It is hard to believe but summer has almost reached its fiery end and as we all look forward to cooler days and longer nights, you may already be planning a visit to Port Aransas to celebrate the upcoming season! Fall break at school is in the works and although your hometown in the East of the Nation may be a little on the chilly side, in our neck of the woods, fall is absolutely the best time of the year! Humidity falls with the temperatures which fortunately remain warm enough to enjoy a beachside vacation, and this guide to things to do in Port Aransas in the fall and your stay in one of our Sandcastle Condominiums will ensure that your new favorite season will be the one that takes place from September through December!

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Toes in the Sand

The early days of fall are our favorite days to spend at the beach and if you do not spend at least one day with your toes in the sand, you will not be able to consider your Port A getaway a complete success! Fill your cooler with all your favorite snacks and beverages, gather up your beach gear (many of our Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escape often provide beach gear so you do not have to purchase your own chairs and umbrellas), and head to the sandy beaches for a day of fun under the Texas sun! Frolic in the surf, practice your boogie boarding skills, or simply rest, relax, and read under a colorful umbrella, reveling in the perfect temperatures that make a day at the beach your favorite obsession!

Coffee Waves Port Aransas, 1007 TX-361 in Port Aransas

That first sip of pumpkin spice is an American tradition and Coffee Waves offers the tastiest way to continue that tradition. September is when the spice officially makes its presence known, along with pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup, and pumpkin pie blizzards at your favorite ice cream shop, but a pumpkin pie latte purchased from Coffee Waves is the best way we know to welcome the new season! Enjoy it in the shop with a bunch of new friends or take it to go and take that first sip on the balcony of your Port A escape, watching the waves crash on the sandy shores.

Palmilla Beach Golf Club, 258 Snapdragon in Port Aransas

Not every day is a wonderful day for golf, but the fall season brings many more good days than bad ones, making a golf getaway to Port A an exciting and fulfilling adventure. The Palmilla Beach Golf Club boasts the longest beachfront stretch of land, ensuring that the peace and tranquility of the sea will incorporate itself into your game; something that cannot always be said about a day of golf anywhere else! Designed by Arnold Palmer, this 12-hole course (the standard 9 holes and a 3 hole Loop) will keep you entertained, challenged, but not intimidated and although we can’t promise that your slice will be magically fixed or that every drive will be a hole in one, we can promise you that happy memories will be made on this stunning course!

The Search for Shells

Although you now know that fall in Port Aransas is an amazing time to visit, that knowledge is still not out there, and as such, the crowds disperse, leaving more shells for you and your family to discover! Keep your search close to home as you explore the beaches of Port A or plan to hop on the ferry that leaves every hour on the hour to St. Joe’s Island and gather up more than your share of pretty shells! St. Joe’s is known for being a great shell beach in any case, but as the crowds dwindle, the search becomes that much easier, giving up treasures that will make the best (and least expensive!) souvenirs from your Texas getaway!

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Seasonal Adventures of the Most Comfortable Kind for Things to Do in Port Aransas

Not every fall adventure has to take place outside the boundaries of your Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escape. Many of the best adventures will take place right on the property. Sipping pumpkin spice lattes on the balcony overlooking the sea, hanging out by the pool on a warm fall day, or watching the sun rise or set from the beaches that are just outside your seasonal sanctuary are a few ideas of how you can greet the new season. Planning a barbecue with the fish you caught on your morning fishing expedition, playing board games at the dining room tables on the rare occasions a fall storm approaches, or simply reading the fall bestsellers on the New York Times bestseller list are a few more adventures you can enjoy this fall in Port Aransas. These special moments will help your welcome fall in all the best ways, as you stay comfortable in our Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escapes. Reserve your favorite today!