Condominiums escapes ensure that you can eat every meal at home and save all the money you need, but we sincerely hope you explore some of these reasonably priced restaurants! MacDaddy’s Family Kitchen, located at 118 Beach Street, offers delicious Texas barbecue with prices that won’t make your wallet cringe. Moby Dicks, 517 S Allister Street, provides sweet seafood and a whimsical environment, also with great prices, and because our tiniest travelers can be the pickiest eaters, Seafood and Spaghetti Works provides a blended menu of seafood and Italian meals, offering prices that will surprise you with their reasonableness.

Hanging Out with Sandcastle Condominiums

Our luxurious and comfortable condos are also priced well for travel, and when you incorporate days at home into your vacation schedule, you can save even more money! Binge watch movies on rainy nights, play board games around family tables in the dining room, and sit out on the balcony, letting the sea soothe your frazzled soul. Reserve your favorite vacation escape today!