As one of the best spots to visit on the Gulf, Port Aransas doesn’t lack for a huge variety of entertainment. There’s always plenty to do outdoors, whether you’re visiting the beaches, boating, or enjoying one of the many different nature walks to get up close with the local wildlife. During the month of October, there’s also plenty of events to enjoy that run from relaxing to wild, from low-key boat rides to Oktoberfest parties. So, while you’re visiting the area, here are a few Halloween activities you should check out to maximize your vacation time.

Fright Night Haunted House

With a new theme each year, the Fright Night Haunted House offers a chilling experience for anyone looking to get in a few scares for the Halloween season. This year’s theme is The Haunted Hotel, and it’s sure to impress, as Fright Night has been rated as one of America’s Best Haunts and featured on Natural Geographic.

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As with many haunted house attractions, it is not recommended that you bring small children to the event.  Be warned that although the actors do not touch you, they will be doing their best to scare you!  There will be plenty of scary props, fog, and strobe lights as well, so the faint-of-heart should be aware. If you aren’t sure about braving the experience but want to try anyway, there are emergency exits all over and you can leave any time you like. Get the most out of the season and see one of the best haunts in the US!

The Hauntings of Boogeyman Haunted House

The aptly titled “Road to Hell” leads to the location of this historic haunted house. There are several historically significant locations and events that happened in the area that led to the Boogeyman Haunted House’s location, featuring cemeteries with unmarked graves from the Mexican American War, the tree where the first recorded hanging in Texas took place, and the haunted Daugherty House.

Every weekend in October from 8pm to midnight, the Boogeyman Haunted House offers a more personalized and unique experience from your usual haunted walkthrough, including multiple attractions inside the property and a maze. If you plan on stopping in, check out what their unique theme is each Friday to see what appeals most to you.

The Red Dragon Pirate Cruise

Though open all year, pirates and Halloween have always gone hand in hand, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than to hit the waters on a kid-friendly pirate cruise? Expect to see things like mock sword fights, cannon fire, treasure hunting, and dolphin watching as you take to the waters aboard the Red Dragon. The ship is fully equipped, state of the art, and sails incredibly smooth, so even if you’re worried about anybody getting seasick, the chances are slim to none.

Red Dragon also offers adults-only cruises for those looking for a more mature experience. There’s an onboard bar and kitchen open for use, and the adults-only trip runs for about an hour and a half with live music and entertainment onboard. Adult cruises run every Tuesday and Thursday, so plan accordingly.


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Texas Sandfest

Running since 1997, the Texas Sandfest is one of the largest sand sculpture competitions in the USA. Tens of thousands of visitors routinely come through during this three-day-long event in order to see some of the most stunning sand sculptures in the world, and it’s packed to the brim with all kinds of entertainment for all ages. Competitors spend months planning for their crafting and exhibition, and over the course of the event they bring piles of sand to life in gorgeous, unique forms that have to be seen to be believed.

When you aren’t observing the sculptures or taking photos of/with them, there’s plenty of other entertainment to be had. There’s a beer garden set up for the adults to have a few drinks and enjoy the breeze coming in off the gulf. Vendors also set up all kinds of different stalls to purchase from, be it food, clothes, jewelry, furniture, and all other kinds of souvenirs. When you aren’t shopping, there’s also live music to check out.  This event happens October 15-17, rain or shine, so plan accordingly, and don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!

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