Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi is a complete family entertainment destination. Family-owned and operated, Schlitterbahn Waterparks has been a leader in family water entertainment since 1979.

Schlitterbahn Riverpark Corpus Christi boasts our longest interconnected river system yet.

Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi is called a RIVERpark for good reason – we have the most extensive, action filled river system in the world! We have three types of rivers here: A wave river, a momentum, and an action river with various chutes and rapids areas. Unlike any other park in the world, our rivers are all interconnected and there are 16 beaches throughout to allow access — with NO lines. It’s part of our patented Transportainment system. The system is over a mile of river, but if you combine tubing of all the rivers in different ways, you could tube for seven miles!

The largest rivers in the system are:

  • The Torrent: over 900 feet of wave generated fun!
  • The Kristal River: 750 feet of swiftly moving water in this classic river.
  • Blitz Falls: filled with rapids and falls, this river is like tubing on a real river!
  • Other river sections include the Deluge, Comal Pass, the Cliff Hanger, and Rio Aventura.

Shoot the Chute
This is a classic flume ride getting a new life by taking up residence in a waterpark (where it belongs, in our opinion). Each boat has five rows and can hold between 10-15 riders. Boats carry guests to a height of 50 feet, then drop them at 32 miles per hour. The ride, the first of its kind for Schlitterbahn, is 610 feet long and has three separate pumps to deliver a big splashy ride.

Boogie Bahn
Based on the very first inland surfing ride invented at Schlitterbahn, the Boogie Bahn is the first waterpark attraction that guests can get better on with practice. The surfing path is 20 feet wide with 50,000 gallons of water per minute shooting out to form a thin sheet to surf on.

Two blaster towers deliver all kinds of fun! Sky blaster is 46 feet high and 385 feet long and offers a great view of the Boogie Bahn. The twin Speed Blasters allow guests to race each other to the splash zone. These 33 foot tall blasters are right in between the launch and landing zone of the Shoot the Chute.

Kiddie splash zones
The littlest guests at Schlitterbahn can divide their time between Lil Skippers and Buccaneer Bay, and enjoy a splashing good time on our ship, the CC Corpus Christi, slide down the butterfly wings, or get soaked in the mushroom fountains.

Operating Hours
Summer Schedule 10am – 8pm. Attraction availability may vary.

Free Parking and Picnics
At Schlitterbahn parking is free for everyone. Schlitterbahn guests can bring a picnic from home (no glass or alcohol please). There is no charge for tubes, life vests or boogie boards.


  • Street: 14353 Commodores Drive
  • City: Corpus Christi
  • State: TX
  • Zip: 78418


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