We may be exaggerating a bit when we tell you there are no calories in vacation meals, but the truth of the matter is vacations are when we tend to eat more freely than we do at other times in our life. We order the appetizer at dinner, indulge in calorie-laden, frothy, and delicious tropical beverages, and do not just order dessert at dinner, we fill the counters of our vacation homes with all the treats we deny ourselves during real life! The first trip to the grocery store often ends up with a cart that could have been filled by a teenager, and that is ok! We understand your sweet tooth and your upcoming escape to Port Aransas is destined to be the sweetest escape as you visit these delicious establishments, filling the counters of your Sandcastle Condominiums with every sugary snack you can think of! This guide to the sweetest shops in Port Aransas will ensure that your sweet teeth will stand up and cheer!

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Donut Palace, 604 N Allister Street

No one wants to cook on vacation and although there will be many delicious breakfasts and brunches enjoyed out on the town during your stay, having a supply of donuts from the Donut Palace on hand can be the tastiest way to enjoy your morning meal! Boston Crème, Apple Fritters, Bear Claws, or even the simple old-fashioned glaze; the donuts found at the Donut Palace are fit for royalty and will give your every morning the sweetest start! (They also serve breakfast sandwiches if you need a little protein to counteract the sugar!)

Sugar Botany, 229 Beach Street

You know it is going to be good when the first name is sugar and Sugar Botany specializes in all the sweets we normally try to limit from our diets! Offering cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and pies, every occasion will be a special one when you choose this sweet shop to handle your sweet tooth! Also offering chocolate-dipped strawberries, you are evening at home with Sandcastle Condominiums promises to be a romantic night you will not ever forget!

Desserted Island Ice Cream, 100 E White Avenue

Ice cream can be enjoyed any time of the year, but during these sizzling summer months nothing goes down easier than your favorite flavor of ice cream and Desserted Island Ice Cream is the only place you will want to be during your summer vacay to Port Aransas. Banana splits, warm brownie sundaes, and every flavor of milkshake just taste better when enjoyed in the bright pink confines of this sweetest shop ever! And even though a milkshake is easier to consume while walking the beaches of Port A, there is just something wonderful about a cone piled high, dripping all over your hand as the waves of the sea crash against the sand!

Port A Creamery, 210 N Alister Street

Because there can never be enough ice cream in our lives, Port A Creamery is guaranteed to offer the icy treat that can meet the challenge of the sweetest teeth in town! Offering everything ice cream, including cakes that will be the highlight of any party, your summer afternoon spent sampling the sweets at Port A Creamery is destined to be your favorite part of your Port Aransas escape! Looking for something sweet, but NOT donuts for your morning meal? Their waffles, topped with whipped cream, ice cream, and all manner of sweets are a treat you will not want to skip!

Winton’s Candies, 601 S Alister Street

1995 was an excellent year in Port Aransas, being the year when Winton’s Candies first opened the doors of its mint green building! Serving every sweet tooth in town the finest of candies, there WAS a brief interruption in service after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, but after 2 months of repairs, we could all once again enjoy the candies we crave! Plan to spend a lot of your vacation minutes exploring the sweets that load the shelves, especially as it can feel like a step back into time as you find candies from your youth you thought were no longer available!

Bourbon Street Candy Company, 5488 S Padre Island Drive # 2016 in Corpus Christi

When you are craving homemade fudge, it is only a short drive from your Sandcastle Condominiums to the sweet treats found at Bourbon Street Candy Company in nearby Corpus Christi! Offering everything from custom candy gift baskets to fruit and pretzels dipped in sweet fudge, this shop is destined to be one you visit repeatedly ensuring that your Port Aransas adventures will be of the sweetest kinds!

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There is no Sweeter Place than the Sweetest shops in Port Aransas

Whether you are snacking on brownies by the light of the stove or are devouring donuts for breakfast at our dining room tables with your family, there is no sweeter place to enjoy all the comforts of home than in our Sandcastle Condominiums escapes. Reserve your favorite today!