As pretty much the entire world prepares to say farewell to the harsh weather of winter, chances are you are already planning a spring fling to somewhere warmer than your own wintry home town and if your journey involves a trip to Port Aransas, we can promise spring will have sprung by the time you arrive. Offering balmy temperatures that can reach the low 80s, sunny days that will add color to your pale cheeks, and a variety of fun to be had outside, your visit will put the spring back in your step. And because warm days (but not too warm!)  and sunny skies entice everyone to drop what they are doing and come out and play, we at Sandcastle Condominiums can almost guarantee that our guests will even want to take their meals out under the big blue Texas sky! This guide to the Best Places For A Springtime Picnic In Port Aransas, TX will ensure that every minute of your Port Aransas vacation will be ones you never forget!

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Roberts Point Park, 301 JC Barr Boulevard

The sun is shining, the temperature is a perfect 75 degrees, and your cooler is packed with all your favorite picnic foods, but until now, you did not realize that Roberts Point Park is the perfect place to hold your al fresco feast! Located on the waterfront and giving picnickers views of huge cargo ships going about their cargo-ing business, there is also a playground on which sits equipment built to look like a pirate ship, making this park the absolute best picnic spot in all of Port Aransas.

Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond

Located behind Restaurant San Juan at 410 Cut-off Road, picnickers will find their paradise at Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond. A boardwalk made of wood leads visitors along a trail that provides peeks of local wildlife, vegetation, and of course, the pond itself and while there are no provided picnic tables, there are a couple of benches along the path. Pack your picnic and sit side by side watching people, animals, and the beauty of the Port Aransas landscape as you enjoy your favorite foods.

Wetland Park, 1112 TX-361

Popular with bird watchers, Wetland Park provides another boardwalk area to enjoy exploring nature, hiking, and of course, a happy picnic under the shelter of a wood gazebo overlooking the water. Wheelchair accessible, this park is another naturally beautiful part of Port Aransas guaranteed to make picnickers wish they never had to leave.

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Port Aransas Beach

The beach is what drew you to our coastal town and the beach is where you will probably spend a large portion of your time, so why not increase your toes in the sand time with a picnic dinner at sunset? Perfect for a romantic evening out with your favorite traveling partner, the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach, the sight of the sun setting over the horizon in a fantastic ball of fiery color, and the taste of your favorite dishes combine together to create an experience you will never forget. When the last crumb has been devoured, the final sip has been savored, and the sky turns that velvety black that never ceases to amaze, a moonlit stroll along shore’s edge promises to be all the dessert this perfect picnic needs.

Venture Further Out & Explore

Mustang Island offers a beautiful spot for a picnic as you explore all there is to do on its 18 mile expanse, punctuated with a picnic! Named after the wild mustangs that used to roam freely on this barrier island, there are picnic tables for comfortable picnicking or you can just claim your stake on a piece of the beach and spread out your feast and prepare to be lulled into a pleasant state of atrophy. There are times in our lives when hustle and bustle is necessary, but during your picnic on Mustang Island hustle is never the answer! Relax and recharge, perhaps keeping an eye out for local birds without leaving your place in the sand!

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Our Sandcastle Condominiums seasonal sanctuaries are designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience, so why not stay home, and play or picnic? You won’t have to go far for a refill on your wine when the refrigerator is just steps away and the views of the sea found on the balconies of many of our vacation escapes are destined to wow! Most balconies come with comfortable seating, perfect for picnic enjoyment, but if you really want to go old school with your culinary adventures, toss a blanket on the floor of the balcony, turn on some soft music and prepare to enjoy the perfect picnic in the perfect spot!

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