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When it is time to start making your vacation itinerary for your upcoming vacation in Port Aransas, be sure to set aside plenty of time for everyone’s favorite vacation activity. And no, we are not talking about beach days and historical sites (although we do love those as well!) we are obviously talking about all the shopping in Port Aransas you will want to do during your stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums! We know that you have already checked to make sure that we offer laundry rooms (we do!) and have purchased that piece of luggage that folds down into a small rectangle and opens up to hold a huge variety of gifts and souvenirs on your return trip home and as such, we have created this guide to the best places to go shopping during your unforgettable Port Aransas getaway! And we also know that the only thing better than a shopping expedition on vacation is coming home to the comfort and style found in our Sandcastle Condominiums and examining each and every adorable item you purchased!

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Third Coast Beach Company, 101 E Avenue G

There is one thing we can promise will happen on every trip you take and that is someone in your traveling party will forget to pack something important for said adventure and if that one thing forgotten is something beach related, Third Coast Beach Company should be the first shop you stop at! Offering everything you need for your beach wanderings, including swimsuits, flip flops, and sunny’s that will make you look cool as you navigate another sunny day in Port Aransas, it is a wonderful place to shop even if you didn’t forget anything!

Loving Coastal Living, 210 N Alister Street Suite 1, 2, & 3

When you do not know what you are looking for but know you are seeking something special, Loving Coastal Living is the ideal store to explore! Offering a blend of vintage treasures and brand-spanking-new housing décor and accessories, we have never been able to leave this store empty-handed and we know you will not either, especially when you are seeking something beachy keen for your home!

Indigo Eclectic, 1700 TX-361 A

To be perfectly honest, even if they were selling air filters and adult diapers, we would still want to explore all that Indigo Eclectic has to offer, simply because of their name! Lucky for us, this sweet shop does not sell the aforementioned items, instead focusing its sales on vintage clothing and retro-inspired outfits that transport us all back to simpler times! Also featuring beautiful furniture, and charming accessories, Indigo Eclectic is not a large shop, but you should set aside a good amount of time to spend under its roof as there is a lot to see and even more you will want to buy!

Gratitude, 316 N Station Street

We are grateful to have found our way to Gratitude, a local gift shop here in Port Aransas and if you are on the hunt for your pet sitter, plant waterer, or mail getter you will be grateful too! Step inside and you will not know where to look in this colorful shop, nor will you be able to stop the smile from blossoming on your face! This is a spot where the cards will make you giggle, the colors will make you shine, and the gifts will be appreciated by whoever receives them!

Stephanie’s Stuff, 910 TX-361

When you are hungry for Italian food and you want to go shopping as well, you will not need to choose one or the other at Stephanie’s Stuff. Located inside Seafood & Spaghetti Works this charming shop filled with trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories is fun to visit before, during, or after a big meal, and if your “trip to the bathroom” takes longer than your hubby expects, you can always blame it on Stephanie! He will think she is someone you met in the facilities; we cannot help you hide your purchases though, so perhaps honesty will be the best policy!

Conspiratorium Sportsman’s Boutique, 328 Ashby Lane B

Give the men in your life the chance to do a little shopping as well with a visit to Conspiratorium Sportsman’s Boutique. Accomplishing the impossible, this compact store searches the world over to find the coolest sporting goods items you have ever seen on a shelf! Featuring dive gear, coolers, sporting apparel, stuff for your barbecue, firearms, and so many more sports-related items there just is not enough space to list, we can almost promise that your hubs will understand your own shopping obsession after just one visit!

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Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy Shopping in Port Aransas

After a day spent meandering in and out of the shops of Port Aransas coming home to the comforts (and air conditioning!) found in our seaside sanctuaries will be the highlight of your adventures! Reserve your favorite today!

As we step further into the deep end of summer, the year 2022 brings us a wonderful present in the form of an unexpected 3-day weekend! Independence Day falls on a Monday this year and many Americans will be celebrating the old-fashioned way with lots of red, white, and blue, cold beers, and in many cases a vacation that our forefathers fought for our right to enjoy! Deciding to take a week for vacation and only needing to sacrifice four vacation days is our inalienable right and if your journey brings you to the wonderful beaches of Port Aransas, our Sandcastle Condominiums offer the perfect respite after a long week of patriotic activities! Not sure what 4th of July Port Aransas TX activities are available to you? This guide to our favorite ways to celebrate America’s birthday will ensure that your Texas holiday will be filled with everything red, white, blue, and comfortable!

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Sleep In Late

Americans are known for working too hard and not sleeping enough and the best way to celebrate our nation’s 246th birthday is by turning off the alarm clock and rolling over for an extra 30 minutes (or longer) of peaceful sleep! Our beds are designed to comfort and envelope sleepy bodies in plush softness and if you chose to get up early and sip on a cup of joe while still feeling bleary-eyed and exhausted what kind of celebrant would you be? Stop by the Donut Palace and grab a box of all-American donuts, pull the shades tightly closed, and sleep until the midday sun invites you to come out and play!

Appreciate the American Landscape

Although sleeping in is a goal for many, the heat of the day may encourage some of our guests to get up early and take a hike through the glorious beauty of Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond. An American treasure, Paradise Pond is where the wildlife love to play and as you follow the boardwalk paths that surround it, you will not help but fall in love with the beauty of our country, our state, and, of course, our coastal town that welcomes all who visit! And although our favorite song, America the Beautiful, does not mention Paradise Pond in its lyrics, we believe if the creator had visited here when writing, this beautiful pond would have had its own chorus!

A Day at the Beach

Red towels, white swimsuits, and the blue skies of Port Aransas are awaiting you when you choose to celebrate the 4th of July on the beaches of our coastal town. Pack a cooler with your favorite foods and beverages, stake your claim on a segment of the beach, and prepare for a day of restful and serene fun like none other. Build sandcastles with your toddler, practice your boogie boarding skills with your teen, or simply lose yourself in the beauty of stories told by others as you read, relax, and soak in the summer rays on this beautiful Independence Day!

Red, White, and Boom!

Over the last couple of years, we have learned that yes, there can be a Fourth of July celebration without fireworks, but we also have learned that it is just not the same! Fortunately, fireworks celebrations are back with a vengeance and Port Aransas is no exception. Robert’s Point is bringing back the red, white, and boom with a Fireworks spectacular that will not cost your family anything to enjoy! Bring some lawn chairs (many of our Sandcastle Condominiums offer beach gear that would be perfect for this gathering!) a cooler of beverages and join our town from 8:30 PM until 10:00 PM watching the sky light up with color and pizazz! Fireworks and the 4th of July are back together again, and life has never been this sweet!

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Stay Home and Play

And no, we are not suggesting you stay in your own hometown! Our Sandcastle Condominiums are designed to be an integral part of the vacation experience and never is that clearer than on the 4th of July! Sleep in late (as we suggested earlier!) start your day with donuts and coffee and start planning a barbecue you will never forget! IGA has delicious meats, veggies, and all the accessories to ensure that your 4th of July celebration is everything you dreamed it can be and whether you choose to celebrate by the pool with the kiddos practicing how long they can hold their breath under water or by simply enjoying your grilled goodies on the expansive balcony that overlooks the sea, this holiday is destined to be filled with the happiest of memories and the most wonderful patriotic adventures! Reserve your favorite Sandcastle Condominium holiday hideaway today and start planning for a vacation you will never forget!

The Gulf of Mexico has countless wonderful beaches for everyone to enjoy, and Port Aransas is no exception. If you live somewhere that gets really hot during the summer, you’ll find that this makes for a great location to escape to, since Port Aransas, along with most other Gulf locations, stays cool enough that you’ll still be able to enjoy the beach life even on those hot summer days. When the breeze comes in off the coast, you’ll feel nice and cool, and if that’s not enough, you’ll easily be able to travel down to one of the scenic beaches and go for a nice swim in the cool coastal waters.

There’s more to enjoy than just the beaches, too, ranging from all kinds of other outdoor activities to dining at some of the great local restaurants that call Port Aransas home. Fishing is definitely a mainstay here, and there’s plenty of spots for you to visit. If you aren’t sure where the good spots are, there are even guided fishing tours that will help you bring in some great catches. Other Summer friendly activities in Port Aransas include birdwatching at the Turnbull Birding Center, scoping out the vibrant local arts community, and sampling some of the lively nightlife and live music.

Things To Do In Port Aransas Texas

Booking in Advance Saves Money

You’ve been working hard for weeks to months in order to make sure you can get away from it all and enjoy a nice vacation, so you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip. As expected, getting the most out of your trip all starts with making sure you can afford it, and booking early will help you secure some of the best available rates to really stretch that vacation budget out in all the right way. The closer you get to the time of your stay, you’ll find that rates go up, and sometimes there might even be last minute booking fees that get in your way. Booking in advance will help make sure you don’t have someone book your perfect home before you do, and the longer you wait the thinner the selection can get, so don’t wait.

Getting started early will help you save money in more ways than one, too, since you’ll also have your pick of location from our list of properties. Once you find the home with all of the amenities you desire, you can also make sure you’re in a prime location on the island, whether that means you’re right next to the beach you love most or you’re close to all of the best shopping in town. Cut down as much of that extra travel time as possible and let the good times roll.

Spending the Extra Time Planning Pays Off

The end goal of putting together your vacation is to make sure you’re able to get some of the rest and relaxation that you deserve, and if you wait too long to start planning your trip you might be doing more harm than good. Having to crunch all of your vacation prep into a short span of time might create a stressful situation for you, and the last thing you want is to dread all of the work you need to put in just to have a good time. If you start planning early, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of the potential stress. Not only that, your vacation will benefit from you having a plan in mind before you get there, whether that’s just a rough idea of the best beach spots you’d like to see or an in depth itinerary for every day you spend in town.

2 Bedroom Condos in Port Aransas
Port Aransas can be a pretty lively place during the summer. Many events are held to give people something special to do, especially with regards to live music. If there’s a special event going on around your vacation time, such as a concert you just don’t want to miss, preparing your vacation in advance might give you the chance to line the dates up just right.

You’ll Have Something Fun to Look Forward to

The best possible outcome is for everything about your vacation to be fun from start to finish, and the easier your planning and booking is the better time you’ll have. Once you’ve put together your plans and marked it down on your calendar, you’ll know it’s just around the corner, and that can help keep you motivated with your work or projects while you stay on the grind.

There’s actually some backing to the idea, too. There have been multiple studies done that indicate there being mental health benefits to have a planned vacation to look forward to. If you choose to do it spur of the moment instead of in advance, you won’t have all of the anticipation, and possibly even extra motivation, that you might have been able to benefit from. Start relaxing before your vacation even begins.

Sunny Port Aransas Summer Is Calling

No matter what you plan on doing during your stay with us in Port Aransas, you’ll always have a lovely vacation rental to return to when it’s time to call it a day. We have a comprehensive portfolio of different vacation rentals for you to choose from, and our team has in depth knowledge of every one of them. We’re here to help answer any questions you might have, and we’re committed to pairing you with the perfect rental for a perfect vacation. Get in touch with us now and come see the Gulf beaches firsthand.

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Port Aransas is a beautiful beachside vacation destination in Texas. Known for its great beaches, natural wildlife, and friendly town atmosphere, Port Aransas is a great place for a getaway for anyone looking to relax and unwind. Although you can likely expect lovely warm and sunny weather in Port Aransas year-round, occasionally you’ll experience a rainy day or two here. However, a bit of rain doesn’t mean that your vacation is ruined! Take the opportunity to explore the town of Port Aransas and pass the time until the clouds clear and the beaches open again. Keep reading to find out our top picks for rainy day activities in Port Aransas!

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Port Aransas Museum & Farley Boat Works

It is easy to be disappointed when you’re rained out during your beach vacation, but the silver lining is that it offers you plenty of opportunity to explore the town of Port Aransas! One of the top sites in town is the Port Aransas Museum and Farley Boat Works. These two destinations are less than a mile apart and both offer great insights into the rich history of the Port Aransas area. At the Port Aransas Museum, you’ll find the interesting artifacts such as The Fourth Order Fresnel lens that graced the top of the Lydia Ann Lighthouse from 1878 to 1952, the bell from the train that brought the rocks to build the jetties, and vintage films of Port Aransas from the 1920s and 30s. Farley Boat Works was originally established in 1915 and recently re-established in 2011. This fully functioning boat shop is a living exhibit of boats from past, present, and even future as new boats are continually being built here. The Port Aransas Museum is open Thursdays-Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm and offers free admission, although donations are kindly encouraged. Farley Boat Works is open Tuesdays-Thursdays from 8am-12pm and 1pm-3pm and Satrudays and Sundays from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Admission to Farley Boat Works is also free! Both of these attractions are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and take in some local history in Port Aransas.

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Many people choose to visit Port Aransas due to its abundance of natural wildlife on both the shores and the land. On a rainy day when you can’t enjoy these in the wild, why not head to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute and learn more? The Marine Science Institute has long been a fun destination in Port Aransas for both tourists and locals alike but has been closed for several years following damage from Hurricane Harvey. Recently renovated and newly opened, the Marine Science Institute is open for visitors Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10am-4pm. Admission here is free, and the Institute is full of exhibits that showcase the natural habitats found around the Port Aransas area and features interactive exhibits that are sure to delight family members of all ages. Outside of the institute is a great photo op with the sculpture “Interdependency” from local sculptor Kent Ullberg. This sculpture, from a distance, appears to be a straightforward depiction of a fish leaping out of the water. However, as you get closer, you’ll find details of other ocean creatures within the sculpture that highlight the connectedness of the coasts and the oceans. This sculpture is a great visual reminder that drives home the message of everything you’ll learn from your visit to the Marine Science Institute. Any ocean lover will be delighted by an afternoon spent here!

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Port Aransas and Mustang Island Chamber of Commerce

On a rainy day in Port Aransas, learn more about where to spend your time by making a stop at the local Chamber of Commerce. Open Mondays-Fridays from 8:30am-4:30pm, this is a great place to visit to learn more about fun activities, sites, and destinations in the area and get some great facts and stories from the staff here. Not only can you find out about great local destinations, but also find out about great dining spots in the area and learn the best places to rent equipment and hit the water once the sun comes out again. Whether it’s your first time in Port Aransas or you’ve visited several times before, the Chamber of Commerce is a great stop in town to find out all the news in Port Aransas!

A visit to Port Aransas is usually filled with lots of sun, surf, and fishing, but don’t let a rainy day spoil all the fun. You can still enjoy a great day vacationing in Port Aransas, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Learn more about the local history and the wildlife here during your rainy day in Port Aransas! For a great beachside Texan vacation, book your trip to Port Aransas today!

Port Aransas is a beautiful place to be in the Spring at the beach in Texas!

Although most avoid the party side of Spring Break in March, there are those who enjoy the beautiful beaches of Port Aransas after the party ends. Vacation in Port Aransas tend to lean towards enjoyment, relaxing and taking a break from it all…but sometimes in the summer you don’t receive a very personal and intimate time due to the high volume of travelers. If you haven’t tried visiting Port Aransas in the Springtime, try it just once! And if you are here, these 3 things to know about visiting our beautiful Port A will benefit the time you spend here with us.

Vacation Tip #1

If you know spring then you know that the weather is sometimes hit or miss due to the season but we think our beach is pretty all the time! Be sure to pack a light jacket and a pair of pants. When the sun goes down it can be chilly sometimes. Just to be on the safe side… You just never know what you’re going to get during the Spring time in Port Aransas, Texas. When you’re away from home it is better to be safe than sorry so it never hurts to bring a bottle of mosquito spray anywhere you go when you’re traveling in Texas.

Vacation Tip #2

Bring a Camera! Spring is the prettiest season of Port Aransas. Everything is in bloom from the dunes to the landscaping. You are sure to catch beautiful hibiscus and so many native wild flowers during the spring season. You will appreciate the memories and so will your friends. This is also a great time of year to take family shots with all of the natural beauty that will be gleaming around you.

Vacation Tip #3

Watch the calendar!– You can see all of the “things to do” and events that Port Aransas has going on, on each Monthly segment of our  blog post entitled the, “Island Matters.”

There are so many things to enjoy during the Spring in Port Aransas. For one, Texas Sandfest is the largest sand sculpting competition in the world and it is hosted right here in Port A! Competitors travel from all over the world to sculpt in this “invitation only” event. Three days with master creations of sand, entertainment, family fun and beach. The Texas Sandfest is a great festival for families as well as the adult age. This year’s dates for the Texas Sandfest in Port Aransas are April 29-May 1st, this is a Friday-Sunday event and with a $5 purchase of a wristband, you are able to roam about the grounds and return each day with out paying-as long as you have your wristband. Children 12 and under get in for free!

Besides Sandfest, there are a couple of fishing competitions during April and May. Such as the IFA Redfish Tour that is presented by Cabelas (April  1st-3rd 2016) and the televised HT-3 professional fishing competition (May 18-21st, 2016).

Every First Friday of the month there is an art reception that is open to the public at the Port Aransas Art Center starting at 5:30 pm. You can enjoy great local artists and refreshments as you experience the Port Aransas community and celebrate this art festival with them.

A Memorable Vacation in Port Aransas

After checking out our useful tips for your vacation in Port Aransas, don’t forget to book your stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Contact us to book!