What you do on New Year’s Eve is perhaps the most important activity of your year. Superstition has it that you will spend the next 12 months of your life repeating how you spent the last night of last year and although a party with your friends or a night in with your husband sounds inviting, most travelers want to spend their free time traveling. We want to explore the world, visit new places, experience new adventures, and add to our portfolio of pictures, new pictures to remind us of the times we have had. Therefore, we at Sandcastle Condominiums believe that the best way to enjoy 2023 filled with fun, fortune, and fascinating travel experiences is by enjoying a Port Aransas New Year’s celebration. Toast the sunset with a glass of your favorite beverage, walk along the shore’s edge by moonlight letting the peace and the tranquility of the sea fill your soul, and wake up each morning feeling rested and renewed because you spent your nights in one of our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways!

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Starting the New Year out with a Bang

New Year’s Eve is not a night for quiet as revelers shake their noisemakers, kids beat on pots and pans as if they were drums, and the night sky in Port Aransas is filled with a kaleidoscope of colorful explosions! A fireworks extravaganza, held at Roberts Point Park begins at nightfall and promises to be the highlight of your New Year’s Eve celebration in Port Aransas! (If you are lucky, you may be able to enjoy some fireworks displays from the comfort of your balcony!)

When the Ball Drops

Of course, not everyone wants to be out on the roads when the ball drops over Times Square, and our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways offer the most comfortable way to greet the new year! Heat the frozen appetizers you bought during your Costco trip earlier (their box of mini quiches tastes amazing and is quite a deal!) in our gourmet kitchens, watch the ball drop on the state-of-the-art televisions, and toast the new year with a glass of champagne enjoyed on the balcony overlooking the Gulf.

The First Day of the New Year

When you finally drag yourself out of bed on New Year’s Day, the next 12 months of your life stretch out before you as a blank calendar just waiting for its days to be filled. And today, as the sun rises over the sea, you are about to enjoy the best resolution of all, the one where you promise to take better care of yourself! Start your day off with a hearty breakfast at Island Café, savoring the comfort foods served there. You may have a bit of a wait if you come during the busy hours, but the coffee maker in your condominium will ensure that you do not have to wait for the caffeine you so desperately need after your celebrations “last year!” This first day of the year is destined to be a quiet one, much needed and much appreciated, and will offer low-key adventures that will feed your soul as they fill your need for fun. Maybe you will spend some time searching for seashells wanting a natural souvenir to bring home with you. The Port Aransas South Jetty is a popular shell hunting spot, sure to bring you the treasures you seek. After a nap back at the condominium, you may awaken hungrily and if leftover appetizers from the night before do not appeal, FINS Grill & Icehouse, 420 W Cotter Avenue offers burgers, seafood, cold beverages, and a view of the sea that you will fall in love with. Continuing the theme of being good to you, linger over a lunch of fresh seafood, enjoying a second glass of wine and the scintillating chat you are having with your favorite traveling partner. The day may only be half over, but you have 364 days left in this new year to be busy, productive, and hard-working. New Year’s Day is meant for relaxing, recovering, and remembering all you must be thankful for!

Comfortable Adventures

However, you choose to spend this getaway at the New Year, choosing Sandcastle Condominiums for your comfortable adventures promises to make 2023 the brightest year you have enjoyed in an exceptionally long time. Sleep late, putter around our fully equipped kitchens, and read for as long as you like, perhaps while sitting outside on the balcony. At home in your midwestern town, the snow may be falling, and the streets may be icy and dangerous, but here in Port Aransas, the sun shines brightly and if you want to take a drive, the roads will be clear! Reserve your favorite escape today!