Every year, like clockwork, the long Memorial Day weekend rolls in, and every year, also like clockwork, it catches us by surprise. What do you mean we have Monday off? How did I miss planning a fantastic getaway again? And why didn’t I start planning a trip to Port Aransas sooner? These are the questions that you have asked repeatedly and this year, we at Sandcastle Condominiums have decided to give you the gentle nudge you need, leading you in the direction of a Texas-sized getaway in Texas! This is your guide for when you decide to Stay in Port Aransas This Memorial Day. This guide will cover all the fun you can have and the comforts you will enjoy will make pressing that book now button you have had your cursor hovering over for the past few weeks!

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Sleep Longer

When you get up at dawn most days of your life, being able to sleep in on cloud-soft beds gives you the ultimate luxury experience. Draw the curtains of your Sandcastle condo tightly shut before sliding between the silky soft sheets and fall into the sweet oblivion that you so richly deserve. A little preplanning with a stop at the Donut Palace (There are multiple easy-to-find locations spread throughout the island) ensures that breakfast on your holiday away is taken care of (Boston Cremes are our favorite!)

Or Wake up with the Sun

As the night sky lightens and the sun rises in a fiery ball of color, the quiet peace of another beautiful sunrise on the beaches of Port Aransas is guaranteed to make your getaway that much more special. Feel the frazzled edges of your nerves smooth out as sea waters snake around your ankles and then retreat into the dark distance, smell the briny scent of saltwater and seaweed, and fall in love with this special Memorial Day weekend treat. And once the sun has fully risen and the skies are blue again, why not head back to your Sandcastle Condominium retreat and catch a few more holiday z’s?

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There are no Calories in Vacation Food

At least that is what we tell ourselves because everyone knows that a few extra pounds are a sacrifice well worth it when you get a taste of the town you are visiting! Island Café, 301 S Alister Street, is known for its hearty comfort food and its cheery lemon-painted cottage! Open for breakfast and lunch, its all-American menu brings guests an all-American satisfaction and results in the occasional food coma. Castaways, 337 N Allister Street, serves the best seafood on the beach and if you bring in your own already cleaned catch, they will prepare it in your favorite way and serve it family-style, eliminating the need to work on your holiday days off! Tortugas Saltwater Grill is another great seafood option, offering a surf and turf menu destined to make your taste buds stand up and take notice. No matter how you celebrate this day meant for paying homage to those who have sacrificed everything for our freedoms, enjoying a meal at any of the above-listed establishments will make your holiday shine even brighter!

A Day at the Beach

For the ultimate in Memorial Day celebrations, you need to go further than the beaches of Port Aransas! Spend the kickoff to summer swimming in the warm waters, walking up and down the shoreline, or even hunting for shells to add to your collection. Simply stake your claim on a small portion of the beach, marking your territory with colorful chairs, umbrellas, and beach towels, and spend your daylight menus alternating between watery activities and relaxing in a near-comatose state on the beach. At night, Port Aransas Beach offers a treat you do not often get to enjoy these days, the ability to have a bonfire on the sand! Roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and listen to the music of your youth as the sea provides a lullaby of its own, lulling you into a state of peace that you will not ever be able to forget! Parasailing, dolphin watching, and fishing charters are great ways to enjoy the seas of Port Aransas, and do not forget; you can bring your cleaned fish to Castaways for a family meal!

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Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy Your Stay in Port Aransas This Memorial Day

Every holiday is made better when spent with family and your Port Aransas Memorial Day getaway is no exception, even during those times you choose to stay “home” and play! Watch your kiddos frolic in clear pools, barbecue your catch of the day on community grills, and gather around the dining room table remembering all the fun you have had on previous vacations and realizing that this trip to Port A has easily joined the ranks of BEST.VACATION. EVER! Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today!