Joy can be found in the most unusual of places. It can be the small moments when your toddler smiles into your eyes and says he wants to marry you when he grows up so he never has to leave you. It can be the large moments when you marry your best friend or when you finally graduate from college after working for many years. Or it can be a combination of both large and small, something a winter vacation in Port Aransas and a stay with Sandcastle Condominiums can provide. Wake up early to watch the world come alive with your toes buried in the sand of our beaches. Discover new ways to enjoy a Christmas parade while watching a procession of decorated boats skim across the water. And savor the serenity of the sea as you relax in the comforts, style, and simple luxuries our seaside sanctuaries offer, feeling the peace deep in your soul and remembering all the reasons you work so hard to provide a good life for your family. All of these moments could happen in many other places in the world, but the joy found in an escape to Port Aransas in the winter will never be matched!

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Sand Between Your Toes and Salty Breezes Kissing Your Cheeks

While the people in your hometown may venture out wrapped to the eyeballs in their warmest clothing, shoveling snow and gingerly walking on icy sidewalks, you may not even need a jacket until after the sun sets! Winters in Port Aransas offer sunny days that encourage long walks on the beach, holding hands with your favorite traveling companion, and quiet moments letting the salt air provide that magical therapy that reminds you life brings joy in the simplest of ways. The winter temps may discourage frolicking in the waves, unless, of course, you are a surfer squeezing your body into a wetsuit and discovering that winter really IS the best time to catch a wave!

Holiday Adventures

Maybe this is the year you have chosen to rediscover the spirit of the holidays by leaving behind the chores, expenses, and stresses of your traditional celebrations and exploring all the ways the holiday can bring you peace in Port Aransas! The Lighted Boat Parade, held on December 9th at Port Aransas Fisherman’s Wharf, certainly redefines the traditional Christmas parade, offering a procession of festively lighted boats that will make you ooh and ahh as they pass. Follow the family friendly adventure up with an adult adventure at Bernie’s Beach House, drinking like a pirate, dancing like a mermaid, and patting yourself on the back for choosing happiness over responsibilities this year!

Because Christmas isn’t the only holiday that happens over the winter, your New Year’s Eve celebration will shine bright, whether you choose to stay at home and watch the big crystal ball fall over Times Square on state-of-the-art televisions in our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways, or you want to venture outside and see what the town provides in way of celebrations! We love a good party in Port A, and our NYE 2024 Countdown on Port Aransas Beach promises to be a memorable one, involving fireworks, live entertainment, and delicious dining options that will help you usher in the new year in a tasty fashion!

Winter Explorations

The normal sightseeing attractions can be enjoyed as well, including visits to Mustang Island, where travelers can expect to find a glorious selection of seashells and sea glass, offering a free substitute to the normal souvenirs travelers often shop for. Also known as prime bird watching spot, there are over 400 different species that can be spotted on the island, so load up your favorite app to your phone, grab your favorite binoculars, and prepare for a ferry ride to wonderful! Hiking is a popular sport in the cooler days (summers CAN be brutal when away from the water!) and the Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture is a joyful and peaceful spot to explore. For our late winter visitors, the Whooping Crane Festival has been a local tradition since 1996. Held in February (22nd through the 25th) this festival celebrates the return of our Port A Whooping Cranes with tours, naturalists, and photography workshops that will help you take the best pictures of these beautiful creatures! (And more details will be available as we grow closer to the event.)

Choose Sandcastle Condominiums and Find Your Joy

However you spend the daylight hours of your winter escape to Port A, coming home to Sandcastle Condominiums each evening will add a softer excitement to your travels. Watch the sun set over the sea from your balcony every evening, gather round large tables with your family playing games and devouring meals, and dream happy dreams in the most comfortable beds in the state! Reserve your favorite escape today!