Sometimes the biggest pleasures in life can come from the simplest of situations; the sound of an uncontrollable laugh in a baby, the look in your pet’s eye when he or she is sitting in your lap, and the taste of a cold beer on a sweltering day at the beach. None of these things are particularly remarkable, they happen multiple times a day all over the world but when they are happening to you, your day automatically improves. We at Sandcastle Condominiums can’t provide a laughing baby nor can we make your pet fall in love with you, but we can guide you to the best breweries and bars in Port Aransas and we can spoil you with the luxuries and comforts in our beachfront hideaways, ensuring that every day of your Texas vacation is the best day!

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Port A Beer Hut, 905 TX-361 in Port Aransas

This is Texas. We do not need anything fancy to have an enjoyable time and Port A Beer Hut is the perfect example. A hut located just steps away from the water, the beers are cold, the people are friendly, the views are amazing, and the swinging is simply great! Swinging, you may be asking right now, wondering what we could be referring to, but once you step under the roof of the hut, you will understand! When you belly up to this bar, you will be doing it on wooden swings instead of bar stools, adding a touch of whimsy to a fantastic beachside experience!

Blue Water Cowboy Saloon & Mercantile, 229 Beach Street in Port Aransas

Offering a hoppy taste of Texas with its local brews, the Blue Water Cowboy Saloon & Mercantile also offers a fantastic time for all who visit providing three stories and two different bars that each have their own original vibe. The first floor is open to the sea and offers outdoor bar games for a little extra fun, the second floor is more for large groups looking for a quiet dining experience, and the third floor adds whimsy with a bar designed to represent the back end of a fishing boat! Featuring a unique bottom-filling draft beer system, it is worth a visit just to see how it happens!

Bernie’s Beach House, 730 Trout Street in Port Aransas

Designed for those who are not afraid to party, Bernie’s Beach house boasts five different bars, karaoke, poker games, and happy hours that last from opening to 7 PM every day of the week. Also providing a dance floor, live music, and a different vibe for each bar, the one built to resemble a garage shows the whimsical genius of the owner! There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have while sipping and savoring at Bernie’s, so be sure to add it to your Port A itinerary!

Stingray’s Taphouse and Bar, 401 Beach Street in Port Aransas

As we write this, we are beginning to realize that the people of Port Aransas are creative geniuses and Stingray’s Taphouse, and Bar is just another wonderful example of that ingenuity! Featuring a car-themed décor that includes Mustangs hanging over the bar (yes, you read that right, there are real cars hanging over the bar!) this hot spot was once a mechanic’s garage and the owners just decided to go for it! Today 20+ taps are always loaded with the best brews in town and although the checkerboard tile covering the kitchen will remind you of the racetrack, we can promise all the hands preparing your pizza, burgers, and wings will be clean!

The Gaff, 323 Beach Street in Port Aransas

Let us see. We have covered boats and car garages on our tour of bars and breweries in Port Aransas, what could we be missing? Oh yes, the pirate theme found at the Gaff, is another one of our favorite watering holes! Dogs are welcome at this cool bar and the fun you will have as you sip the night away will never be forgotten, especially if you pop in on the weekend to check out the belt sander races!

Treasure Island, 315 N Alister Street in Port Aransas

Providing both an indoor and outbar bar, Treasure Island really is a Port A treasure! Located on the water, the beer is always cold, the music is hot, and the people that hang out here are destined to be your new best friends! They also offer an extensive selection of shots ensuring that all who partake may not remember the good times they had during their visit here, so be warned and remember to appoint a designated driver or use ride share to get back to your Sandcastle Condominiums escape!

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