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Vacations can often be expensive, having to purchase everything from airfare to sanctuaries and everything in between, but a Port Aransas vacation spent in comfort and style in one of our Sandcastle Condominiums rentals doesn’t have to be expensive. We like to help our guests out as much as possible, and as such, we have created this list of Port Aransas activities and events that won’t break your budget, leaving you a little extra in your pocket to buy more souvenirs or to enjoy dessert and appetizers with every meal you purchase!

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A Day at the Beach

Costing absolutely nothing and providing serenity and excitement to your vacation experiences, visitors can pack snacks and beverages, utilize the beach gear provided by the unit they are renting (or bring their own!), and spend an entire day savoring, sun, sand, and surf for free! The beaches of Port A will help you make your best memories, and because this activity is free, stopping in a beachfront café for a cocktail will still ensure that your spending is minimal.

Play Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that is taking the world by storm, the Port Aransas pickleball courts, located at 700 Clark Parkway Port, are free to use. If you haven’t reached the stage in your obsession for the sport that you carry your own gear with you everywhere you travel, you can check out gear for free as well! Simply call the Parks & Rec Office at (361) 749-4158, check out the equipment you need, and if the courts are free, you can spend a few hours playing your new favorite game. The courts are first come, first serve, so keep that in mind.

2023 Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival, October 20- October 23 Roberts Point Park

The boating history of Port A is a long and storied one, and Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival celebrates that heritage with a three-day festival that costs nothing to attend. Learn and watch as boats are built by families right there at the dock, let your kids participate in games, and because a festival would not be a festival without food, drink, and music, you can purchase your favorite meals from the food vendors. If you are intent on not spending anything, you are at a park, so feel free to bring a picnic lunch, and if you are willing to spend a few of your hard-earned pennies, there will be vendors selling artsy crafty things that will help you remember your adventures in our favorite coastal town!

Wetlands Education Center, 750 Channel View Drive

Education can be fun, especially when it is firmly intertwined with nature, and the Wetlands Education Center is the perfect example. Offering over three acres of marshland, visitors can stroll along the boardwalk learning about flora, fauna, and the importance of wetlands to the continuing survival of our planet. Known locally as the Windows to the Sea, even your most anti-school littles will find themselves excited about learning at this natural spot!

Visit Chapel on the Dunes, 203 11th Street

Now, we all know that the sea itself provides its own source of serenity, but if you want to kick up the tranquility a notch or two, a visit to our historic Chapel on the Dunes is the ideal way to do so. Built in the mid-30s, the small white stuccoed chapel is also called the 8th Wonder of Port Aransas and has served as the beginning of many marriages for almost 100 years. Perched atop a sand dune dotted with beautiful plants, the steps that lead to its front door are relatively simple to climb but may not be so for visitors with mobility issues. It’s free to visit, but if you decide to bring your wedding on the road to Port A, there will be a charge for the ceremony.

Some Restaurants to Enjoy

Here’s the thing: The fully equipped kitchens in our Sandcastle Condominiums escapes ensure that you can eat every meal at home and save all the money you need, but we sincerely hope you explore some of these reasonably priced restaurants! MacDaddy’s Family Kitchen, located at 118 Beach Street, offers delicious Texas barbecue with prices that won’t make your wallet cringe. Moby Dicks, 517 S Allister Street, provides sweet seafood and a whimsical environment, also with great prices, and because our tiniest travelers can be the pickiest eaters, Seafood and Spaghetti Works provides a blended menu of seafood and Italian meals, offering prices that will surprise you with their reasonableness.

Hanging Out with Sandcastle Condominiums

Our luxurious and comfortable condos are also priced well for travel, and when you incorporate days at home into your vacation schedule, you can save even more money! Binge watch movies on rainy nights, play board games around family tables in the dining room, and sit out on the balcony, letting the sea soothe your frazzled soul. Reserve your favorite vacation escape today!

Just like that, summer is nearly half over, and if you are like most of the nation, you aren’t ready for the carefree days to end! Fortunately, there is still one last chance to celebrate the wonder that is summer, with Labor Day Weekend offering fun, excitement, and the feel of eternal summer. And if your holiday journey is bringing you to the shores of Port Aransas, now is the perfect time to book your vacation escape, choosing the Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaway that fits your family best. The days are still long and warm on that first Monday in September and the adventures you will enjoy may lead to a new Port Aransas Labor Day tradition, that of visiting Port A and staying in the comfortable spaces that welcome every guest with warmth and luxury.

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The Gulf Is Calling

Everything in Port A revolves around the Gulf of Mexico, and our Sandcastle Condominiums location ensures you don’t have to miss a single second of the siren’s call of the sea! Choose the size that fits your family best (from studio all the way up to 3 bedrooms) and be sure that the one you make your own offers views of the sea, and your Labor Day getaway will be one you never forget! Wake up every morning with the sun peeking in the windows and take your coffee out to the balcony, enjoying a few quiet moments before the crazy of the day begins. On days you aren’t wanting to explore what our coastal town in Texas has to offer, spending the entire day relaxing on the beach may be the activity you love most! Pack a cooler with your favorite snacks and drinks, grab beach umbrellas, towels, and chairs (many of our condos will provide those items for guests to use during their stay) and head out to the beach you have been eyeing from your post on the balcony! Visitors can frolic in the water, renting jet skis or paddle boards from local companies, or simply lie under their colorful umbrella, ear buds playing their favorite tunes, sunscreen protecting delicate skin, and a beverage at hand. This is a holiday that encourages doing nothing, honoring all the hard work Americans do every other day of the year and if you want to day dream, read, or nap as the sun shines down on your body, no one is going to judge you!

We Love the Nightlife

The best part of the long weekend is knowing you can stay up as late as you want, and there will be no rude alarm clock forcing you to get out of bed at the crack of dawn. Port Aransas is a quiet town but we also offer a fun nightlife that will keep you entertained until the wee hours of the morning! Treasure Island, for example, located at 315 N Alister St, is open every night of the week until 2 AM, so why not go out every night of your stay, sleeping in as late as you like? Offering music, drinks, and the company of other fun-loving locals and visitors, the party is an endless one, making your getaway stand out in ways you never thought possible.

For those who prefer a quieter version of nightlife may want to spend their evenings at home, enjoying the amenities our holiday hideaways have to offer! Binge watching beach movies on state-of-the-art televisions, playing board games with the family and realizing anew just how cool your kiddos have become, and sitting out on the balcony, watching the moonlight reflected in the gulf and sipping your favorite adult beverages. These are the moments that will create memories that last a lifetime, and although there are other places on earth you could enjoy many of the same activities, the allure of Port Aransas will add an extra shine to these sparkly life events!

Celebrate with Sandcastle Condominiums

The beauty of a summer day is enhanced when you get to come home to comfort and luxury every day of your Port Aransas stay, and your Labor Day celebrations are destined to be more fun than you imagined they could be. Create the family potato salad recipe in our fully equipped kitchens, watch summer movies on state-of-the-art televisions, and dream happy dreams when you climb into our premium beds each night. There is no wrong way to celebrate Labor Day and even if your only nod to the occasion is a self-satisfied smile when you roll over in the morning and notice that even though this the normal time for waking, you can roll back over and fall right back to sleep, we applaud you on your commitment to no labor! Reserve your favorite escape today.

We at Sandcastle Condominiums talk a lot about all the things you and your family will be able to enjoy outside during your Port Aransas getaway. After all, your beach vacation would be kind of lame if you didn’t spent most of your time playing outside, but there will be moments during your visit when you won’t be able to resist spending some time indoors. Rainy days encourage indoor moments, and as you explore all that Port A has to offer out of the sun, this guide to kid-friendly indoor things to do in Port Aransas will ensure that every moment will be filled with fun and you won’t have to scramble to find something the kiddos will love! And at the end of every day during your Texas adventures, some of the indoor activities may just involve coming home to play inside your Sandcastle Condominiums, exploring all the fun and comfortable amenities our cozy condos have to offer.

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Fire It! Ceramics, 611 S Allister Street

Buying souvenirs is an important part of every vacation and Fire It! Ceramics gives visitors the opportunity to create their own souvenirs that will serve as a reminder of your most favorite family vacation forever! Offering a massive selection of ceramicware just waiting for you to choose and make your own, guests can choose their pieces, their paint colors, and the brushes they need to create their masterpiece. The business fires the pieces you create, taking about five days to complete, so this fun family friendly activity is best participated in at the beginning of your Port Aransas visit! If your busy schedule doesn’t present the opportunity in the early days of your trip, they do offer shipping services for an additional fee, which also means you don’t have to take up valuable space in your luggage on your return home.

Port Aransas Community Theater, 2327 TX-361

There is no better way to spend a few hours on a lazy summer day than by seeing a live performance at the Port A Community Theater. Offering shows on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and a Sunday matinee, the theater has been a local tradition, bringing a love of the theater to children and adults of all ages. Currently showing The Lightning Thief, a take on Greek mythology that promises to be exciting to every member of your family, tickets cost only $22 ensuring that this fun activity will fit into vacation budgets of any sizes!

Port Aransas Museum, 403 N Allister Street

Now, under normal circumstances, museums and children don’t mix, but the Port Aransas Museum offers a casual vibe that parents will feel safe visiting with the kiddos. Located inside a kit house from the early 1900s,the museum celebrates and honors the fishing history of Port A, offering a variety of exhibits that will fascinate you and your children! Perhaps the most favorite part of your visit will involve the selfie pic you can take at the helm of the Manny, a half boat perched under a picture of what it would look like full-sized, but we can promise that the entire museum offers plenty of exhibits that your family will fall in love with!

At Home with Sandcastle Condominiums

The beauty of a Texas vacation spent in the warmth and comfort of our Sandcastle Condominiums is the realization that you never have to leave to have a great time at home. Whether you are sitting on the balconies overlooking the sea while your kids talk about their favorite parts of the getaway, enjoying a family movie night on state-of-the-art televisions, or playing board games at the dining room table, you will never get tired of what our condos have to offer. Fully equipped kitchens can be used to create family feasts, (saving a few bucks on dining out expenses) and as you share the secret recipes to your own childhood favorite dishes with the next generation, the memories you create will be ones you never want to forget. Living rooms will be furnished with plush sofas and offer enough space for everyone in your traveling party as you watch children’s movies on Smart or cable access televisions, many bookshelves and cabinets will be lined with the board games you loved playing with your parents when you were young, and at night, when the littles are dreaming happily, you and your favorite traveling partner can enjoy some quiet moments of your own, relaxing, dreaming, and sharing secrets on the balcony we mentioned earlier!

Every Moment Will Be Your Favorite

Choosing Port Aransas for your vacation was definitely a great decision, and spending it with us in the warmth, comfort, and luxury of our charming condos was an even better choice! Reserve your favorite escape today and start planning for a family vacation you will never forget.

As summer gets into full swing, more and more travelers are making their way to the sandy shores of Port Aransas, expecting a Texas-sized vacation in a relatively small town and they will all have their expectations met! (Exceeded in many cases!) We don’t do anything in a small way here in the second-largest state in the nation and we still get a tad upset when we realize that Alaska usurped our position as the largest state when it joined the greatest nation nearly 100 years after we did! But we aren’t here to argue about the little things, of course, we are here to invite you to explore the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums and as you relax and rejoice in the simple luxury of time to yourself, we have also created this guide to the summer events in Port Aransas that will help fill the hours with fun and playtime! 

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Upcoming Summer Events in Port Aransas

Our vacation adventures are rarely geared to the tiniest travelers in our groups, so finding an event that caters to them could almost be considered the unicorn of events! This Alzafar Fishing Trip for Kids takes place aboard the Dolphin Express and takes your little anglers to where the fish bite best. A fishing license will be needed and can be purchased online at the link provided here. No other equipment or gear will be needed, however, as the $85 fee covers rods, reels, and baits, and as your future fisherman heads out into the big waters for his 2 Red Snapper catch of the day, we can assure you that everyone will have the best time! Don’t forget sunscreen and hats, the Texas sun can be brutal in the summer months, and an onboard galley offers snacks, beverages, and even sandwiches for purchase. 

Port Aransas Sand Crab 5 and 10K, July 29th

There are always those who live to run and this fun 5 and 10K Sand Crab Run benefits local charities while giving you the opportunity to do your thing! Also offering a Kids Mile Run and taking place under the stars, past events have proven that a nighttime run is far more fun than those in the daytime and because it takes place on the beach, the sea will be your favorite cheerleader! Every participant will receive a tee shirt, yes, even the kids, providing a great souvenir to take back home at the end of your stay! 

Sand Castle Day, August 5

Observed on the first Saturday in August, we have a special spot in our hearts reserved for Sand Castle Day! (Who is surprised?) And although EVERY day is sand castle day in our hearts and souls, there is something special about spending the time at the shore’s edge constructing your masterpiece on a day devoted to that very thing! Sand sculpture is thought to be the oldest type of sculpture, possibly dating back to prehistoric times but it truly became an art form in the 1900s. (Impossible to prove the first part, but a nice little tidbit to share with the littles!) If you want to create an epic castle, the Port A Sandcastle Guy offers lessons in sand architecture! You can send him an email at 

Texas Legends Billfish Tournament, Jungle Rules, August 9th through August 12th

This truly unique fishing tournament is part of a much larger event. Once registered, participants can depart from any port in Texas, including our favorite hometown of Port Aransas! Offering a price range between $500 and $2000, this competition is for those who are serious about their offshore fishing skills, and no matter where participants have departed from, weigh in and any awards won will be presented right here in Port A! The deepwater rigs offshore of Port Aransas are ideal spots to drop lines and each boat is considered a contestant so while you can’t switch boats, you CAN have as many lines dropped from your boat to increase your chance of winning prizes including trophies and a cash award of $2000! 

Labor Day Weekend Summer Concert Series, September 2, 132 Palmilla Beach Drive

Oh how we hate the end of summer, but there is one more chance to celebrate with the Labor Day Weekend Summer Concert Series taking place on September 2! Offering music performed by Mark McKinney and Bart Crow, guests are encouraged to show off their love for this weekend of no labor by dressing in their favorite red, white, and blue outfits! The gates open and beverages will be available for purchase at 6:30 with the music starting at 7. Dining at the Black Marlin or on the REDS patio is encouraged and blankets or lawn chairs should be brought for comfortable seating on the lawn after!  

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Oh, how we love summer at the beach! Offering days filled with sun, sand, and surf, lazy nights, and multiple ways to celebrate the summer holidays, we at Sandcastle Condominiums practically get giddy when the solstice arrives! If you are of like mind and you are starting to begin your upcoming annual 4th of July vacation (smart travelers know how to make the most of their vacation days, starting by combining holidays into their week and perhaps extending the trip a day!) we would like to suggest a Port Aransas 4th of July getaway in Texas, and a stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums beachy escapes! This guide to the fun you can have and the comfort you will feel when you choose Texas for your all-American getaway will make you feel as if summer can not get here soon enough!

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Best Barbecue in the Area

4th of July is known for barbecues and pool parties and fireworks, and since you have to wait until dusk for the fireworks, why not check out the barbecue served up at MacDaddy’s? Located at 118 Beach Street in Port Aransas and offering a taste of the best barbecue in the nation, it’s not just Texas barbecue you find here but the best recipes from all over the nation! Also offering the comfort foods you grew up on including fried chicken, hamburgers, and fresh seafood, if you aren’t much on barbecue you HAVE to try their pork chili! And when you do, we promise you will never be satisfied with chili served anywhere else, giving you the impetus to come back to Port A over and over again! This is a great place for large traveling parties as they aren’t intimidated by crowds and they know how to get your food to you quickly! Kids can enjoy another summer favorite, ice cream, and parents will enjoy that the ice cream is free with their meal!

A Day at the Beach

247 years ago, a bunch of men in tight pants and powdery wigs got together and signed a document that declared we were free from the tyranny of the King of England. That was a momentous day and the war that soon followed was a frightening one, but what happened in the youth of our country stands strong today, allowing us to choose how we want to enjoy our freedoms! Our favorite way to celebrate any summer holiday is with a day at the beach, wearing our favorite red, white, and blue swimsuits and loading our cars down with umbrellas, beach towels, and coolers filled with snacks and beverages, turning its steering wheel in the direction of the beach! You, having chosen one of our beach condos may not have to do more than fill a wagon (many of our properties provide them with their beach gear!) slip into your flip-flops and cross the boardwalk to a day filled with fun in the surf, sand, and sun! Celebrate the freedom to travel and play while you soak in the rays and listen to the music you love; this 4th of July promises to be the one you never forget as you celebrate Texas-style!

And the Night Sky is on Fire

Fireworks have long been the traditional way to celebrate America’s birthday and the fireworks show in Roberts Point Park is one of the best in the state! Lasting an impressive 45 minutes and filling the sky with color, explosions, and the scent of sulfur, the oohs and the ahhs will be continuous throughout the show! The town comes together in this ultimate display of patriotism and celebration and for one shining point in time, everyone is just one happy family.

At Home with Sandcastle Condominiums

The fireworks display in Roberts Point Park is so large that you may even be able to see it from the comfort of your patio or balcony in our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways! Spend your fabulous fourth hanging out at the community pool swimming, sunning, and relaxing under the Texas sun, and when the fireworks begin, take the celebration to your balcony, with a holiday cocktail in hand, and all your family gathered close! The sounds of the sea will be drowned out for a while, lost in the confusion of the big bangs from overhead, but once the last sparkler has burnt out and drifts to the ground in a sprinkle of dust and sprinkles, the sea will once again make itself known! Watch Independence Day on the state-of-the-art televisions, recreate your mom’s famous macaroni salad in our fully equipped kitchens, and fall asleep dreaming in technicolor in rooms built for peace and quiet; these moments brought to you Sandcastle Condominiums promise to be the ones you remember forever. Reserve your favorite Texas haven today!

Even those who live in colder places don’t need to look at the calendar to realize that Memorial Day is arriving soon. The sun sets later, the trees (even under a layer of late season snow) are beginning to show tiny green buds, and there is a noticeable warming trend happening, as you almost never have to scrape the ice off your windshield! This lead up to the lazy carefree days of summer can seem longer than it really is, as you and your family are done with winter and ready to bring on summer in all its glory. What better way to kick off your favorite season than with a Memorial Day in Port Aransas getaway? Offering beach days filled with fun and frolic, beach nights filled with peace and serenity, and holiday adventures of all sorts in between, the only thing better than spending Memorial Day in our Texas hometown is spending Memorial Day in our hometown while enjoying the comforts, luxuries, and cheer of our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday hideaways! This guide to their charms will help you soldier through these last days of the cold weather season, especially as you spend some of the moments in between dreaming and doing shopping for a new summer wardrobe online.

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What Makes the Perfect Memorial Day?

Every traveler has different thoughts as to what constitutes the ideal Memorial Day. Some will extoll the virtues of sleeping as late as they want, (Our oh so comfortable beds, soft linens, and tranquil bedrooms make it easy!) perhaps greeting the day with a donut from the Donut Palace at 604 N Allister Street and a cup of coffee freshly brewed in our fully equipped kitchens. Our late-sleeping, donut-loving guests may not be the plan making type, and as such, when they finally step out the doors into a day that glows with warmth and sunshine, they will just enjoy the heat and make it up as they go along!

Make a visit to the shops in town to check out what sales are going on this glorious holiday weekend, including Indigo Eclectic, 1700 State Highway 361, Suite A, where the clothing, gifts, and other merchandize fits their unique personalities. Maybe a late lunch at the Bluewater Cowboy (Those donuts won’t sustain forever!) accompanied by a tropical beverage and a slow browse through the attached Mercantile will be in order! Located at 221 West Beach Street, the treasures found here are destined to please souvenir shoppers looking for gifts with a Port Aransas theme.

After lunch, a happy lethargy may come into play, and so, heading back to their home sweet Sandcastle Condominiums vacation escape for a nap on the plush sofa may be exactly what this carefree traveler looks forward to! And because it’s their holiday, meant to be enjoyed their way, watching their favorite baseball team play on the state-of-the-art televisions in the living room will make their heart sing! But even if you have different ideas of how you want to celebrate the holiday, we can pretty much guarantee that a good portion of your weekend in paradise will be spent at the beach, relaxing, playing, and reveling in the warmth and wonder that is very much appreciated after a long and hard winter.

Celebrating at Home with Sandcastle Condominiums

The best holidays begin and end in the comfort of our Sandcastle Condominiums holiday havens, giving travelers a way to celebrate in all the ways they love, while staying comfy and cozy! Choose a condo with beach views and discover how the patio that runs along the back of the unit will become your favorite spot to just sit. You don’t have to do anything more strenuous than sip a cold beer and bite into the juicy burger prepared in our fully equipped kitchens, and this extended period of downtime will be just what your soul needs.

Inside, comfortable furnishings provide a great place to binge watch military themed movies on Smart or cable access televisions, raising a glass in toast to all the sacrifices our fallen heroes made so we could enjoy moments just like this. Playing games around large dining tables with your friends, walking along water’s edge early in the morning and again late at night, even sitting up in bed with a good book or your favorite late night television show; in the grand scheme of things, these tiny vignettes in time may not seem like much, but at the very heart of the matter, they are the most important things because they are enjoyed with family and with all the freedoms our great country provides. Being able to enjoy them in a Sandcastle Condominiums home away from home is just the bonus cherry on the top of the red, white, and blue sundae!

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The women in our lives are a loyal bunch. Standing with you through all the assortment of issues that life can throw at you, holding you up when you just want to fall down, and loving you at the moments you feel the most unlovable. The bad times aren’t so bad when these girls step into the picture, and the good times are even more remarkable, and as you begin planning a girls’ trip to Port Aransas, in celebration and/or support, your first step in making sure they know how much they mean to you is with the choice of Sandcastle Condominiums for the haven that will serve as a backdrop to all the fun you will have! Offering creature comforts, modern conveniences, and the sense of fun that this gathering deserves, every minute spent with us will be the best moment in your female journey of fun and excitement. This guide to a vacation in Port Aransas with your girls will give you some ideas on how best to spoil your besties!

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Spoiled and Pampered

We women tend to put others first. We sacrifice our needs to ensure that everyone else has everything they need, but on this fun girls’ trip, the sacrifices stop at the door! Start the trip off with a visit to the Balinese Wellness Spa, located at 121 Cut Off Road, and explore the world of pampering. Offering massage services, skincare services, and waxing services that will help make those new swimsuits look even better on, we can promise that each and every one of the women in your traveling party will feel like new people when they walk out the door after the end of their spa day!

Mani/Pedi for the Win

Because you can never have too much pampering, a trip to Island Nails & Spa for mani/pedis may be the next thing on your agenda! There’s something wonderful about the conversations you can have while your feet are submerged in bubbling waters and as you watch the bright colors you chose change the appearance of your feet and hands. Pro tip: Neon colors look fabulous against newly tanned skin!

Shop ‘til You Drop!

No girls’ trip would be complete without a shopping expedition, and the streets of Port Aransas are lined with many opportunities to practice some retail therapy! Raggdoll Boutique, 124 E Avenue G, helps a girl look amazing from head to toe, offering the latest in woman’s fashions, shoes, accessories, and of course, swimsuits that are almost too pretty to wear on the beach. Jo D’s, 345 N Allister Street #F2, offers more of the same, but also includes sweet little gifts that are just too cute to pass up. And even though you may have left your littles at home with their other parent, a stop in Georgia’s, A Children’s Boutique, 129 N Allister Street #105, will prove to your little cherub that Mommy did miss them while she was away and will also help them stand out in the school yard! Making you wish you could relive your own childhood, the clothing and accessories at Georgia’s are destined to make your kiddo shine bright.

Beach Days

The hours you and your gals spend at the beach are going to be some of the best ones of your trip. Many of our Sandcastle Condominiums homeowners provide beach gear to be used by renters, ensuring that you don’t have to drag umbrellas, chairs, or towels across the country, just down the elevator and a few more steps to the beach! There are many different ways to enjoy the beach during your stay, and you will soon know which way suits you best. Lazing under the umbrella, listening to your favorite 80s tunes, and giggling with your girls while sipping tasty tropical beverages is perhaps the most popular adventures, but you could be one who prefers to walk along shore’s edge, stopping to take pictures of a giggling tot in a red swimsuit building a sandcastle, or you could choose to spend your beach hours in the salty waters of the sea, riding jet skis, practicing your backstroke, or skimming the water with all your friends in a pontoon boat you rented from local boat shops!

Girls’ Time Begins NOW!

However you fill the hours of your getaway, having the time to devote to your fellow females, the ones who know the stories of your life is destined to keep the smile on your face. Stay up late, giggling over stories you have shared. Sleep in even later, knowing that your girls will save you at least one of those delicious donuts, and relax in the comforts our beautiful condos offer. Every day will be your best day when you choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your girls’ getaway to Port A; contact us and reserve your favorite today!

A vacation can be the most relaxing experience of your lifetime, especially when you follow a few wonderful tips. First, do not turn on your alarm clock. If something needs to be done, it can be done at a later hour, so sleep in and get all the rest you need! Second, choose a beach vacation. Seriously, even as you frolic and play, it is impossible to feel anything but relaxed when you have the sea in your backyard, and Port Aransas, Texas, is the perfect example. Third, choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your vacation sanctuary. Providing comfort, luxury, and ocean views, every moment spent with us will be soothing to your soul. Fourth, because you can never relax too much on vacation, a spa day is highly recommended! We worked hard, did all the research (sometimes our jobs are better than others) and created this guide to the Port Aransas spas that will spoil, pamper, and have you walking out feeling like a new person. Enjoy!

Check Out the Best Tips for Travel to Port Aransas Here!

Energetic Health and Wellness Center, 600 Cut Off Road, (361) 749-3388

You’re going to be pretty busy taking naps, walking along shore’s edge, reading, and sleeping during your Texas trip to paradise, and you may not really feel like taking a whole lot of time out of your day for a trip to a wellness center, where all the tempting services they offer can eat into your time, but everyone has room for chiropractic services in their vacation itinerary! Energetic Health and Wellness Center has been ensuring that their staff’s talented hands will easily take care of all the sore and tight spots on your body, no matter how long it has been since you last enjoyed acupuncture or chiropractic services. They offer services from reiki to acupuncture and also acupuncture. You won’t regret stopping by during your trip!

Island Nails and Spa, 600 Cut-Off Road #3, (361) 416-1122

We are the most relaxed when we are feeling pretty, and Island Nails and Spa offers a full range of nail services. Treat your tired feet with a foot massage and pedi, choosing colors that remind you of the beach to decorate your newly tanned feet and hands. Your husband can enjoy his time in the foot soaking tub as well, choosing clear polish and giving you and he more couples bonding time together!

Balinese Wellness Spa and Yoga Retreat, 121 Cut-Off Road, (361) 749-0003

When you want the whole kit and kaboodle of relaxation and wellness, the Balinese Wellness Spa and Yoga Retreat is the only place you will want to be! They offer massage services that include their simply amazing Balinese Signature Massage which involves a salt sea scrub, deep sea mud mask, a rainshower to wash off the mud, and ends with your choice of their massage services. Also providing skin care services, the Gentleman’s Facial allows the man in your life to feel spoiled as well, and their Oxygen Rejuvenating service will give your skin a healthy glow that will make you look and feel younger than your actual age. Add red light therapy to any of the packages you choose for an added fee and help make wrinkles, scars, or acne disappear like magic. And finally, you are at the beach, and you don’t want to look like a sasquatch out there in your new bikini or swim trunks, making their waxing services most vital! Get your lips, eyebrows, legs, or bikini areas waxed smooth and look like the goddess (or god) you are while lounging and RELAXING on the beach outside your Sandcastle Condominiums haven of peace and relaxation!

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The Best Is Yet to Come

All of these businesses will do so much to get you into the relaxation mood, but coming home afterwards to a soft couch to nap on, a balcony to sit, sip, and savor the special sunsets of Port Aransas and the ability to do absolutely nothing in total comfort will be the best part of every day on the beach! Contact us and eserve your favorite Sandcastle Condominium today.

Do you want to make your Easter break memorable? Then consider our Port Aransas Easter rentals! With its gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters, Port Aransas is the perfect destination for an unforgettable getaway. And with Sandcastle Condominiums, you can easily book a rental for your stay! Read on to learn more about why Port Aransas is the ideal spot for your Easter holiday and how you can book your rental today. 

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Why Book a Port Aransas Easter Rental?

Port Aransas, located on the Texas Gulf Coast, is an ideal destination for a fun and relaxing Easter holiday. With its warm weather and stunning beaches, Port Aransas has something to offer everyone. From deep-sea fishing to lounging on the beach, there are plenty of activities to keep you and your family entertained. And when you book an Easter rental with Sandcastle Condominiums, you’ll get all the comforts of home and so much more. 

Located just steps from the beach, our one- and two-bedroom condos come fully equipped with all the amenities you need for a memorable stay. Enjoy cozy furnishings and spectacular views of the Gulf Coast while you relax and recharge during your vacation. We also provide access to a variety of pools, hot tubs, and other recreational areas where you can have a great time with your family. Plus, our beachfront location means you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the best seafood restaurants in town. 

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing Easter escape with plenty of fun activities and entertainment, book your stay at Sandcastle Condominiums today. 

Port Aransas Easter Fun

Port Aransas is a great place to spend your Easter holiday. With miles of white sand beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, and the beauty of the Texas Gulf Coast, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun! 

With gorgeous beaches stretching for miles, Port Aransas is an ideal spot for all kinds of beach activities. Spend the day playing in the waves, building sandcastles, or just lounging in the sun. There are also plenty of great spots for fishing, kayaking, and sailing, so you can make the most of your time by the sea. 

During Easter, Port Aransas hosts a variety of fun events and festivals. Spend your holiday taking part in local Easter Egg Hunts, attending craft shows and markets, or enjoying live music from local performers. It’s the perfect way to experience some true Texas hospitality! 

For a truly unique shopping experience, explore the stores along Port Aransas’ main drag. Here, you’ll find everything from beachwear to souvenirs. After you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy delicious seafood dishes at one of the many local restaurants. 

Nature lovers will be in their element in Port Aransas! Explore the local wildlife refuge and bird sanctuary, go on an adventurous boat tour, or hike through some of the region’s stunning natural landscapes. No matter what you choose to do during your stay in Port Aransas, you’re sure to have a wonderful Easter holiday! 

Why Book a Condo?

When you stay in a condo, you get the benefits of a home away from home. You’ll have the space to spread out and enjoy the comfort of having multiple bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens.  

Condos can offer amenities that many other lodging options can’t, such as private pools and patios for outdoor dining and grilling. Plus, condos are often located in more desirable locations than hotels, so you can be closer to the beach and other attractions without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Plus, with a full kitchen, you’ll have the convenience of preparing your own meals instead of relying on restaurants. 

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Sandcastle Condominiums Amenities

Sandcastle Condominiums offers an array of amenities for your Easter rental stay in Port Aransas. Each condo offers comfortable and spacious accommodations, with fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities. With a range of floor plans, you can choose a space that perfectly suits your needs. 

If you stay in one of our luxurious and clean-kept condos, you’ll have access to the beachfront boardwalk and the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, you’re close enough to all the fun that you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of beach activities such as parasailing, fishing, and even dolphin-watching. 

Our knowledgeable staff will be available to assist you during your stay and can provide tips about local attractions and area activities. We’re dedicated to making sure your vacation is as enjoyable and memorable as possible! 

How to Book Your Stay

Booking a stay at Sandcastle Condominiums is easy and stress-free! To get started, simply visit our website and choose the best unit that fits your needs. You can view the unit details and check availability, as well as browse through photos and videos of each property. Once you’ve found the perfect vacation rental, you can book securely online with our secure payment system or call us to book over the phone. 

Once you’ve booked your stay, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy your time away! Whether you’re visiting for a week or a month, Sandcastle Condominiums provides the perfect place to make memories that will last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? 

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Make Easter Unforgettable at Sandcastle Condominiums

If you are looking for a great place to spend your Easter vacation, consider booking your rental with Sandcastle Condominiums in Port Aransas. With luxurious amenities and beautiful views of the Gulf Coast, this is the perfect spot for your family to enjoy a memorable holiday. From cozy condos to large houses, you will find just the right accommodation for your family’s needs. Don’t wait any longer – book your stay today by getting in touch with us here! 

For those who already call Texas their home state, y’all already know the secret that we spend much of our days trying to spread throughout the world. You KNOW you live in the greatest state in the nation, and you KNOW there is no place else you would rather be. As a matter of fact, you may even choose to take your next vacation within its borders, playing far enough away from home that you won’t be tempted to run by the house to check on things, but still staying close to all you love. A staycation in paradise, perhaps one that takes you to the beaches of Port Aransas, will help quiet the noises in your brain and rend the frazzled edges of your soul, especially when you come home to the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums every evening. Live the beach life for a week at a time and enjoy the best staycation in Texas, exploring everything Port A has to offer, all without leaving the safety and comfort of your home state, which also can help save you money on airfare!

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Toes in the Sand, Gulf Breezes Ruffling Your Hair

As wonderful as living in Texas is, there are still going to be boring meetings, angry bosses, and teachers that want to have a conference with you about your children’s grades, making a staycation (or vacation!) a much needed thing, and what better way to relax and forget your problems than with a stay at the beach? Our condos, ranging in size from studio to 3-bedroom abodes, are perched on shore’s edge, ensuring that when you aren’t actually at the beach with your toes buried in the sand, you can feel the gulf breezes ruffling your hair and feel the serenity of the water invade your soul, just by stepping out on your balcony! Open concept floor plans allow guests to stay connected as they do the things that help their souls stay straight, and as you spend your downtime watching television, taking long naps on rainy afternoons, or hanging out at the resort pool with a refreshing tropical beverage in hand, all will be right in your world.

Play board games with the family while gathered around large dining room tables, and if there are squabbles over who gets the side with all the views, you can switch up the next night and the night after that! Whip up frothy margaritas with blenders provided in spacious kitchens, choose to eat a meal at home, prepared on updated appliances, and feel happy knowing that the coffee is always brewing! Every attention is paid to every detail, and the small appliances lining the countertops may be even more important to the success of your staycation as the larger ones are! Raising a toast to a spectacular sunset from the balcony of your Sandcastle Condominiums is an amenity you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy from home, so be sure to do so every night of your stay.

Speaking of night, when the sun sets and your brain reminds you it is time to hit the sack, our tranquil bedrooms will provide the best night’s sleep of your life. Slide between the silky soft linens that top premium mattresses, turn on the television for a few moments of laughter on your favorite sitcom, and slip away into sweet oblivion enjoying a night of happy dreams. Waking up the next morning actually feeling rested may be a new thing in your life, and although we can’t promise it will continue after your staycation ends, we can, at the very least, help you maintain this status quo of alertness and no exhaustion every night of your stay!

Live Like a Tourist

Whether Port A is your hometown or you are just visiting from one of our many Texas towns and cities, your staycation is still the perfect time to get out and live like a tourist! Spend a day at the beach, lounging under colorful umbrellas and walking along shore’s edge when the sun feels especially nice. Take a dolphin tour with Woody’s Last Stand, watching the friendly creatures frolicking and happily trilling in the waters that is their home. Introduce your kiddos to the pirate life with a Red Dragon Pirate Cruise and dine out at a new restaurant every single evening. Our fully equipped kitchens won’t feel slighted and the cook in your family deserves this break! Golfing at Palmilla Beach Country Club, looking for shells on Mustang Island, or simply sitting on a bench at Roberts Point Park watching the littles scramble all over the jungle gym are more adventures you can enjoy during your staycation in paradise.

You’ll Be Back

Whether you choose to make a staycation in Port A your regular gig or you just decide to add it to your weekend adventures, you won’t be sad when it is time to leave, because you know you will be back soon! Reserve your favorite escape today!