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We Have the Perfect 3-Day Itinerary for Your Weekend Visit to Port Aransas!

Life is busy and we do not often have the time to get away for a full-fledged vacation, but when it comes to Port Aransas, even a 3-day getaway will satisfy your travel-hungry soul! Offering beach days and fishing trips and gourmet restaurants and casual seaside joints where the Po Boys are incredible and the beer is always cold, the only thing better than spending three days in the fishing...

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Best Places to Go To The Movies During Your Trip To Port Aransas

There is a magic attached to the movies, something that goes beyond the pictures and the story on the screen. It is the taste of popcorn drenched in butter, that first sip of icy cold soda, even the fun of being in a large room with dozens of other people waiting for the show to begin. Recliners have taken the place of the fold-down seats that were once commonplace and...

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Things To Do in Port Aransas to Welcome the Fall Season

It is hard to believe but summer has almost reached its fiery end and as we all look forward to cooler days and longer nights, you may already be planning a visit to Port Aransas to celebrate the upcoming season! Fall break at school is in the works and although your hometown in the East of the Nation may be a little on the chilly side, in our neck of...

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Best Places in Port Aransas to Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix

We may be exaggerating a bit when we tell you there are no calories in vacation meals, but the truth of the matter is vacations are when we tend to eat more freely than we do at other times in our life. We order the appetizer at dinner, indulge in calorie-laden, frothy, and delicious tropical beverages, and do not just order dessert at dinner, we fill the counters of our...

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Best Places to Go Shopping in Port Aransas

When it is time to start making your vacation itinerary for your upcoming vacation in Port Aransas, be sure to set aside plenty of time for everyone’s favorite vacation activity. And no, we are not talking about beach days and historical sites (although we do love those as well!) we are obviously talking about all the shopping in Port Aransas you will want to do during your stay in our...

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Patriotic Activities to Enjoy in Port Aransas This 4th Of July

As we step further into the deep end of summer, the year 2022 brings us a wonderful present in the form of an unexpected 3-day weekend! Independence Day falls on a Monday this year and many Americans will be celebrating the old-fashioned way with lots of red, white, and blue, cold beers, and in many cases a vacation that our forefathers fought for our right to enjoy! Deciding to take...

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Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Port Aransas, TX

The family vacation is back in full force after some extended days spent at home and when you, your spouse, and kiddos begin to explore the world around you once again, many of you will find nowadays to the beaches of Port Aransas and the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums! You already know that the sea offers tranquility you desperately need, and you expect (correctly!) that our condominiums will provide...

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Kick Off the Summer with These Port Aransas Activities!

As you look out onto another chaotic spring day in your northern hometown, it is not surprising that your thoughts are turning to summer. The windows of your home, office, or school may reveal gray days with rain, snow, or even sleet, but in your mind, you are picturing the beauty of a summer day. You can imagine sitting at the beach, watching the ocean and flow and you can...

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Best Places For A Springtime Picnic In Port Aransas, TX

As pretty much the entire world prepares to say farewell to the harsh weather of winter, chances are you are already planning a spring fling to somewhere warmer than your own wintry home town and if your journey involves a trip to Port Aransas, we can promise spring will have sprung by the time you arrive. Offering balmy temperatures that can reach the low 80s, sunny days that will add...

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Romantic Activities For Couples In Port Aransas

Although every vacation could be a romantic one, there are certain getaways that are definitely more inspiring for love and nothing spells out romance louder than a trip to the beach! The magic provided by the sea and the sand blend with the love every couple feels and create an enchanted escape that will be remembered for years. And when Port Aransas is the beach town you seek and our...

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