As we enter yet another season of our lives, the brr months (September, October, November, and December!) you may be feeling a mite chilly as you realize that the coldest days are just around the corner. Some parts of the world are already dipping their toes in the first drifts of newly fallen snow and the dread that accompanies an entire winter filled with the cold white snow is overfilling the souls of those who live there! In Port Aransas, however, the winter months are just a cooler continuation of the summer months with temperatures rarely dropping below the fifties. The sun shines often, the daily highs of the mid-sixties convince us to get out and play often, and although the Gulf waters can get a little too cold for swimming, we still find ourselves walking along the shore’s edge most days, drinking in the peace and tranquility the waters provide! If this sounds like paradise to you and you have reached the time in your life when the only salt you need during the winter is the salt on the rim of your margarita glass at happy hour, maybe now is the time you should start considering flocking to Port A and becoming a Texas snowbird for the winter!

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The Exotic Joys of a Snowbird

The snowbird can only fly with the aid of engines and first-class beverage service and that is ok! The important part of being a snowbird is never having to shovel snow and wearing your shorts in January. When you choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your winter nest, being able to sit out on the balcony toasting the sunset with your favorite beverage is the third part of the equation! Spend your days searching for sea glass and seashells on Mustang Island and your nights reveling in the comforts our condominiums provide! Sleep in late every day, there is no schedule you must follow, and stay up late into the night, reading, watching state-of-the-art television, and posting a few pics to your favorite social websites, ensuring that your friends and family back home in the arctic wasteland of your hometown are suitably envious! Fully equipped kitchens allow guests to save money by not being forced to dine out at every meal, but if you find yourself a regular at Lelo’s Island Bar playing Bocce Ball and bean bags most nights, no one is going to hate you for it! Located at 212 Beach Street and serving up the juiciest burgers in town, accompanied by refreshing beverages and a laidback ambiance that depicts the perfection of beach life to a tee, Lelo is offers a beautiful winter escape!

Beach Time?

To be perfectly honest, the later you get in the winter months the chillier the water gets and unless you like to swim in a wetsuit or have thick northern blood that protects your body from the cold, you will not want to spend your days swimming in the Gulf. With that being said, the early months of winter are still good months to swim in and there is never a tough time to walk along the shore’s edge, letting the chilly waters wash over your sandy toes! Sunset walks make us the happiest, but many of our travelers are morning people who live for the sunrise, and we applaud you for your ability to be awake while the sky is lightening, and the sun is spreading fiery color across the horizon. Sunny days make the beach a gathering spot for other happy snowbirds, perched on their own colorful beach chairs with coolers of beverages and snacks nearby. The friendly nature of snowbirds and Texas residents ensures that you will find a group that will become your own if you want, but no one judges those who prefer to keep to themselves. Texas fought for the right to be happy and independent and if you prefer the solo life, Port Aransas is the most beautiful place to experience the lifestyle you seek!

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More to Do

In your hometown, winter is when you cocoon inside your house with a fire going and wearing your favorite Snuggly, but in Port Aransas, there is always something to do outside! From deep sea fishing trips to fishing on the bay, and bird-watching expeditions to hikes along scenic trails, when the sun peeks in your windows every morning of your stay, you will not be able to resist the call of nature. Also offering museums, art galleries, and shops in which your credit card will be given a great workout, there is so much to do during your winter escape to Port Aransas, that you may look forward to returning home at the end of the season, just to get a little break! Reserve your favorite Sandcastle Condominiums seasonal sanctuary today!