Last night was a dream come true. A special dinner, a beautiful ring, and the all-important question was popped, and you were walking on clouds. Today, however, the reality of all there is to do has begun to sink in and although we see the first hints of panic in your eyes, we at Sandcastle Condominiums are choosing to ignore it and offer a little bit of help. We cannot choose your date, your dress, and your guest list, but we can offer a little help on the big day itself. Our resort is the ideal place to hold a destination wedding, offering convenience, style, and a sunset beach ceremony for those who are so inclined! So now is the time to take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of wine, and check out all that is wonderful about a Port Aransas wedding held at Sandcastle Condominiums; the rest of the million tiny details involved with planning a wedding can wait a little longer!

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The Perfect Day

Weddings can be a complicated mix of heightened emotions, unexpected catastrophes, and the most beautiful of moments but when you choose a beach venue for your perfect day, the perfect day is destined to be enjoyed. Choose a sunset ceremony, saying you are I Do’s at that last moment before the sun dips below the horizon, and hold that memory close to your heart forever. The kiss of ocean breezes on your cheeks will, of course, come in second place in your memories, running behind the kiss that cements your promise to each other. And when the pictures are all taken, the congratulations have been shared, and it is time to eat? Our Event Center is the perfect spot to enjoy the post-ceremony reception! Decorated in your colors and offering plenty of room to dance, dine, and laugh the night away, the reception is guaranteed to be a beautiful extension of your perfect day!

Not a Fan of Nature?

There are many reasons you may decide that your ideal wedding ceremony should be held indoors and not only are we not going to judge, but we are also going to tell you that our Event Center doubles as the perfect ceremony spot as well! Choose a florist from the list of vendors we provide on our page and your fairy tale wedding really will be a dream come true as you stand before friends and family and become one with your favorite traveling partner. Using the Event Center for your ceremony means that you will not have to walk far to start the big party that signifies the start of your new life together! Our property management team will work with you, asking all the right questions, to ensure that the pictures in your head become the perfect reality and that the memories you make on this beautiful day will be ones you treasure forever.

Choose the Team you Love

And because the wedding day involves many parts, from the officiant to the food, as we mentioned earlier, we offer a list of recommended vendors that will work hard to give you the day you deserve! Choose from local florists, caterers, photographers, and musicians without having to do much research. Life is busy and you have a million tiny details to take care of as we said earlier, we want to help in all the ways we can!

A Place to Stay

The second most important part of planning a destination wedding is finding a place for the brides, grooms, and all their guests to stay and we must say, this is where Sandcastle Condominiums excels! Offering luxury, comfort, and style, multiple units can be rented for all the guests, and choose the most luxurious one for the happy couple! Beach view condominiums can add to the joy of the day, ensuring that no one must be out of sight of the sea unless they choose to, of course. Each unit features a full kitchen or kitchenette, helping keep guests’ travel costs down and letting the couple choose to spend an evening away from the rest of the family getting used to create a delicious meal together! Providing modern conveniences, stylish décor, and a lifestyle filled with bliss and comfort there really is not any more positive way to begin a lifetime of love and happiness together!

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The Port Aransas Wedding You Deserve

We want to be the first to congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials and we also want to be the ones you turn to, ensuring that you and your soon-to-be spouse have the beautiful day that you deserve! Contact our Sandcastle Condominiums property management team today and cross at least a few details of that never-ending list today!