There are two types of people in this world: the ones who only cook when they absolutely must, and those who cook because it is there one true passion. There can be something soothing about following a recipe, adding the ingredients one by one to a dish that soon will become something family and friends fawn over, and for the really creative types, it can be exciting to create something absolutely from scratch—no menu, no recreations of meals prepared in the past, just a jump into the abyss with a thought in mind that may or may not work! (But usually does!) If you are of the latter type, even though you are considering getting away for the Thanksgiving holiday, you would never want to leave the cooking to someone else, and as such, you need a rental with the best kitchen possible, and Sandcastle Condominiums always provides exactly what our guests need and hope for! This guide to our exciting kitchens (and the rest of the spaces in our condos) will help ensure that your Thanksgiving in Port Aransas will be one you never forget and will even become the start of a new holiday tradition!

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What Makes the Best Kitchen Space?

Everyone has their own idea as to what the perfect kitchen space entails. For some it could really be the small homey details that make it comfortable and inviting for guests. They prefer a kitchen island with comfortable stools parked in front, giving their helpers a place to sit and chat as they chop vegetables or roll out cookie dough. At home, their refrigerators may be covered with the artwork of their children or grandchildren and a massive selection of magnets from their travels, all holding up the artwork and Christmas pics of friends and family from all over the world. These kitchens have a cookie jar that is always filled, and delicious smells are known to be wafting from the space 24/7. Now, Sandcastle Condominiums kitchens won’t offer refrigerators covered in magnets, pictures, and artwork, (But you can place the one you bought at the souvenir store in Port Aransas on it for safekeeping!) but the homey feeling you love is just a part of all our kitchens, and the beautiful aromas of a Thanksgiving feast being prepared will make a chef’s heart weep with pride!

Other at-home chefs’ ideas of the perfect kitchen revolve around the appliances. Are they of excellent quality and size, do they perform their assigned jobs well, and are there enough racks in the oven for all the dishes that a Thanksgiving feast requires? We are proud of our kitchens, understanding how much they can mean to our guests both in terms of cost saving measures and making amateur chefs happy, and the appliances we offer may be tempting enough for you to consider at your own home! Large ovens, oversized refrigerators, and dishwashers to help make the clean up easy are all standard in our beautiful kitchens and are just waiting for you to put them to use! In addition, countertops are mostly made of beautiful granite or stone, cabinets will be fully stocked with everything from plates and glasses to corkscrews and knife racks, ensuring that everything you need to create the feast is at your fingertips.

Another incredible amenity that you may not have considered—one not available in your own home—will be the views from our kitchens. No matter which of our condos you choose to make your own home sweet home over Thanksgiving, their placement gives guests the same incredible views they can see from the living room spaces. Open concept floor plans are strategically planned so that the holiday chef can peek out over the Gulf waters as they roll out cookie dough, feel the sea breezes when large banks of sliding glass doors are opened, and although the scents of turkeys roasting and pies baking may push aside any of the briny sea air, the cook of the day can always take a minute or two to step out onto decks and balconies overlooking some of Port Aransas’s most stunning views and enjoy the serenity and scents of the sea.

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Home Sweet Condo

It would look rather strange if you walked into our condo and discovered just a gigantic (and stunning!) kitchen, so of course there is more to enjoy during your Thanksgiving adventures in Port Aransas. You’ll find super-sized televisions with pictures so clear you will feel as if you are on the sidelines of the big Thanksgiving parade, plush sofas so soft that naps after the turkey dinner are a given, and bedroom spaces that are tranquil retreats, providing relaxation and the best night’s sleep after a long day spent stirring, mixing, and measuring! These are just a few of the luxuries and comforts you can expect from all our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways. Reserve your favorite today!