Although every vacation could be a romantic one, there are certain getaways that are definitely more inspiring for love and nothing spells out romance louder than a trip to the beach! The magic provided by the sea and the sand blend with the love every couple feels and create an enchanted escape that will be remembered for years. And when Port Aransas is the beach town you seek and our Sandcastle Condominiums are the places you choose for your shelter, the magic grows stronger and your love sparks hotter! Our guide to romantic activities for couples in Port Aransas will ensure that your Texas journey is one you never want to end!

Sunrise Walk on the Beach

The early morning hours are the favorite hours for couples and as you walk along shore’s edge, the quiet of the morning punctuated by the waves crashing against the sand, these are the moments you will remember long after your visit has ended. Feeling your partners hand in yours, the cool waters nipping at your ankles, and watching the metamorphosis in the sky above as the colors change from inky black to blush pink and finally to the intense blue of another glorious day in Texas. Only in Port Aransas will you experience a dawn like this and if you aren’t normally a morning person, it’s ok. You can just tumble back in bed for another couple hours of sleep before officially beginning your day of love and romance!

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Sweets for your Sweet

Normally we would say that a box of chocolates for your Valentine is totally cliché, but there’s never a bad time for chocolate and because a box of chocolates from Winton’s Candies, 601 S Alister, accompanies your beach getaway, I think your love will definitely approve! Open since 1995 and having survived a few hurricanes and the weird days of the pandemic we are currently in the midst of, Winton’s has been a local favorite since day one. Painted a mint green that hints at the deliciousness found inside, the fudge, retro candies, and the vintage Ford that has been retrofitted to become a unique display case for some of the candies they sell, all combine to create a most unique and welcomed gift for your sweet!

Dinner a Deux

The surest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, but not all romantic meals have to be candle lit and quiet. Sometimes romance can be found in a fun restaurant that offers good food, unique décor, and a rowdy atmosphere that just makes you laugh out loud and Moby Dick’s, 517 S Alister, is exactly that type of restaurant! Serving your favorite surf and turf meals, frosty margaritas, and adhering to a pirate’s code that promises rowdies will be thrown to the sharks, Moby Dick’s offers a good time guaranteed to draw couples closer together!

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On the Beach

When you visit Port Aransas for the first time, it is always difficult to stay away from the beach and the Back Porch bar allows you to drink, listen to live music, AND watch the sun set over the sea! Located on the harbor and offering a raucous good time, the back porch offers a great way to end a day of Texas sized adventures! Still hungry after your dinner at Moby Dick’s? Their nachos are built to change the world and will fill all the empty spaces in your stomach, perhaps warding off late night snacking sessions that interrupt your sleep!

Sunset with the Dolphins

If you thought the sunrise was awesome, wait until you witness your first Port Aransas sunset as a couple. Especially beautiful when seen from aboard the Scarlet Lady, the addition of dolphins viewed frolicking in the waters of Lydia Ann Chanel make this experience all that much more heartwarming. Offering a full bar and a smooth cruise, summer sunset cruises can be crowded, but in the winter during the off season it is less so and although you may not be the only ones on the boat you will feel as if you are!

Book a Stay and Enjoy the Romantic Activities for Couples in Port Aransas

The quietest moments can be the most impactful. Choose to stay in for a night and explore the amenities found in our Sandcastle Condominiums and re-discover all the things that made you fall in love with your special someone. Sip wine on the balcony overlooking the sea, watch romantic movies on smart televisions, and putter round the fully equipped kitchens together creating meals that can be shared. From the peaceful sunrise to the tranquil sunset love is in the air in Port Aransas and every minute spent together in the comfort of our Sandcastle Resort Condominiums will be ones that strengthen the bonds between you. Reserve your favorite love nest today!

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