A vacation can be the most relaxing experience of your lifetime, especially when you follow a few wonderful tips. First, do not turn on your alarm clock. If something needs to be done, it can be done at a later hour, so sleep in and get all the rest you need! Second, choose a beach vacation. Seriously, even as you frolic and play, it is impossible to feel anything but relaxed when you have the sea in your backyard, and Port Aransas, Texas, is the perfect example. Third, choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your vacation sanctuary. Providing comfort, luxury, and ocean views, every moment spent with us will be soothing to your soul. Fourth, because you can never relax too much on vacation, a spa day is highly recommended! We worked hard, did all the research (sometimes our jobs are better than others) and created this guide to the Port Aransas spas that will spoil, pamper, and have you walking out feeling like a new person. Enjoy!

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Energetic Health and Wellness Center, 600 Cut Off Road, (361) 749-3388

You’re going to be pretty busy taking naps, walking along shore’s edge, reading, and sleeping during your Texas trip to paradise, and you may not really feel like taking a whole lot of time out of your day for a trip to a wellness center, where all the tempting services they offer can eat into your time, but everyone has room for chiropractic services in their vacation itinerary! Energetic Health and Wellness Center has been ensuring that their staff’s talented hands will easily take care of all the sore and tight spots on your body, no matter how long it has been since you last enjoyed acupuncture or chiropractic services. They offer services from reiki to acupuncture and also acupuncture. You won’t regret stopping by during your trip!

Island Nails and Spa, 600 Cut-Off Road #3, (361) 416-1122

We are the most relaxed when we are feeling pretty, and Island Nails and Spa offers a full range of nail services. Treat your tired feet with a foot massage and pedi, choosing colors that remind you of the beach to decorate your newly tanned feet and hands. Your husband can enjoy his time in the foot soaking tub as well, choosing clear polish and giving you and he more couples bonding time together!

Balinese Wellness Spa and Yoga Retreat, 121 Cut-Off Road, (361) 749-0003

When you want the whole kit and kaboodle of relaxation and wellness, the Balinese Wellness Spa and Yoga Retreat is the only place you will want to be! They offer massage services that include their simply amazing Balinese Signature Massage which involves a salt sea scrub, deep sea mud mask, a rainshower to wash off the mud, and ends with your choice of their massage services. Also providing skin care services, the Gentleman’s Facial allows the man in your life to feel spoiled as well, and their Oxygen Rejuvenating service will give your skin a healthy glow that will make you look and feel younger than your actual age. Add red light therapy to any of the packages you choose for an added fee and help make wrinkles, scars, or acne disappear like magic. And finally, you are at the beach, and you don’t want to look like a sasquatch out there in your new bikini or swim trunks, making their waxing services most vital! Get your lips, eyebrows, legs, or bikini areas waxed smooth and look like the goddess (or god) you are while lounging and RELAXING on the beach outside your Sandcastle Condominiums haven of peace and relaxation!

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The Best Is Yet to Come

All of these businesses will do so much to get you into the relaxation mood, but coming home afterwards to a soft couch to nap on, a balcony to sit, sip, and savor the special sunsets of Port Aransas and the ability to do absolutely nothing in total comfort will be the best part of every day on the beach! Contact us and eserve your favorite Sandcastle Condominium today.