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Port Aransas Dog Friendly Journey

You came to Port A for Texas warmth, fun, sand, sun, and water of the Gulf of Mexico, and you brought your best four-legged friend! There are plenty of Port Aransas dog-friendly activities and attractions to experience with your two-legged traveling companions, but your pooch deserves some time out exploring Port A, too. There are plenty of activities to include them in, and Sandcastle Condos offers many properties that are friendly to both you and your pet.

Day 1: Beaches

You love the feeling of the sand and water between your toes, or the feel of soft grass under your feet. So does your dog! Port A has plenty of parks and beaches where you can leash your pooch and go for a nice walk or run. Walk the five miles of Mustang Island State Park or wander Port Aransas Beach – then board a kayak or boat and head out to sea with your pup for even more fun.

Day 2: Restaurants

Whether it’s to fuel up before heading out for a day of fun, or to refuel along the way, there are many Port A restaurants that accommodate humans as well as their furry friends. Many restaurants invite your pup to stay at your side while dining on their outdoor patios. Some restaurants even welcome your pet to their patio and off your fur baby a bowl full of water or pet-friendly treat.

Day 3: Port Aransas Dog Park

Roaming the beach with your dog is fun but limiting. Beaches and parks require leashes, limiting your pup’s freedom to roam and get the exercise they really need. Free your dog from the leash and let them run and socialize with other pets at the park. The off-leash park provides an area for small dogs and an area for large dogs, shared picnic tables for the humans, doggie water fountains, fire hydrants, and poop disposal.

Day 4: Boating

Your pup can ride along with you on a boat or kayak through the waters of Port A. Rent a powerboat, canoe, or kayak from one of the many companies in the area and strike out on your own water adventure that includes your dog. You can set sail for a favorite fishing destination, drop anchor and go for a swim, or hook up for water sports that involve toys like tubes, skis, wakeboards, and more. You’ll want to make sure your furry friend is calm enough and well-behaved to stay inside the boat with you, and make sure the captain or captains have valid Texas boating licenses, if necessary, before heading out.

Day 5: Sightseeing

Pile everyone, including the dog, into the car for a sightseeing tour. Exploring the area by rental car is a great way to make notes about where you want to explore. Make sure to include places like the Port Aransas Museum, Farley’s Historic Boat Shop, Chapel on the Dunes, and the Mexican War Fort. You and your pup can capture a glance at the Lydia Ann Lighthouse, as it’s not accessible by road but can be seen in a cruise past it by boat or from Roberts Point Park, which is one of the best dog-friendly places in Port Aransas and a great place for everyone to stretch their legs.

Day 6: Shopping

Much like the restaurants of Port A, there are several local businesses that allow your pooch to accompany you inside. Search for the perfect souvenir, beachwear, or piece of Port A bling for your dog. Shops often post signs reflecting their pet-friendly status, but make sure your pet is leashed or in a secure carrier before entering.

Day 7: Beach Carts

A beach buggy golf cart is one of the bast ways to experience the beaches of Port A. Most companies offer street-legal carts that can get you – and your pup – from place to place quickly. Just make sure your pup is secure in the passenger seat before taking off down the sand.

A Journey with Your Dog to Port A

Planning an island getaway means planning for participating in the many activities there, but planning an island getaway with your dog is a little more challenging. Take the first step in planning everyone’s getaway when you stay in a vacation rental in Port A provided by Sandcastle Condos. You and your four-legged friend are just moments from plenty of fun. We offer efficiency-style units all the way up to four-bedroom units for you, your pet, and all your loved ones. Prepare meals for humans and pets in the fully equipped kitchen. Afterward, spread out in an open living space for a movie or to relax and recount the day’s activities. Enjoy the view from the private balcony or patio, spend some people-only time near the pool, or walk your pup around the community areas of the building.

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