There is a magic attached to the movies, something that goes beyond the pictures and the story on the screen. It is the taste of popcorn drenched in butter, that first sip of icy cold soda, even the fun of being in a large room with dozens of other people waiting for the show to begin. Recliners have taken the place of the fold-down seats that were once commonplace and many theaters have begun to serve alcoholic beverages and pub grub, making the experience as comfortable as it would be if you were watching the movie from home. And when you add a trip to the movies to your vacation itinerary during your Port Aransas escape, you can even go in the middle of the week and have your pick of seats, ensuring you get the one that looks straight on, not too close and not too far away! This guide to the best places to go to the movies during your upcoming trip to Port Aransas will allow you to watch the newest releases in a Port Aransas movie theater while staying as comfortable as you will be in your Sandcastle Condominium’s magical escapes!

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Movies Inc. 1277 Hwy 35 Bypass in Aransas Pass

It is not just the wonders on the screen that will excite you in this local theater! Designed to resemble an airplane hangar, the theme continues in the décor which offers airplane pictures, parts, and a full-sized airplane without wings! The skies are the limit in this charming theater where the latest movies are being shown on the big screen. Do not be surprised, however, if your littles find themselves more interested in the shell of the plane parked in the lobby! (Just do not ask us what type of plane, though. Unfortunately, our knowledge leans towards providing comfortable and inviting vacation condominiums, not deciphering the types of planes hanging around independent theater lobbies!)

North Shore Cinema 8, 251 Buddy Ganem Drive in Portland

Transporting visitors back to their first dates, events that took place in buildings like this, the North Shore Cinema in nearby Portland may not offer planes in their lobby, but they do offer the whole movie-watching experience! Grab your favorite candy, popcorn, and soda at the concession stand, follow the path of the brightly patterned carpet to the screen where your movie of choice is about to begin, and grab a hold of the hand of your favorite movie-watching date! When the lights go dark and the movie brightens up the screen, your life will change forever!

Alamo Drafthouse, 7601 S Staples Street in Corpus Christ

For the ultimate in movie-watching experiences, however, you might want to take a little road trip to Corpus Christi and a visit to the Alamo Drafthouse! Not to be confused with the original Alamo in San Antonio, this unique theater offers alcohol and pub grub to be enjoyed by the light of the action on the screen! Sip your favorite beverage, savor your favorite burger, and become entranced with the story unfolding before you! Oh, and because less is never enough when movies are involved, leather recliners in the first row of each theater ensure that this will be the second most comfortable movie watching you have ever experienced! (We will talk about the MOST comfortable watching experience next!) Also offering seven different screens, mom and dad can be in one theater watching the latest revenge movie while the kiddos (who are old enough to be on their own!) can be watching Disney in the theater next door!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

The best movie nights do not always have to take place outside the boundaries of your Sandcastle Condominiums magical escapes; sometimes staying in on a wonderfully rainy night watching scary movies in your jammies from the comfort of one of our plush sofas can be the best movie watching experience of all! Our sanctuaries are designed to welcome and spoil and when the bad guy makes you jump, the throw pillows on our couches offer the perfect way to hide your eyes for a second or two! Order a pizza from Port A Pizzeria, bring the entire bottle of wine into the living room, and watch a movie from one of your favorite streaming services (Shutter is a great streaming service for those who love scary movies, by the way!) and lose yourself in the magic on the screen! These moments, whether spent with the love of your life or ALL the loves of your life will be the memories you take out and examine on an unbelievably dreadful day at work and will never fail to bring a smile back to your heart! Reserve your favorite Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escape today and make memories you will never forget!