Sometimes escaping the winter cold can help you find a new enjoyment for the holiday season. Depending on where you live, the Winter snow and cold can make it tough to go outside and enjoy the season, but like many Gulf coast locations, Port Aransas stays nice and temperate all year. You’ll have access to all of the beaches during your visit, and on many December days it’s still warm enough to go for a swim if you’re feeling up to it. Even better is that you’ll still be able to enjoy some peace and quiet since you’ll be in town before peak season officially hits, and there are some local events that capture the spirit of Christmas in Port Aransas that you’ll want to participate in while you’re here.

Santa Meet and Greet with Red Dragon Pirate Cruises

This beachside event will be a great opportunity to have some fun at the beach and give the kids a chance to get their yearly photo with Santa. Experience the beachy Winter wonderland while you drink hot cocoa and enjoy some tasty baked goods, and you can even bring the family pet along if you’ve brought them with you for your Christmas vacation. Even better is that there’s no entry fee for the event itself, so everybody is welcome to attend. If you are planning on getting a photo with the big man himself, be sure you have your own camera on hand, since they won’t have their own photographer on site.

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Enchanted Holiday Forest at Robert’s Point Park

The Port Aransas Parks & Rec Department is putting on a community driven event that allows individuals, families, businesses, non-profits, and everyone else to put together a tree of their own for display. Even if you’re just planning on passing through, you’re sure to enjoy the creative displays put on by everyone involved, and you’ll get to see what the Port Aransas community is about, because this year’s theme is “My Favorite Things.”

Live Music All Month

Throughout the entire month of December, you’ll have opportunities to catch multiple musicians doing their thing. Some of the shows will happen at concert venues, and others will happen at your new favorite local bar or restaurant. If you’re looking for a great way to fill out your night with new entertainment, keep an eye out for show times.

Holiday Drive-In Movies at Port Aransas Community Park

Christmas movies are a seasonal mainstay, and if you make it out to the drive-in event, you’ll be able to see two Christmas classics back-to-back. Reserve your registration for this event on December 17th to secure your spot and enjoy Rudolph and A Christmas Story from the comfort of your own car with free popcorn.

See Seasonal Wildlife

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Birdwatching is a common activity around Port Aransas, with many different species passing through the area during different seasons. Since the weather is bound to be gorgeous, why not head out and see all of the migratory birds coming into town at one of the preserves? If you’re experienced, you’ll have an easy time finding the birds making their home nearby, and if you’re new to birding there are plenty of guided tours that can help you get into it.

Enjoy Family Dinner at Your Vacation Rental

Just because you’re out of town doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have your own lovely Christmas dinner with friends and family. Our vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens and have all of the modern appliances you could ask for to put together a feast that reminds you of home. Whether you’re putting together something light to keep the party going, or you want to really put together the whole feast with a Christmas turkey or ham centerpiece, you’ll have everything you need. With all of the counter space and storage, you’ll also be able to keep everything fresh so it’s ready at just the right moment.

When dinner’s ready, you’ll have plenty of options for where to dine. If you want to keep it classic and eat at the dining room table while you share in the good company, there’s seating for everyone. If you want to soak up the gorgeous breeze coming in off the coast and make the most of the weather, balcony seating is right there waiting.

Your Port Aransas Christmas Is Waiting

Enjoy all of the holiday cheer with the beach at your fingertips when you stay with Sandcastle Condominiums. We’ve put together a portfolio of gorgeous rentals for you to live in luxury, and we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with your new home away from home for Christmas. Our agents have comprehensive knowledge of our properties and are committed to answering all of your questions to pair you with the perfect place. Get in contact with us and get your Christmas vacation started!

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