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Plan Your Christmas Vacation To Port Aransas

Somehow, over the years, Christmas has become a major production, filled with too much food, too many gifts, and far too little peace and joy, the exact opposite of what the holiday used to provide. And as we all start to pull back, to find ways to rekindle its magic, more and more of us are choosing to enjoy a Christmas at the Beach, with a visit to the sandy...

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Celebrate Thanksgiving 2023 In Port Aransas

Thanksgiving 2023 is going to be different for many travelers. Having tired of the chains that bind them to their homes this holiday, they have learned from recent lessons that the old traditions are not necessarily the best ones and are choosing to think of themselves and their immediate families for a change. Getting on planes and traveling to places they have never seen before, taking road trips to cabins...

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Ultimate Holiday Port Aransas Travel Guide

You came to Port A this holiday season for Texas warmth, fun, and the sand and water at the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. There is an array of indoor and outdoor activities, as well as year-round top things to do in Port Aransas and special events for the holidays and winter season. You’ll find something that fits everyone’s vacation activity needs and style – and it’ll be just...

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The Perfect Date Night in Port Aransas

Real life often gets in the way of our relationships, tossing obstacles in our path such as long days at work, school events, and chores, so when it comes time for date nights, we are often too tired or too busy to participate. There are many reasons a vacation is vital for your health and well being personally, but they also can make all the difference when it comes to...

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Activities and Events That Are Budget-Friendly in Port Aransas

Vacations can often be expensive, having to purchase everything from airfare to sanctuaries and everything in between, but a Port Aransas vacation spent in comfort and style in one of our Sandcastle Condominiums rentals doesn’t have to be expensive. We like to help our guests out as much as possible, and as such, we have created this list of Port Aransas activities and events that won’t break your budget, leaving...

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Book Your Labor Day Vacation in Port Aransas

Just like that, summer is nearly half over, and if you are like most of the nation, you aren’t ready for the carefree days to end! Fortunately, there is still one last chance to celebrate the wonder that is summer, with Labor Day Weekend offering fun, excitement, and the feel of eternal summer. And if your holiday journey is bringing you to the shores of Port Aransas, now is the...

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Kid-Friendly Indoor Activities in Port Aransas

We at Sandcastle Condominiums talk a lot about all the things you and your family will be able to enjoy outside during your Port Aransas getaway. After all, your beach vacation would be kind of lame if you didn’t spent most of your time playing outside, but there will be moments during your visit when you won’t be able to resist spending some time indoors. Rainy days encourage indoor moments,...

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Upcoming Summer Events in Port Aransas

As summer gets into full swing, more and more travelers are making their way to the sandy shores of Port Aransas, expecting a Texas-sized vacation in a relatively small town and they will all have their expectations met! (Exceeded in many cases!) We don’t do anything in a small way here in the second-largest state in the nation and we still get a tad upset when we realize that Alaska...

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4th Of July Events And Activities In Port Aransas

Oh, how we love summer at the beach! Offering days filled with sun, sand, and surf, lazy nights, and multiple ways to celebrate the summer holidays, we at Sandcastle Condominiums practically get giddy when the solstice arrives! If you are of like mind and you are starting to begin your upcoming annual 4th of July vacation (smart travelers know how to make the most of their vacation days, starting by...

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Book Your Memorial Day Rental in Port Aransas

Even those who live in colder places don’t need to look at the calendar to realize that Memorial Day is arriving soon. The sun sets later, the trees (even under a layer of late season snow) are beginning to show tiny green buds, and there is a noticeable warming trend happening, as you almost never have to scrape the ice off your windshield! This lead up to the lazy carefree...

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