Winter months are meant for cuddling together for warmth, long conversations about your dreams and secrets, and enjoying delicious meals that often seem too heavy to eat during the warmer months of the year and when your winter journey brings you and your favorite traveling partner to the sunny beaches of Port Aransas, you will be able to enjoy all three! (Not that it gets that cold, but who really needs an excuse to cuddle?) This guide to the best restaurants for couples in Port Aransas area will ensure that your stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums promises to be romantic, warm, and filling!

The Phoenix Restaurant and Bar, 3500-A Island Moorings Parkway in Port Aransas

Not all romantic restaurants are required to have white tablecloths and candle lit meals. Sometimes all you need to do is offer delicious food, courteous and efficient waitstaff, and the setting of the sun over the harbor, which is exactly what you can find at the Phoenix Restaurant & Bar! Enjoy the freshest sushi and seafood in town, delicious cocktails, and that awe inspiring view of the Texas sun setting over the harbor and as the conversation on the patio drops to a low hush (everyone else is watching that sunset too!) you may discover that the Phoenix is your new happy place!

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Black Sheep Bistro, 15201 S Padre Island Drive #120 in Corpus Christi

The giant porthole style painting of a swordfish frolicking in the sea may be the first thing you see when you walk into the Black Sheep Bistro, but it is the food and the person sitting across from you at the table that will be your prime focus! Offering a menu filled with deliciousness that includes a 14-ounce Ribeye so juicy and tender you may consider making the move to Texas just so you can enjoy this meal whenever you like, dimmed lighting and a colorful bar gives the place an intimacy that can only be matched by the intimacy you share in your relationship!

Trout Street Bar & Grill, 104 W Cotter Avenue in Port Aransas

We can’t stay away from the harbor and you won’t be able to either once you visit Trout Street Bar & Grill for the first time! Featuring a seafood filled menu brimming with the freshest treats from the sea, all prepared with a Cajun twist and offering more of the sunset views you will not be able to get enough of, Trout Street is sure to be a favorite of couples of all ages! Be sure to ask for a patio table and let the sounds of the harbor serve as background music for your romantic meal for two and don’t forget to order dessert! (The carrot cake ALWAYS wows!)

Restaurant San Juan, 410 Cut-Off Road in Port Aransas

When it is time to bring a little heat into your couple’s exploration of the beauty of Port Aransas, Restaurant San Juan always delivers the goods! Offering a spicy menu filled with your favorite breakfast dishes, this special place also serves breakfast, ensuring that your day will be yummy from start to finish! The flavors, the spices, and the homemade taste will become your newest obsession and because they are famous for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you could enjoy a South of the Border day of love with your favorite person, if you choose!

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The charms of other countries are not wasted on diners in Port Aransas and today’s tour of taste is about to head over the pond to the old country we all wish we could call our own. Venetian Hot Plate, offers an intimate dining experience, including a charming patio dining space dotted with umbrellas and gorgeous plants and flowers, and a menu that features your favorite Italian classics! The owners, who moved from Venice to Port Aransas to open this special place, ensure that every dish is authentic and delicious, and even though the portions are generous sized ones, we recommend saving room for their tiramisu!

Lisabella’s Bistro and Bar, 5009 TX-361 in Port Aransas

Shiplap walls, rattan seating, and white clothed tables work together to create an atmosphere that is both casual and elegant in our next couple’s restaurant choice, Lisabella’s Bistro and Bar. The food is American, with steak and seafood being the focal points of the menu, and the large yard that surrounds the restaurant offers picnic tables and cornhole games, should you find yourself wanting to play a game. Lisabella’s is a family friendly restaurant that also serves up a healthy dose of romance, so be sure to stop by and fall in love with their Mixed Grill, a plate filled with honey glazed quail knots, beef tenderloin, and gulf shrimp! This dish ensures you don’t have to choose between red meat, chicken, or seafood because it offers all 3 on one deliciously full plate!

Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy the Best restaurants for couples in Port Aransas

The best part of every meal in Port Aransas will be the one where you walk back into your Sand Castle Condominiums love nest, feeling full, satisfied, and ready to get comfortable! Reserve your favorite today!

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