Sandcastle Update: Status as of 5/16/2018

Due to the significant damages sustained as a result of Hurricane Harvey, Sandcastle Condominiums is still not accepting future reservations at this time. We are working diligently to make all necessary repairs in a timely manner, however we do not expect to be open in 2018. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Sandcastle Condos

Sandcastle Update: Status as of 9/27/2017

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, we currently are not taking reservations at the SandcastleCondos. We are assessing and repairing properties as quickly as possible so we can share Port Aransas with our guests as soon as possible. It is moving how many are concerned for our wonderful Island. Internet and phone service is beginning to come back on line at the Sandcastle. We will continue to contact guests whose reservations have been or will be impacted. Please allow time for operations to get back up and running and thank you for your patience.. Updates will be posted to the facebook page, please look to our facebook page for updates and information. 

Thanks in advance for your patience.
Sandcastle Condos

Port Aransas Vacation Blog

Check back for regularly updated posts about all the latest and greatest things happening in and around Port Aransas!

2017 Texas SandFest in Port Aransas is April 21st - 23rd

Texas Sand Fest

Its that time of year again for sand, sandcastles, food and fun! Texas Sandfest is back!

Texas SandFest is the largest sand sculpting event in the USA. It is the official Texas Sand Sculpture Festival. This event is run completely by volunteers, the popular invitational event draws visitors from around the globe to participate and to watch the fun. Join Texas Sandfest for food, vendors, sun, sand and world class sculptures!

The event is the weekend of April 21 - April 23rd on the beautiful Port Aransas, Texas beach. 

Visit Texas Sandfest or visit the Sandfest Facebook Page!

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2017 Whooping Crane Festival is Feb 23th- 26th

Whooping Crane Festival

Its that time of year again get your binoculars and checklists ready! You may not know but the Coastal Bend is the only spot in the United States where the endangered whooping crane can be seen at close range, and the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce is celebrating this astonishing natural wonder with an annual festival honoring these grand beautiful birds. Whooping Cranes are not the only birds you will see. An awesome array of wintering migratory birds flock into our wetlands and onto the beautiful Texas shorelines of Mustang Island in Port Aransas and birding tours by land and sea are highlights during the Whooping Crane Festival. Dont Wait, 

Want to know more about the schedule and the events click this link

Nature is the theme of the free trade show featuring a number of unique vendors. A wide selection of optics, photography, paintings, and one of a kind gift items for the nature lover in all of us will be featured. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the many festivities during the celebration.

The Festival include presentations from world-renowned speakers at The University of Texas Marine Science Institute, photography workshops for nature and birding and a variety of field trips.

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What's Biting? 2016 Port Aransas Fishing Competitions

What's Biting? 2016 Port Aransas Fishing Competitions

IFA Redfish Tournament April 1st-3rd

The IFA Redfish Tour is an exciting “inshore angler” fishing competition that tours the country and this town is one of their stops! The IFA Redfish Tour will be in Port Aransas April 1st-3rd of 2016. This event is put on by Cabelas and considered the “Strongest Grass Roots Inshore Tournament Series”.

“Not only is there a renewed excitement of inshore angling, but the Redfish Tour is also a great tournament that naturally educates people on the importance of maintaining our precious fishing resources. “Since the banning of netting, our inshore fisheries have flourished much quicker than anyone could have imagined. From this, the Inshore Fishing Association was formed and continues to thrive. In accordance to Inshore Fishing Association’s mission statement; we will keep our goals of competition, recognition, and education as the center of our focus.”

All events locations will be held at the City Marina.

Friday: 5-7pm Registration and Captain’s Meetings

Saturday: All day fishing with weigh in at 3pm at City Marina. 301 JC Barr Blvd, Port Aransas, Texas 78373.

Sunday: IFA Kayak tournament.


HT-3 Tournament May 18-21st

This is a televised professional tournament that will be hosted in Port Aransas! You can watch the tournament live and get more information on this Professional tour at The Redfish Series website.

Wednesday: Captain’s Meeting at 5:30. Event located at Port Aransas Community Center. 408 North Allister. Port Aransas, Texas 78373.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday: Fishing begins at safe light with daily weigh in at 3 pm at the City Marina 301 JC Barr. Port Aransas, Texas 78373


CCA “Take-A-Kid-Fishing” Tournament 33rd Annual. June 3-4th, 2016.

The Coastal Conservation Association’s 33rd Annual “Take-A-Kid-Fishing” Tournament is designed for kids 16 and under. Everyone fishes for fun and prizes while learning the skills and enjoyment of fishing. Awards are presented at Woody’s Sports Center and all contestants are asked to come to the awards presentation because everyone wins something in this tournament!

To get more information on entering your kiddo in the contest contact Glenn Martin at Woody’s (361) 749-5252 or Charlie Zahn (361) 749-6687.


Woody’s Sport Center Ladies Powder Puff Tournament. June 17-18th, 2016.

This is a popular women’s only fishing tournament put on by our local Woody’s Sports Center is a stunning good time. If you and your gals like to get down and dirty, this is a fun fishing competition for you!

  Friday: Pre-Registration is 5-7pm with a Captain’s Meeting at 7 pm.

  Saturday: Late Registration, 6:30 am at Woody’s. Fishing all day with Weigh in at 3pm at Dennis Dryer Municipal Harbor at Robert’s Point Park Pavilion.


23rd Annual Fishing Break. June 24-25th, 2016.

This Annual Fishing Break Tournament benefits the Austin Firefighters’ Relief and Outreach Fund. You can register online and get more information on the Annual Fishing Break contest website.

Friday: Check-In 4-9pm at the Dennis Dreyer Municipal Harbor at Robert’s Point Park Pavilion. (city marina)

Saturday: Fishing beings at sunrise with weigh-ins from 1-6 pm.

You can reach Todd Purcell for more information on the Annual Fishing Break Tournament at (512)750-0700.


81st Annual Deep Sea Round Up, July 10-14th, 2016.

A tournament that started in 1932 as the Tarpon Round Up has evolved into the largest family fishing tournament in Texas! This is a contest for fisherman of all ages and skill levels; this contest usually draws over 800 contestants annually. Including off shore, bay surf, fly fishing and a junior division as well as the Piggy Perch Contest for the little ones. The kids contest is free and so fun for the kiddos. You will definitely want to check out the weigh in’s for this years Deep Sea Round up in Port Aransas, Texas! Click here to take you to the Deep Sea Round Home page for registration and more info.

Thursday: Registration begins at 2 pm, dinner served at 6.

Friday: Late registration 6 am at Woody’s Sports Center and contest start.

6 am-Bay Surf Division begins.

7 am Offshore Division begins.

9 am Piggy Perch Contest for Kids

2 pm Cease Bay Surf Fishing

4 pm Cease Offshore Fishing

6 pm Bar Open @ Civic Center

7 pm Dinner @ Civic Center


6 amBay Surf Division begins.

7 am Offshore Division begins.

 9 am Piggy Perch Contest for Kids

2 pm Cease Bay Surf Fishing

4 pm Cease Offshore Fishing

6 pm Bar Open @ Civic Center

7 pm Dinner @ Civic Center


Noon the Bill & Bo Horn Memorial Fish Fry begins

1:15 pm Awards Ceremony followed by Raffle Drawing


Hope Devlin Kids Tournament, July 8-9th, 2016.

This kid friendly contest is open to anglers 16 and under. All benefits go to the Port Aransas Kiwanis Club Scholarship Program. For more info contact (361) 816-5282.


Outboard Fishing Tournament, July 15-17th, 2016.

This motor specific tournament has been an annual event for 42 years in Port Aransas. It is designed only for boats that have this outboard motor and benefits the local Port Aransas Volunteer Firefighters.

Thursday: Early registrations ends (July 14)

Friday: On-site registration 6-10 pm at the Port Aransas Civic Center.

Saturday: Late Registration is at 6-7 am at the City Harbor Office.

Saturday and Sunday:  Fishing starts at 7 am lasting until 3:30 pm. Weigh in is at 5 pm at the Dennis Dreyer Municipal Harbor at Robert’s Point Park Pavilion.


Majek Boat Owner Tournament, July 5-6th 2016.

An annual fishing contest of Port Aransas, the Majek Boat Owners Tournament, is a family friendly contest and a fun one at that! The interesting thing about this fishing tournament is that the anglers have to catch 3 fish, a redfish, a trout and one other. Should be an interesting weekend!


Texas Legends Billfish Tournament, August 10-14th, 2016.

A big Billfish deal in Port A! The Legends Billfish tournament is a large billfish tournament, in which boats may start out at any Texas harbor however the weigh in is in Good ‘Ol Port A. The weigh station will be set up at Virginia’s Dock in Port Aransas. This contest is focused on catch and release caught on videotape. Visit their website to learn more about this contest! This contest has big prize money at stake!


Texas Women’s Anglers Tournament, August 26-28th, 2016.

This is a popular off shore contest for women only! If you enjoyed the Powder Puff contest earlier this year, kick it up a notch with some deep sea fishing. This contest is also a qualifier for a larger Women’s Deep Sea Tournament. Early registration is through August 1st.

Friday: On-Site Registration at 5:30 pm with captain’s meeting at 8 pm at the Port Aransas Civic Center.

Saturday: Fishing begins at 6:30 am with lines out of water by 4:30 pm. Weigh in at 5 pm, closing at 8 pm.

Sunday: Awards brunch at 11 am at the Civic Center.

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Spring Time in Port Aransas/3 Things to know about Vacationing in Port A in the Spring.

Spring Time in Port Aransas/3 Things to know about Vacationing in Port A in the Spring.

Time to take a Spring Break!

Port Aransas is a beautiful place to be in the Spring at the beach in Texas!

Although most avoid the party side of Spring Break in March, there are those who enjoy the beautiful beaches of Port Aransas after the party ends. Port Aransas vacations tend to lean towards enjoyment, relaxing and taking a break from it all…but sometimes in the summer you don’t receive a very personal and intimate time due to the high volume of travelers. If you haven’t tried visiting Port Aransas in the Springtime, try it just once! And if you are here, these 3 things to know about visiting our beautiful Port A will benefit the time you spend here with us.

 Vacation Tip #1

If you know spring then you know that the weather is sometimes hit or miss due to the season but we think our beach is pretty all the time! Be sure to pack a light jacket and a pair of pants. When the sun goes down it can be chilly sometimes. Just to be on the safe side... You just never know what you’re going to get during the Spring time in Port Aransas, Texas. When you’re away from home it is better to be safe than sorry so it never hurts to bring a bottle of mosquito spray anywhere you go when you’re traveling in Texas.

 Vacation Tip #2

Bring a Camera! Spring is the prettiest season of Port Aransas. Everything is in bloom from the dunes to the landscaping. You are sure to catch beautiful hibiscus and so many native wild flowers during the spring season. You will appreciate the memories and so will your friends. This is also a great time of year to take family shots with all of the natural beauty that will be gleaming around you.

 Vacation Tip #3

Watch the calendar!-- You can see all of the “things to do” and events that Port Aransas has going on, on each Monthly segment of our  blog post entitled the, “Island Matters.”

There are so many things to enjoy during the Spring in Port Aransas. For one, Texas Sandfest is the largest sand sculpting competition in the world and it is hosted right here in Port A! Competitors travel from all over the world to sculpt in this “invitation only” event. Three days with master creations of sand, entertainment, family fun and beach. The Texas Sandfest is a great festival for families as well as the adult age. This year’s dates for the Texas Sandfest in Port Aransas are April 29-May 1st, this is a Friday-Sunday event and with a $5 purchase of a wristband, you are able to roam about the grounds and return each day with out paying-as long as you have your wristband. Children 12 and under get in for free!

Besides Sandfest, there are a couple of fishing competitions during April and May. Such as the IFA Redfish Tour that is presented by Cabelas (April  1st-3rd 2016) and the televised HT-3 professional fishing competition (May 18-21st, 2016).

Every First Friday of the month there is an art reception that is open to the public at the Port Aransas Art Center starting at 5:30 pm. You can enjoy great local artists and refreshments as you experience the Port Aransas community and celebrate this art festival with them. 

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Texas Sandfest 2016

Texas Sandfest 2016


Originally a beach-play date, “The Texas Sandfest” is now the largest sand sculpting contest in the world. What started as something to keep the kids distracted as 2 young mothers relaxed in chairs while helping the kiddos create “sand works” of art is now something regarded as a very popular event that Port Aransas hosts.  And when we say popular, we mean popular!  This event will bring 1000’s of viewers/travelers! 

This event is judged on each artist’s skilled detail work, creativity and most importantly originality.  This year there will be two more competitors than last year, with 19 individuals all from different places and only a few that are local sculptors,. The Texas Sandfest contest is an invitational only event and this year is sure to show 2016 skill, style and personality! 

Sandfest Dolphins

Texas Sandfest is a non-profit organization that focuses on giving back to the community and raising funds for local charities as well as scholarships for the Port Aransas High School students. The event staff are all local Port Aransas volunteers that dedicate their time to this growing and world renown event. The event staff strive to make Texas Sandfest a huge success and continue to please not only families, but also adults that are out looking for something new to see! 

This year’s Texas Sandfest dates are April 29-May 1st, a Friday-Sunday event. Surrounding the “art area” will be vendors and the entertainment stage. This stage will host live music all day-all weekend for groovy good vibes. Friday the contest begins at Noon and ends at 6 pm. Saturday and Sunday are considered “all-day” events starting at 9 am and lasting until 6 pm. The judging will take place on Sunday! 

All wristbands are $5 and last all three days of the event; kids 12 and under get in for free! Don’t forget about the amateur contest and kids events! There will be sand castle building lessons for the kids and an open amateur contest for all ages. 

Be ready for a Texas time on Texas Sand! We are looking forward to this year’s 2016 Texas Sandfest! 

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Port Aransas Vacation Rentals and Port Aransas Beach Rentals

Stay with Sandcastle Condos in Port Aransas! Visit Sandcastle Condominiums today for Port Aransas Beach Rentals! Sandcastle Condos in Port Aransas, Texas is located on Mustang Island beach. This beachfront resort offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico, miles of beach to explore, and an excellent place just to get away from it all. Sandcastle Beachfront Resort Condominium specializes in Port Aransas Vacation Rentals and has 150 vacation rental units; each with cable TV, complete kitchen, fresh linens and daily towel service. Looking for Things to Do while in Port Aransas? Our Things To Do section has great places to eat in Port Aransas, places to rent golf carts in Port Aransas and much more. 

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