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Port Aransas is a wonderfully laid-back town, and it’s no surprise as to why. The gorgeous Gulf beaches and abundant fishing opportunities make for a slow paced, relaxing environment that creates the perfect vacation spot. When you aren’t out on the beach, fishing, boating, or wildlife watching, though, there’s still plenty more for you to do. The Port Aransas community has plenty of different stores with all kinds of themes that make for the perfect places to find that gift you’ve been looking for, or even a souvenir to commemorate your trip. While you’re in town, here are some places you might consider visiting.

Fly It!

If you’re looking for something to add to your time at the beach, why not stop by Fly It! and pick up a kite? This is an especially great stop if you’re bringing the kids along with you, as you can bring them along to find their favorite kite to run down the beach with. There are more than just kites, too. You can even find flags, windsocks, and yard decorations to bring home with you, all while supporting a local business.

Island Wine

This is a great stop on multiple levels because you can stop in and pick up local and regional wines that you won’t find anywhere else, and there’s also a bar on site if you want to stay in for a bit and have a couple drinks. They offer casual dining in the form of appetizers and charcuterie boards, and there’s often live music for you to enjoy with your new favorite wine.

Bella Bella Boutique

If you’re looking to pick up some unique fashion while you’re in town, there are definitely plenty of boutiques for you to choose from, and Bella Bella is definitely one of the can’t miss stops. Owner Christina Bell is a long-time resident of Port Aransas and has gone to great lengths to find bold fashion choices that women of all sizes can enjoy in this inclusive space. There’s a ton here, including clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats, and plenty more, so come and see for yourself.

Chilla’s Storage and Gift Shop

Though they sell climate-controlled boat and RV storage, you’ll find that Chilla’s also makes for a great spot if you’re looking for the perfect souvenir to help commemorate your Port Aransas visit. There is a tone of nautical themed metal wall art here, making for the perfect piece to hang at home. There’s also plenty of colorful pottery, signs, plates, jewelry, and more, so stop by and find something uniquely Port Aransas.


Covered top to bottom and wall to wall, this is a fun gift shop to stop by if you’re looking for a souvenir but you might not be sure exactly what you’re looking for. There’s an eclectic selection here that you’ll just have to see for yourself, and if there’s something you can’t bring back with you, they even offer shipping.

Shannon Lafayette Photography

Whether you’re just looking to capture a family vacation or you’re having a special gathering out in Port Aransas for something like a wedding or birthday, you can easily schedule a photoshoot on the beach through this company. If you want to make your Port Aransas trip official with a professional photoshoot on the beach, this is the place to contact.

Lone Star Taste

Texas is a big place with all kinds of different kinds of treats, and you’ll be able to find many of them at Lone Star Taste exclusively out in Port Aransas. Sauces, dips, preserves, jerky, specialty sodas, and countless other different snacks are waiting for you here, and if you want to stock up on some of your favorites before you head back home, many of these goods stay fresh for a long time.

Mirage Beach Wear

You’re in town and right next to some of the best beaches in the state, so of course there’s going to be a swimwear store. Whether you forgot to pack your beach clothes, or maybe you just want something fresh and new, you’ll find new beach fashion for men, women, and children alike. They also have their own line of souvenirs, and equipment for surfing and skateboarding.

Coastal Closet

Coastal Closet is a great boutique shop to visit if you’re looking for a carefully curated selection of name brand clothing for just about anyone, and that’s not all, either. This store also has plenty of furniture and interior decorations for you to choose from if you’re looking to bring something home with you to help liven up your house with something that reminds you of the beach life.

There’s Plenty More in Port Aransas

This is just a small selection of some of the best stores in Port Aransas stay. While you’re in town seeing what everyone has to offer, you might even find another store off the beaten path that speaks to you. Come by and visit us, and hopefully you’ll find that perfect piece of Port Aransas to bring back home with you.

When most people think of Thanksgiving, they think of family meals and the coming of the colder seasons. While this is true, there’s plenty of other ways to enjoy the holiday without having to worry about the cold. Over in Port Aransas, the weather is nice during all seasons, and what would otherwise be a frigid winter elsewhere instead becomes gorgeous ocean air with a slight chill in the air. It makes for a perfect vacation destination for anyone looking to shake it up a little bit during the holidays. If you head out this way, you’ll be able to get out and walk one of the gorgeous local beaches and still have plenty of spare time for that full Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family.

Of course, there’s plenty more to do during the season than just the Thanksgiving feast. Port Aransas has a wide variety of different activities for you to take part in to help liven up your vacation. While you’re enjoying your stay, here are a few things you might consider doing:

Annual Holiday Shop Around

If you find yourself with time to spare during your stay, why not get ahead of the holiday shopping by beating the rush with this local shopping event? It can be exhausting dealing with the Black Friday crowds, and honestly any of the crowds leading all the way up to Christmas Eve, but if you’re planning on being in the area during November 19th – 21st, you’ll have plenty of chances to scoop up that perfect local treasure that is sure to make for a unique gift for someone you care about.

While you’re enjoying the wide variety of different shops and vendors that are bringing their goods to the table this year, there will be plenty of other treats waiting for you. Take a break from the shopping whenever you like and stop in to any of the conveniently located local restaurants to sample some of the local fare, and whenever you’ve had your fill, the discounts will still be there waiting for you. Maybe you’ll also be able to find that perfect local food item to bring back to your vacation home as an accompaniment for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

See the Beaches During Off Season

As much as we all love the beach, it can get really crowded during the peak seasons. Sure, summer makes for a great time to head down to the beach and let the cool breeze and gorgeous waters beat the heat, but that fresh air and gorgeous atmosphere is there for your enjoyment all year round. When you’re visiting a place like Port Aransas, you simply can’t miss out on a chance to visit the beaches, and if you’d like to head into the water, still probably won’t need to worry about it being too cold for comfort. Even in November, the water temperatures average at a comfortable 72 degrees, so don’t be afraid to jump in!

Book a Trip on a Local Cruise or Tour

Port Aransas has plenty of different companies that offer all kinds of specialized cruises for you to get out into the water and see the picturesque scenery from a unique perspective. This is a great way for people who want to see the sights without going for a swim to see everything the area has to offer, and it’s also an ideal choice for anyone who loves watching the wildlife. On some of these cruises, you’ll be able to get up close to dolphins and water fowl in their natural habitats, and it all makes for great photo opportunities.

Cruises are also a great way to throw a party for you and your friends. Many of the local tours happen during different times of the day, from morning to sunset, and snacks and refreshments are often offered up for customers. If the mood strikes, and you really want to throw a party to remember, get in touch with one of the companies and you’ll be able to book your own private party aboard their spacious vessels, really making it a Thanksgiving celebration for the ages.

Prep Your Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner

Our vacation homes are fully furnished with complete kitchen suites, meaning you and your family can put together a professional Thanksgiving dinner from the comfort of your new home away from home. All of the appliances you need to make small snacks and full feasts are ready and waiting for you to utilize, along with a load of utensils and cookware so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything but the food. Cook up a Thanksgiving dinner your way, and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful weather while you beat the winter chill.

Port Aransas Awaits

When you book with Sandcastle Condominiums, we’re confident that you’ll be matched with the perfect rental for your holiday getaway. We’re committed to finding a property of the right size and with the right amenities to help you have a vacation you and your family will remember for years to come. Hopefully, after you see how beautiful our city is, you’ll want to come back and stay with us again! Get in touch with us now to set up your Thanksgiving escape.

As one of the best spots to visit on the Gulf, Port Aransas doesn’t lack for a huge variety of entertainment. There’s always plenty to do outdoors, whether you’re visiting the beaches, boating, or enjoying one of the many different nature walks to get up close with the local wildlife. During the month of October, there’s also plenty of events to enjoy that run from relaxing to wild, from low-key boat rides to Oktoberfest parties. So, while you’re visiting the area, here are a few Halloween activities you should check out to maximize your vacation time.

Fright Night Haunted House

With a new theme each year, the Fright Night Haunted House offers a chilling experience for anyone looking to get in a few scares for the Halloween season. This year’s theme is The Haunted Hotel, and it’s sure to impress, as Fright Night has been rated as one of America’s Best Haunts and featured on Natural Geographic.

As with many haunted house attractions, it is not recommended that you bring small children to the event.  Be warned that although the actors do not touch you, they will be doing their best to scare you!  There will be plenty of scary props, fog, and strobe lights as well, so the faint-of-heart should be aware. If you aren’t sure about braving the experience but want to try anyway, there are emergency exits all over and you can leave any time you like. Get the most out of the season and see one of the best haunts in the US!

The Hauntings of Boogeyman Haunted House

The aptly titled “Road to Hell” leads to the location of this historic haunted house. There are several historically significant locations and events that happened in the area that led to the Boogeyman Haunted House’s location, featuring cemeteries with unmarked graves from the Mexican American War, the tree where the first recorded hanging in Texas took place, and the haunted Daugherty House.

Every weekend in October from 8pm to midnight, the Boogeyman Haunted House offers a more personalized and unique experience from your usual haunted walkthrough, including multiple attractions inside the property and a maze. If you plan on stopping in, check out what their unique theme is each Friday to see what appeals most to you.

The Red Dragon Pirate Cruise

Though open all year, pirates and Halloween have always gone hand in hand, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than to hit the waters on a kid-friendly pirate cruise? Expect to see things like mock sword fights, cannon fire, treasure hunting, and dolphin watching as you take to the waters aboard the Red Dragon. The ship is fully equipped, state of the art, and sails incredibly smooth, so even if you’re worried about anybody getting seasick, the chances are slim to none.

Red Dragon also offers adults-only cruises for those looking for a more mature experience. There’s an onboard bar and kitchen open for use, and the adults-only trip runs for about an hour and a half with live music and entertainment onboard. Adult cruises run every Tuesday and Thursday, so plan accordingly.

Texas Sandfest

Running since 1997, the Texas Sandfest is one of the largest sand sculpture competitions in the USA. Tens of thousands of visitors routinely come through during this three-day-long event in order to see some of the most stunning sand sculptures in the world, and it’s packed to the brim with all kinds of entertainment for all ages. Competitors spend months planning for their crafting and exhibition, and over the course of the event they bring piles of sand to life in gorgeous, unique forms that have to be seen to be believed.

When you aren’t observing the sculptures or taking photos of/with them, there’s plenty of other entertainment to be had. There’s a beer garden set up for the adults to have a few drinks and enjoy the breeze coming in off the gulf. Vendors also set up all kinds of different stalls to purchase from, be it food, clothes, jewelry, furniture, and all other kinds of souvenirs. When you aren’t shopping, there’s also live music to check out.  This event happens October 15-17, rain or shine, so plan accordingly, and don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!

See Port Aransas in Style

Sandcastle Resort Condominiums has the perfect size vacation rental for you. From 1- to 3-bedroom offerings, you’re certain to find the right spot to maximize your vacation time and see all of the best Halloween and autumnal attractions the area has to offer. Book your stay now and enjoy the season to the fullest!

With the sizzling temperatures of summer waning and the crowds dwindling away, fall is a great time to visit coastal Texas. Port Aransas is known for its waterways, white sand beaches, wildlife, and is a great coastal Texas destination on which to set your sights this fall. Whether you prefer the added entertainment of fall festivities or the serenity of a day fishing or exploring nature, you can experience it all in Port Aransas. Our favorite fall activities in Port Aransas will get you started on planning the perfect seasonal getaway!


With prime access to Corpus Christi Bay, Aransas Bay, Redfish Bay, Port Aransas boasts top-notch inshore fishing grounds. As a gateway to the Gulf of Mexico, a host of other opportunities await on the deep sea. Whether you embark on a boat charter or enjoy a day of DIY fishing nearshore, you’re sure to land some great catches when fishing in Port Aransas.

Texas’ official saltwater fish, the redfish, are so plentiful in the Port Aransas area that there is an entire bay named after them. Available year-round, you’re sure to snag a redfish on your fall fishing trip to Port Aransas. If you plan for a deep-sea charter, prized catches such as mahi, mahi tuna, and marlin are all potential catches during fall months. Dolphin Dock and Deep-Sea Headquarters are two renowned fishing charters in Port Aransas that will get you out on the water with all the permits and gear you’ll need. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground and fish from the shore, be sure to check out these top fishing spots in Port Aransas. Horace Caldwell Pier, Fish Pass Jetty, Aransas Causeway, and South Jetty are a few of the top spots in Port Aransas for nearshore and surf fishing.


Port Aransas’s location and terrain make it an ideal place for birdwatching, especially during migration seasons. While people flock to Port Aransas for the white sand beaches and stunning ocean views, resident and migrating birds appreciate the Gulf beaches, salt marshes, and wetlands that make up this area’s terrain. The entire fall season coincides with migration season, with many birds stopping to winter in Port Aransas and some others using it as a stopping point before continuing on to Central or South America.

Get a bird’s eye view from the observation platform at Wetland Park, where you’ll spot an abundance of waterfowl and shorebirds. Gulls, terns, pelicans, and shorebirds can often be seen at the I.B. Magee Jr. Beach Park and the south jetty. An especially good site for spotting migrating species is the Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond Birding Center. Home to the only natural permanent freshwater wetland and pond on Mustang Island and featuring a picturesque boardwalk, you’ll want to take your time as you identify over 100 species of migrating birds. For those who would prefer the expertise of a guide, consider meeting at the 1,200-acre Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture for a guided bird walk. Though areas of the park continue to recover from hurricane damage, birding tours are still held on Saturday mornings at 8am from the Port Aransas Community Park. The tidal flats here are feeding areas and habitats for endangered and threatened species. Whether you’re an avid birder or you simply appreciate some peaceful time enjoying nature, be sure to check out these top birding sites in Port Aransas this fall!

Fall Festivals

One of the biggest events held each year in Port Aransas is Texas SandFest, this year it has been moved to October. A well-loved event by locals and visitors alike, this 3-day event draws visitors from around the world. Featuring renowned sand sculptors and amateurs alike, this fun event provides plenty for the whole family to see. The beach is filled with sand sculptures unlike any you’ve probably seen before, featuring exquisite details and unique themes. A separate Masters’ Gallery is where the true masterpieces can be found, as sculptors work to mold tons of sand into breathtaking works of art. In addition to admiring the many sand sculptures and monitoring their progress over the 3-day event, you’ll also enjoy live music, food, kids’ activities, and vendors offering arts & crafts, apparel, jewelry, furniture, and souvenirs, among other items.

Held at the end of October, the Wooden Boat Festival is another fall favorite in Port Aransas. This event features handcrafted kayaks, paddleboards, skiffs, sailing boats, and historic Farley boats – a perfectly fitting festival for this coastal town. Admire the handcrafted vessels, learn more about boating and boat building, and bring the kids along to create their own model boats!

Experience all the best that Port Aransas has to offer this fall! Still in search of Port Aransas accommodations? Browse the listings offered through us at Sandcastle Resort Condominiums here!

Port Aransas is a beautiful beachside vacation destination in Texas. Known for its great beaches, natural wildlife, and friendly town atmosphere, Port Aransas is a great place for a getaway for anyone looking to relax and unwind. Although you can likely expect lovely warm and sunny weather in Port Aransas year-round, occasionally you’ll experience a rainy day or two here. However, a bit of rain doesn’t mean that your vacation is ruined! Take the opportunity to explore the town of Port Aransas and pass the time until the clouds clear and the beaches open again. Keep reading to find out our top picks for rainy day activities in Port Aransas!

Port Aransas Museum & Farley Boat Works

It is easy to be disappointed when you’re rained out during your beach vacation, but the silver lining is that it offers you plenty of opportunity to explore the town of Port Aransas! One of the top sites in town is the Port Aransas Museum and Farley Boat Works. These two destinations are less than a mile apart and both offer great insights into the rich history of the Port Aransas area. At the Port Aransas Museum, you’ll find the interesting artifacts such as The Fourth Order Fresnel lens that graced the top of the Lydia Ann Lighthouse from 1878 to 1952, the bell from the train that brought the rocks to build the jetties, and vintage films of Port Aransas from the 1920s and 30s. Farley Boat Works was originally established in 1915 and recently re-established in 2011. This fully functioning boat shop is a living exhibit of boats from past, present, and even future as new boats are continually being built here. The Port Aransas Museum is open Thursdays-Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm and offers free admission, although donations are kindly encouraged. Farley Boat Works is open Tuesdays-Thursdays from 8am-12pm and 1pm-3pm and Satrudays and Sundays from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Admission to Farley Boat Works is also free! Both of these attractions are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and take in some local history in Port Aransas.

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Many people choose to visit Port Aransas due to its abundance of natural wildlife on both the shores and the land. On a rainy day when you can’t enjoy these in the wild, why not head to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute and learn more? The Marine Science Institute has long been a fun destination in Port Aransas for both tourists and locals alike but has been closed for several years following damage from Hurricane Harvey. Recently renovated and newly opened, the Marine Science Institute is open for visitors Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10am-4pm. Admission here is free, and the Institute is full of exhibits that showcase the natural habitats found around the Port Aransas area and features interactive exhibits that are sure to delight family members of all ages. Outside of the institute is a great photo op with the sculpture “Interdependency” from local sculptor Kent Ullberg. This sculpture, from a distance, appears to be a straightforward depiction of a fish leaping out of the water. However, as you get closer, you’ll find details of other ocean creatures within the sculpture that highlight the connectedness of the coasts and the oceans. This sculpture is a great visual reminder that drives home the message of everything you’ll learn from your visit to the Marine Science Institute. Any ocean lover will be delighted by an afternoon spent here!

Port Aransas and Mustang Island Chamber of Commerce

On a rainy day in Port Aransas, learn more about where to spend your time by making a stop at the local Chamber of Commerce. Open Mondays-Fridays from 8:30am-4:30pm, this is a great place to visit to learn more about fun activities, sites, and destinations in the area and get some great facts and stories from the staff here. Not only can you find out about great local destinations, but also find out about great dining spots in the area and learn the best places to rent equipment and hit the water once the sun comes out again. Whether it’s your first time in Port Aransas or you’ve visited several times before, the Chamber of Commerce is a great stop in town to find out all the news in Port Aransas!

A visit to Port Aransas is usually filled with lots of sun, surf, and fishing, but don’t let a rainy day spoil all the fun. You can still enjoy a great day vacationing in Port Aransas, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Learn more about the local history and the wildlife here during your rainy day in Port Aransas! For a great beachside Texan vacation, book your trip to Port Aransas today!

When summer arrives in Port Aransas, residents and visitors alike find their joy in a variety of water activities, both as a way to escape the heat and as a way to enjoy some adventures during their precious time away from the job. As our section of paradise is one of the longest of the barrier islands that can be found on the Texas coast, the opportunities to play are numerous, ensuring that your summer escape to our island will be filled with fun activities and memories you will never forget. Want to make your getaway even more special? Choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your vacation accommodations; coming home to the comfort and style we offer in each property will be the highlight of your Texas travels!

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the smallest adventures offer the largest impact; enjoying a day on the beach can be the perfect example! Pack a beach blanket and chairs, a cooler full of refreshments, and a basket of beach toys and spend a day under the sun, frolicking in the water. Building sandcastles with your children at shore’s edge can make the most magical of memories, and if you want to build a sandcastle that will impress, Sandrum.com offers lessons for constructing a castle so grand, bystanders will think you are a professional! For those traveling with their teens and tweens, they can be a little harder to impress, but if you spend some time learning to boogie board with them, your teen may smile, and your tween will think you are the coolest parents alive!

Man (or Woman) Versus Fish

You can’t come to Port Aransas without taking some time to pit your wits against the fish in an activity that is as old as time. We are talking about fishing, of course, and the opportunities to catch the big ones are numerous! Grab a pole, a lawn chair, and your favorite bait (Island Tackle of Port Aransas is a popular place to buy your bait) and sit at water’s edge on the beach for some low-key fishing fun. The peace, the quiet, and the serenity of these hours spent waterside are guaranteed to be the moments you will wish would never end, even if your catch is less than grand.

The most fishing fun you can have, however, is by chartering a fishing boat and heading out into deeper waters! Offering power, camaraderie, and the opportunity to win a free trip—on some charters the fisherperson who catches the most can get their charter costs refunded! Go into deep waters with Deep Sea Headquarters or Coastal Charters and come home with your limit of yellow fin, black fin, or blue marlin, or stay in the shallows with Texas Coast Fishing which offers a money back guarantee; if you don’t catch a keeper fish, you won’t be charged for your fishing expedition!

Naturally Exciting!

This next adventure is one of our favorite ways to kill a couple of hours on a lazy day and is one activity you should move to the top of your vacation bucket list! A variety of companies offer dolphin tours, taking guests out to where the friendliest creatures in the sea frolic and play, led by captains who are also friendly and knowledgeable about all matters natural. Learn about the world under the sea as you speed across the waters enjoying a day of fun in the sun with a dolphin tour offered by Dolphin Watch Nature Tours, a company that includes a live touch tank as part of their tour. The Scarlet Lady Dolphin Adventure offers a sunset dolphin cruise that combines the fun of spotting dolphins with the romance and awe of a Texas sunset, so be sure to bring your best camera, as you will want to have something to remind you of the beauty of the moments you experience out on the water!

A Daredevil’s Adventure

The last water adventure we are going to discuss is not for the weak of heart, but the daredevils in your traveling party are sure to jump at the chance to try parasailing! Chute Em’ Up Parasail is where you need to go to feel alive as you sail through the sky tethered to a boat with a colorful sail keeping you afloat. Surprisingly inexpensive for an adventure that will make your heart beat faster, there is an age limitation (the flyer must be over 7 years of age), but there are no weight restrictions for this safe but thrilling adventure. As you fly effortlessly through the air with the sea below you and the clear blue sky surrounding you, for a little extra money, the staff will take professional pictures of you, offering all the proof you need to your friends back home that yes, this was the year you made your dreams come true!

Choose Sandcastle Condominiums

No matter how you spend your days in Port Aransas, all the comforts of home will be yours when you choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your Texas escape. Reserve your stay with us today!

Port Aransas, Texas is a fantastic beachside destination! Located near the northwest tip of Mustang Island, Port Aransas offers you direct access to the warm waters of the Gulf Coast, not to mention lots of fun activities to enjoy both in the water and on land. If you are looking for a great beachside vacation with plenty of great places to swim, then Port Aransas is the vacation destination for you! However, with so many great beaches in the area, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for your perfect vacation adventure. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best swimming spots near Port Aransas. Keep reading to learn more about all the best places to swim in the Port Aransas area!

Port Aransas Beach

Visitors and locals alike will tell you that Port Aransas Beach is a must visit during your vacation here! The namesake of Port Aransas, this beach offers a great introduction to all the perks of the area. You’ll enjoy a clean, sandy beach and warm inviting waters. Locals love it because you have the ability to drive on the beach, but there are also car-free areas that make for great swimming spots. You have easy access to everything else in the area thanks to the nearby ferry service that runs to and from Mustang Island. There are also many shops and restaurants up and down the beachfront that are great to explore. However, the highlight here is the water itself. Great for swimming and splashing around, there are also gentle waves that make it a nice spot for boogie boarding! Visit Port Aransas Beach and see why it received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2020!

IB Magee Beach Park

If you love the beach so much that you want to stay awhile, consider visiting IB Magee Beach Park. Located on the northmost end of Mustang Island, the beaches here are full of opportunities to spot wildlife. Enjoy sightings of the many native bird species flying overhead or dolphins playfully swimming offshore. As one of the best beaches for overnight camping, you’ll find many convenient amenities here such as 75 campsites with both water and electric hookup, a beach bathhouse complete with showers, and a first-aid station. This pet-friendly beach park also offers free Wi-Fi to guests, so you can stay connected even while you reconnect with nature. Unlike other beaches along the Gulf, there is ample beachfront to spread out and feel like you have your own private stretch of land. There are fees associated with camping overnight here, and in many cases, reservations must be made in advance. However, the waters are great for swimming and the views of the Gulf can’t be beat!

Mustang Island State Park

Another fantastic swimming destination in the Port Aransas area is Mustang Island State Park. Similar to IB Magee Beach Park, this is another great location for those who want to camp on the beach. However, it’s also great for day trips and afternoon swimming adventures. On the campground, you’ll find amenities such as covered picnic tables and water & electric hookups. On the beach itself, there are convenient amenities that are sure to make your day at the beach a little more pleasant, such as ample trash receptacles and port-a-john restroom facilities. This is a great beach to visit for those seeking a bit of solitude, as there is ample area to spread out and enjoy a stretch of beach to yourself. There is a fee associated with entering the State Park, just so be aware of that before you go and visit the State Park’s website for more information. Sandy beaches, warm waters, and wildlife sightings await you at Mustang Island State Park!

Swim the Shores in Port Aransas!

When you are planning your vacation to Port Aransas, you’ll definitely want to set aside time in your itinerary to spend time swimming at one of the many beaches in the area. Although there are beaches everywhere that are great for fishing, boating, and wildlife sightings, it can be tricky to find a great place that is safe for swimming. Luckily, Port Aransas Beach, IB Magee Beach Park, and Mustang Island State Park offer great opportunities for swimming while also providing extra amenities that will make your time here more fun. Whether you are planning to stay for the afternoon or are considering an overnight stay, these beaches can accommodate you so that you can enjoy your perfect vacation experience in Port Aransas. Swim the shores and explore the waters at one of these great beaches in the area.

Come visit and see what makes this stretch of the Gulf special by enjoying your next getaway in the best swimming spots of Port Aransas, Texas!

Those looking for a beautiful vacation destination along the Gulf of Mexico should look no further than a visit to the stunning city of Port Aransas! Located on Mustang Island, Port Aransas is known for its idyllic beaches, fish filled waterways, and tons of natural wildlife. Port Aransas is the perfect destination for anyone looking to reconnect with the water and enjoy breathtaking views. However, for first time visitors, it can be overwhelming to explore on your own. Where are the best fishing spots? Where are the best places to spot wildlife? How can you have fun? Luckily, there are many Port Aransas tours that can help guide you to the best vacation ever! Consider one of the tours we’ve listed below to make the most out of your next vacation in Port Aransas.

C&T Bay Charters

Port Aransas is known far and wide as a fisherman’s paradise, so you will surely want to head out on the water and come home with a catch. Although you could explore the Gulf on your own, why not take advantage of expert knowledge and hire a charter? C&T Bay Charters are the top-rated fishing tour in all of Port Aransas, and their number one priority is getting you home safe, with a great catch, and a day of memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy a private guided bay fishing charter and fish for trout, redfish, black drum, and sheepshead depending on what is in season. Best of all, their tour is completely family friendly and kids under 12 fish free! Explore the Gulf and come home with an impressive catch on your tour with C&T Bay Charters.

Chute ‘Em Up Parasailing

Although you could explore Port Aransas on foot or even from the water, why not explore the city with a side of thrills with a tour from Chute ‘Em Up Parasailing! For those who are more adventurous, then Chute ‘Em Up is an experience that you can’t miss. Best of all, they are one of the top-rated tours in all of Port Aransas, and even received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for 2020. Chute ‘Em Up offers family friendly thrills, allowing you to fly as high as 300 feet above the Gulf, although children must be at least 7 years old to fly. Even if you aren’t up for parasailing high above the water, you can still get a tour of the Gulf from the boat as an observer. They offer tours 7 days a week, every 90 minutes from 8:30am to 7pm. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views no matter what time of day you choose, but early morning flights typically see more wildlife and evening trips offer gorgeous sunset views. Make your reservation in advance for the best time slots. The whole family will love an adventure with Chute ‘Em Up!

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises

For a tour around the Gulf with a side of entertainment, look no further than a trip with Red Dragon Pirate Cruises! It is one of the top tours in Port Aransas, having received a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for 2020. Their two-hour tours take you on a pirate adventure, filled with fun, humor, and pirate activities. The professional actors on board are sure to keep you entertained throughout your cruise, with your adventure beginning even before the boat leaves the dock. If you are visiting Port Aransas with kids, then this tour is a must!

Dolphin Watch Nature Tour

One of the best parts of a vacation to Port Aransas is the beautiful wildlife that you find around the Gulf, particularly the dolphins. Observe dolphins in their natural habitat, alongside local wildlife of the shoreline and wetlands on your Dolphin Watch Nature Tour. This tour is a must for anyone passionate about learning more about the natural habitat of the Port Aransas area. Head out to sea on The Mustang, a 65-foot boat that holds up to 100 passengers and offers plenty of space to get a great view. Not only will you learn about wildlife, but you’ll also hear about the local history of the area.

Aero Copters Tour

Last but not least, another great way to explore Port Aransas is from the skies! Enjoy amazing views of the shoreline, the wetlands, and the waters of Gulf with a helicopter ride from Aero Copters Tours. A helicopter ride may seem like a splurge, but Aero Copters offers tours starting at quite a reasonable price, from short trips up and down the coast all the way up to chartered flights that can transport you across the state of Texas. You won’t want to miss out on this unique way to explore Port Aransas!

Whether you are looking for a low-key afternoon or a full-blown adventure, there is the perfect tour waiting for you in Port Aransas!

Spring vacation is a treat before the season! Usually, the weather is fairly warm and mostly sunny, the water warm enough to go for a swim. There are plenty of things to do and go see during Spring Break in Port Aransas. Here’s a list of our top 5 things to do in Port Aransas during spring break, whether you’re with family or chilling with friends! Along with some local tips to enjoy a safe and fun Port Aransas spring break!

Go to the beach!

Of course, this seems like a no-brainer and it is definitely a huge part of spring break! You will see tons and rows of cars lined up to reach the sandy beaches, sometimes with wait times over an hour to get on to the beach! The secret here is to wake up early and get set up! Otherwise, you will be fighting the crowds as well as traffic, in search of your perfect beach spring break spot. You never know what Texas will offer as far as weather, so it’s best to bring a light jacket just in case it gets a little too chilly!

Learn How to Surf!

Springtime is usually the best time in Port Aransas for a great spring surf session! The water is usually green and clear while the waves range from small and crumbly to bigger and strong! The BoardHouse of Port Aransas has many rental boards to choose from as well as anything else you may need to ride some waves. The crew at the BoardHouse are some of the most helpful individuals and would never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to surfing! There are plenty of places to get lessons around town also. It never hurts to whip out an old-school longboard but most beginners should start on a “soft-topped” board to eliminate any potential injuries! Remember to swim at your own risk and always let someone know that you’re paddling out!

Get a Port A T-shirt!

With plenty of gift shops, you might not know which has what and the coolest of that! The coolest thing when you’re a kid is to design your own t-shirt, which Destination and the Shark shop will help you do! Pick from so many different designs, colors and shirts to design the perfect memorabilia of your Port Aransas spring break vacation!

Visit the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center

This spot is great for the family and cool to go see! There are so many different species of wildlife, birds and fish you will want to stay just to see what comes out! The viewing platform has a look out with a telescope to view the place at long distances as well as see for miles! There are two known resident gators that hang out here-but don’t let that scare you away! The two have been here for years and are very cool to see in person! There are so many different bird species to see. Definitely bring a camera, sunscreen, and binoculars to enjoy this spot to the fullest. And did we mention this is one of the best places in Port Aransas to watch the sunset!?

Get on Board Matee!

Port Aransas is home to the Red Dragon Pirate ship, which features excellent skits and games for the kids. Take a cruise during the day or at sunset and let the pirates entertain you as you travel into the channel. This ship is prepared for the 21 and over crowd also with plenty of yummy cocktails to choose from! Not only are the Pirates entertaining for the kids, adults will love them also. We guarantee you will crack up with their witty remarks and ship-styled humor!

Enjoy a Port Aransas Spring Break Vacation

We hope you enjoy your 2016 Spring Break Vacation with us here on our beautiful island and are able to enjoy some of our top 5 things to do in Port Aransas during Spring Break!! Remember to stay safe traveling and drink responsibly! Contact us to book a stay in one of our rentals!

If you’re visiting for a weekend or maybe even a month in Port Aransas during the Fall, Winter and Spring season you are guaranteed ultimate relaxation! Most people avoid our beaches in these off-season months but some would rather avoid the crowds.  There are many things to do in Port Aransas during these times of year and we know some secrets that keep others coming! Depending on the weather, Port Aransas can be a cold beach town and seemingly desolate.

However, for those who do take the time to travel here during these seasons know how beautiful Port Aransas can be! If you’re looking for something to do during these “off-season” months here are the top 10 things to do in Port Aransas. Each destination has an attached URL for more information.

South Texas Birding

There are several places located around town that you can take your binoculars and cameras for a refreshing nature scene. The most popular is the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center and Charlie’s Pasture. These two locations are remote from the town and offer nature at its quietest and best. Besides these two places, the jetty on the Port Aransas beach that faces the Corpus Christi Ship Channel offers views of not only birds but awesome ships! There are some places on HWY 361 that have entrances off to the bayside. Most of these places require a 4WD vehicle but there are some paved or caliche roads that are maintained by the state.

http://www.cityofportaransas.org/leonabelle_turnbull_birding_center.cfm Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center Website, including directions and other information.

http://www.cityofportaransas.org/nature_preserve.cfm Charlie’s Pasture Website, including directions and visitor information.

Fisherman’s Wharf Tours/Fishing Cruises

Enjoy a guided Whooping Crane Cruise or a chartered fishing tour aboard the Fisherman’s Wharf infamous Skat Cat and Wharf Cat vessels.

http://wharfcat.com/winter.htm This is the link for the scheduled events of this year’s 2016 season!

The Red Dragon Pirate Cruises


This cruise is not just for kids! Adults will love the Pirate show that is put on and will be entertained by the games the kids do play, plus drinks are served on board. Winter cruises are until January 29. Click the link above to see the schedule or call for more information!

Beach Combing

There’s not a website for this because it’s plain and simple! Port Aransas is known for the many shells that wash up on shore from the Gulf of Mexico. From Port Aransas to the Fish Pass Jetties and further south, shells are scattered all over. You can do this anytime of the day and see very interesting shells and animals! The Padre Island National Seashore is further south but always has starfish washed on shore and large shells. Take the time to walk the beaches even if you are wrapped up in sweaters and scarves!

Port Aransas Art Museum

The Art Museum offers many classes throughout the seasons to all levels of artists. If you’re here for a month check it out! You may find you have skills you didn’t even know about.

http://www.portaransasartcenter.org/classes-events/ Click here to the schedule of classes and the information for each one! Some do require supplies but down at the beach, your inner creativeness seems to awaken and your inspiration for art is thriving!

Port Aransas Community Theatre

The PACT is a group of local individuals with a love for the performing arts. Each play is very well practiced and performed, so well that you WILL enjoy it with your company!

http://www.portaransascommunitytheatre.com/ Click here to find show times and ticket information!

Whooping Crane Festival

The Whooping Crane Festival is put on by conservationists of Port Aransas and the Chamber of Commerce/Tourist Bureau. This event is Feb 25-28 of this year with only a $20 registration fee. If you’re a birder, you definitely want to come out and see our official “Snow Birds.”


Texas Sandfest

Each year people from all over the world venture to Port Aransas to see the impressive professional sand sculptures that are created on our beach! There are many contestants and extremely creative sculptures! You won’t believe these artists are only using sand and maybe a little glue to make these beautiful and detailed sand creations.

www.texassandfest.org This year’s dates are April 29-May 1st.

Fire it! Ceramics

Love painting and art? Fire it! Ceramics has pieces already formed where you can select your piece and paint it! You don’t get to work the clay at this place but let your inner creator break free as you design the pot, plate, or cup of your imagination!



Play a round of golf on a professional Arnold Palmer designed golf course! La Palmilla is just off of HWY 361 with gorgeous greens and fairways. The scenery lets you know that you’re still at the beach while you Tee off!

Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Port Aransas

Before planning your itinerary and thinking about what things to do in Port Aransas, don’t forget to check out our amazing condominiums and book your stay!