While the majority of the world prefers the winter holidays, we at Sandcastle Condominiums are a little quirkier, preferring all the fun that accompanies the first holiday of fall, Halloween. We buy our Halloween candy early (then eat it all before the big night and have to buy more 2 days before trick-or-treaters begin to arrive!) we start planning NEXT year’s costumes before we have washed off the last of this year’s face paint, and we even subscribe to a horror movie streaming service so we can watch scary movies all year long! (It is called, Shutter, in case you are of like minds!) Halloween is important for many of us here in Port Aransas and if you are planning a getaway to the beach (do they make swimsuit costumes? We will have to ponder that question a little longer!) and a stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways this guide to the seasonal fun you can have will make you start to consider spending Halloween in Texas!

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FITsique 5K Halloween Run, October 22, Conn Brown Harbor Point Park

Ok, to be perfectly honest, we feel a little ashamed bringing this event up, but it is over a week before Halloween and you may be interested in taking some preventative measures against all the calories you KNOW you will be ingesting on the actual holiday, so here you go! The FITsique 5K Halloween Run offers medals and tees and a fun way to keep your girlish figures at least a little while longer! (The shirts are provided for all those who sign up before October 1st, though, so it may be a little too late to do it now!) Sign up today if you are going to be in the area!

Halloween Party at Island Wine, October 29th, 1726, Highway 361

Ok, this is more like what you might expect from the holiday, a Halloween Party held at Island Wine! Offering live music to dance to, all the wine you can drink (not for free, of course!), and a costume contest with prizes, this fun night will remind you of the ones you spent in your youth but with delicious adult beverages, you were not allowed to consume in your childhood! Island Wine is a tasting room featuring the best wines in the state, so dress in your favorite costume and prepare for the tastiest time of your life! For those unsure of what costume to wear, the rumor on the streets is that Top Gun and Stranger Things costumes are going to be the most popular!

Speaking of Costumes

As we said earlier, we start planning our costumes about a year in advance but not everyone is as weird as we are! If you still have not decided on what your costume should be, there are a variety of department stores in the area that you can stop by and peruse, but if you really want to be creative, we suggest a visit to the Second Time Around shop, located at 433 Trojan Street Outreach Building. Making it easy to dress as a little old lady (add some Halloween props and make her a Zombie little old lady) a tiny baby, or even as a crotchety old man who walks around with plaid pants pulled up to his chest, this thrift store is guaranteed to have something that will make your costume stand out in a crowd of ghouls, goblins, and Queens! (We suspect that the much-loved Queen of England will be a popular costume as well!)

Revisit Freddie, Michael, and Jason

We do not have to mention the last names of the halloweenists amongst our guests and if your idea of the perfect Halloween evening involves a night reconnecting with those scary dudes, our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways aim to please! Offering state-of-the-art televisions that will accentuate the horrors on the screen during your scary movie marathon, your night of blood, gore, and frights will be best enjoyed with some homemade Halloween treats! Our fully equipped kitchens make food prep fun again and if you need some ideas, just type Halloween-themed treats into the browser of your laptop! Because we also offer high-speed internet, the world wide web will be yours as you explore ghosts, mummies, and tombstone cookies to prepare for your family on this, the most hallowed of eves! Sitting out on the balcony sipping a witch’s cocktail (yes, you can do a search for Halloween cocktails as well!) as you stare out over the sea lit by the ethereal glow of the moon, you will know that these moments right here will be ones you will never forget!

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