For those who already call Texas their home state, y’all already know the secret that we spend much of our days trying to spread throughout the world. You KNOW you live in the greatest state in the nation, and you KNOW there is no place else you would rather be. As a matter of fact, you may even choose to take your next vacation within its borders, playing far enough away from home that you won’t be tempted to run by the house to check on things, but still staying close to all you love. A staycation in paradise, perhaps one that takes you to the beaches of Port Aransas, will help quiet the noises in your brain and rend the frazzled edges of your soul, especially when you come home to the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums every evening. Live the beach life for a week at a time and enjoy the best staycation in Texas, exploring everything Port A has to offer, all without leaving the safety and comfort of your home state, which also can help save you money on airfare!

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Toes in the Sand, Gulf Breezes Ruffling Your Hair

As wonderful as living in Texas is, there are still going to be boring meetings, angry bosses, and teachers that want to have a conference with you about your children’s grades, making a staycation (or vacation!) a much needed thing, and what better way to relax and forget your problems than with a stay at the beach? Our condos, ranging in size from studio to 3-bedroom abodes, are perched on shore’s edge, ensuring that when you aren’t actually at the beach with your toes buried in the sand, you can feel the gulf breezes ruffling your hair and feel the serenity of the water invade your soul, just by stepping out on your balcony! Open concept floor plans allow guests to stay connected as they do the things that help their souls stay straight, and as you spend your downtime watching television, taking long naps on rainy afternoons, or hanging out at the resort pool with a refreshing tropical beverage in hand, all will be right in your world.

Play board games with the family while gathered around large dining room tables, and if there are squabbles over who gets the side with all the views, you can switch up the next night and the night after that! Whip up frothy margaritas with blenders provided in spacious kitchens, choose to eat a meal at home, prepared on updated appliances, and feel happy knowing that the coffee is always brewing! Every attention is paid to every detail, and the small appliances lining the countertops may be even more important to the success of your staycation as the larger ones are! Raising a toast to a spectacular sunset from the balcony of your Sandcastle Condominiums is an amenity you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy from home, so be sure to do so every night of your stay.

Speaking of night, when the sun sets and your brain reminds you it is time to hit the sack, our tranquil bedrooms will provide the best night’s sleep of your life. Slide between the silky soft linens that top premium mattresses, turn on the television for a few moments of laughter on your favorite sitcom, and slip away into sweet oblivion enjoying a night of happy dreams. Waking up the next morning actually feeling rested may be a new thing in your life, and although we can’t promise it will continue after your staycation ends, we can, at the very least, help you maintain this status quo of alertness and no exhaustion every night of your stay!

Live Like a Tourist

Whether Port A is your hometown or you are just visiting from one of our many Texas towns and cities, your staycation is still the perfect time to get out and live like a tourist! Spend a day at the beach, lounging under colorful umbrellas and walking along shore’s edge when the sun feels especially nice. Take a dolphin tour with Woody’s Last Stand, watching the friendly creatures frolicking and happily trilling in the waters that is their home. Introduce your kiddos to the pirate life with a Red Dragon Pirate Cruise and dine out at a new restaurant every single evening. Our fully equipped kitchens won’t feel slighted and the cook in your family deserves this break! Golfing at Palmilla Beach Country Club, looking for shells on Mustang Island, or simply sitting on a bench at Roberts Point Park watching the littles scramble all over the jungle gym are more adventures you can enjoy during your staycation in paradise.

You’ll Be Back

Whether you choose to make a staycation in Port A your regular gig or you just decide to add it to your weekend adventures, you won’t be sad when it is time to leave, because you know you will be back soon! Reserve your favorite escape today!