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We may be exaggerating a bit when we tell you there are no calories in vacation meals, but the truth of the matter is vacations are when we tend to eat more freely than we do at other times in our life. We order the appetizer at dinner, indulge in calorie-laden, frothy, and delicious tropical beverages, and do not just order dessert at dinner, we fill the counters of our vacation homes with all the treats we deny ourselves during real life! The first trip to the grocery store often ends up with a cart that could have been filled by a teenager, and that is ok! We understand your sweet tooth and your upcoming escape to Port Aransas is destined to be the sweetest escape as you visit these delicious establishments, filling the counters of your Sandcastle Condominiums with every sugary snack you can think of! This guide to the sweetest shops in Port Aransas will ensure that your sweet teeth will stand up and cheer!

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Donut Palace, 604 N Allister Street

No one wants to cook on vacation and although there will be many delicious breakfasts and brunches enjoyed out on the town during your stay, having a supply of donuts from the Donut Palace on hand can be the tastiest way to enjoy your morning meal! Boston Crème, Apple Fritters, Bear Claws, or even the simple old-fashioned glaze; the donuts found at the Donut Palace are fit for royalty and will give your every morning the sweetest start! (They also serve breakfast sandwiches if you need a little protein to counteract the sugar!)

Sugar Botany, 229 Beach Street

You know it is going to be good when the first name is sugar and Sugar Botany specializes in all the sweets we normally try to limit from our diets! Offering cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and pies, every occasion will be a special one when you choose this sweet shop to handle your sweet tooth! Also offering chocolate-dipped strawberries, you are evening at home with Sandcastle Condominiums promises to be a romantic night you will not ever forget!

Desserted Island Ice Cream, 100 E White Avenue

Ice cream can be enjoyed any time of the year, but during these sizzling summer months nothing goes down easier than your favorite flavor of ice cream and Desserted Island Ice Cream is the only place you will want to be during your summer vacay to Port Aransas. Banana splits, warm brownie sundaes, and every flavor of milkshake just taste better when enjoyed in the bright pink confines of this sweetest shop ever! And even though a milkshake is easier to consume while walking the beaches of Port A, there is just something wonderful about a cone piled high, dripping all over your hand as the waves of the sea crash against the sand!

Port A Creamery, 210 N Alister Street

Because there can never be enough ice cream in our lives, Port A Creamery is guaranteed to offer the icy treat that can meet the challenge of the sweetest teeth in town! Offering everything ice cream, including cakes that will be the highlight of any party, your summer afternoon spent sampling the sweets at Port A Creamery is destined to be your favorite part of your Port Aransas escape! Looking for something sweet, but NOT donuts for your morning meal? Their waffles, topped with whipped cream, ice cream, and all manner of sweets are a treat you will not want to skip!

Winton’s Candies, 601 S Alister Street

1995 was an excellent year in Port Aransas, being the year when Winton’s Candies first opened the doors of its mint green building! Serving every sweet tooth in town the finest of candies, there WAS a brief interruption in service after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, but after 2 months of repairs, we could all once again enjoy the candies we crave! Plan to spend a lot of your vacation minutes exploring the sweets that load the shelves, especially as it can feel like a step back into time as you find candies from your youth you thought were no longer available!

Bourbon Street Candy Company, 5488 S Padre Island Drive # 2016 in Corpus Christi

When you are craving homemade fudge, it is only a short drive from your Sandcastle Condominiums to the sweet treats found at Bourbon Street Candy Company in nearby Corpus Christi! Offering everything from custom candy gift baskets to fruit and pretzels dipped in sweet fudge, this shop is destined to be one you visit repeatedly ensuring that your Port Aransas adventures will be of the sweetest kinds!

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There is no Sweeter Place

Whether you are snacking on brownies by the light of the stove or are devouring donuts for breakfast at our dining room tables with your family, there is no sweeter place to enjoy all the comforts of home than in our Sandcastle Condominiums escapes. Reserve your favorite today!

When it is time to start making your vacation itinerary for your upcoming vacation in Port Aransas, be sure to set aside plenty of time for everyone’s favorite vacation activity. And no, we are not talking about beach days and historical sites (although we do love those as well!) we are obviously talking about all the shopping in Port Aransas you will want to do during your stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums! We know that you have already checked to make sure that we offer laundry rooms (we do!) and have purchased that piece of luggage that folds down into a small rectangle and opens up to hold a huge variety of gifts and souvenirs on your return trip home and as such, we have created this guide to the best places to go shopping during your unforgettable Port Aransas getaway! And we also know that the only thing better than a shopping expedition on vacation is coming home to the comfort and style found in our Sandcastle Condominiums and examining each and every adorable item you purchased!

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Third Coast Beach Company, 101 E Avenue G

There is one thing we can promise will happen on every trip you take and that is someone in your traveling party will forget to pack something important for said adventure and if that one thing forgotten is something beach related, Third Coast Beach Company should be the first shop you stop at! Offering everything you need for your beach wanderings, including swimsuits, flip flops, and sunny’s that will make you look cool as you navigate another sunny day in Port Aransas, it is a wonderful place to shop even if you didn’t forget anything!

Loving Coastal Living, 210 N Alister Street Suite 1, 2, & 3

When you do not know what you are looking for but know you are seeking something special, Loving Coastal Living is the ideal store to explore! Offering a blend of vintage treasures and brand-spanking-new housing décor and accessories, we have never been able to leave this store empty-handed and we know you will not either, especially when you are seeking something beachy keen for your home!

Indigo Eclectic, 1700 TX-361 A

To be perfectly honest, even if they were selling air filters and adult diapers, we would still want to explore all that Indigo Eclectic has to offer, simply because of their name! Lucky for us, this sweet shop does not sell the aforementioned items, instead focusing its sales on vintage clothing and retro-inspired outfits that transport us all back to simpler times! Also featuring beautiful furniture, and charming accessories, Indigo Eclectic is not a large shop, but you should set aside a good amount of time to spend under its roof as there is a lot to see and even more you will want to buy!

Gratitude, 316 N Station Street

We are grateful to have found our way to Gratitude, a local gift shop here in Port Aransas and if you are on the hunt for your pet sitter, plant waterer, or mail getter you will be grateful too! Step inside and you will not know where to look in this colorful shop, nor will you be able to stop the smile from blossoming on your face! This is a spot where the cards will make you giggle, the colors will make you shine, and the gifts will be appreciated by whoever receives them!

Stephanie’s Stuff, 910 TX-361

When you are hungry for Italian food and you want to go shopping as well, you will not need to choose one or the other at Stephanie’s Stuff. Located inside Seafood & Spaghetti Works this charming shop filled with trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories is fun to visit before, during, or after a big meal, and if your “trip to the bathroom” takes longer than your hubby expects, you can always blame it on Stephanie! He will think she is someone you met in the facilities; we cannot help you hide your purchases though, so perhaps honesty will be the best policy!

Conspiratorium Sportsman’s Boutique, 328 Ashby Lane B

Give the men in your life the chance to do a little shopping as well with a visit to Conspiratorium Sportsman’s Boutique. Accomplishing the impossible, this compact store searches the world over to find the coolest sporting goods items you have ever seen on a shelf! Featuring dive gear, coolers, sporting apparel, stuff for your barbecue, firearms, and so many more sports-related items there just is not enough space to list, we can almost promise that your hubs will understand your own shopping obsession after just one visit!

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Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy Shopping in Port Aransas

After a day spent meandering in and out of the shops of Port Aransas coming home to the comforts (and air conditioning!) found in our seaside sanctuaries will be the highlight of your adventures! Reserve your favorite today!

As we step further into the deep end of summer, the year 2022 brings us a wonderful present in the form of an unexpected 3-day weekend! Independence Day falls on a Monday this year and many Americans will be celebrating the old-fashioned way with lots of red, white, and blue, cold beers, and in many cases a vacation that our forefathers fought for our right to enjoy! Deciding to take a week for vacation and only needing to sacrifice four vacation days is our inalienable right and if your journey brings you to the wonderful beaches of Port Aransas, our Sandcastle Condominiums offer the perfect respite after a long week of patriotic activities! Not sure what 4th of July Port Aransas TX activities are available to you? This guide to our favorite ways to celebrate America’s birthday will ensure that your Texas holiday will be filled with everything red, white, blue, and comfortable!

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Sleep In Late

Americans are known for working too hard and not sleeping enough and the best way to celebrate our nation’s 246th birthday is by turning off the alarm clock and rolling over for an extra 30 minutes (or longer) of peaceful sleep! Our beds are designed to comfort and envelope sleepy bodies in plush softness and if you chose to get up early and sip on a cup of joe while still feeling bleary-eyed and exhausted what kind of celebrant would you be? Stop by the Donut Palace and grab a box of all-American donuts, pull the shades tightly closed, and sleep until the midday sun invites you to come out and play!

Appreciate the American Landscape

Although sleeping in is a goal for many, the heat of the day may encourage some of our guests to get up early and take a hike through the glorious beauty of Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond. An American treasure, Paradise Pond is where the wildlife love to play and as you follow the boardwalk paths that surround it, you will not help but fall in love with the beauty of our country, our state, and, of course, our coastal town that welcomes all who visit! And although our favorite song, America the Beautiful, does not mention Paradise Pond in its lyrics, we believe if the creator had visited here when writing, this beautiful pond would have had its own chorus!

A Day at the Beach

Red towels, white swimsuits, and the blue skies of Port Aransas are awaiting you when you choose to celebrate the 4th of July on the beaches of our coastal town. Pack a cooler with your favorite foods and beverages, stake your claim on a segment of the beach, and prepare for a day of restful and serene fun like none other. Build sandcastles with your toddler, practice your boogie boarding skills with your teen, or simply lose yourself in the beauty of stories told by others as you read, relax, and soak in the summer rays on this beautiful Independence Day!

Red, White, and Boom!

Over the last couple of years, we have learned that yes, there can be a Fourth of July celebration without fireworks, but we also have learned that it is just not the same! Fortunately, fireworks celebrations are back with a vengeance and Port Aransas is no exception. Robert’s Point is bringing back the red, white, and boom with a Fireworks spectacular that will not cost your family anything to enjoy! Bring some lawn chairs (many of our Sandcastle Condominiums offer beach gear that would be perfect for this gathering!) a cooler of beverages and join our town from 8:30 PM until 10:00 PM watching the sky light up with color and pizazz! Fireworks and the 4th of July are back together again, and life has never been this sweet!

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Stay Home and Play

And no, we are not suggesting you stay in your own hometown! Our Sandcastle Condominiums are designed to be an integral part of the vacation experience and never is that clearer than on the 4th of July! Sleep in late (as we suggested earlier!) start your day with donuts and coffee and start planning a barbecue you will never forget! IGA has delicious meats, veggies, and all the accessories to ensure that your 4th of July celebration is everything you dreamed it can be and whether you choose to celebrate by the pool with the kiddos practicing how long they can hold their breath under water or by simply enjoying your grilled goodies on the expansive balcony that overlooks the sea, this holiday is destined to be filled with the happiest of memories and the most wonderful patriotic adventures! Reserve your favorite Sandcastle Condominium holiday hideaway today and start planning for a vacation you will never forget!

The family vacation is back in full force after some extended days spent at home and when you, your spouse, and kiddos begin to explore the world around you once again, many of you will find nowadays to the beaches of Port Aransas and the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums! You already know that the sea offers tranquility you desperately need, and you expect (correctly!) that our condominiums will provide magic and comfort to all who reside within, but you may not know all the family-friendly activities you can enjoy during your Texas getaway! This guide to things to do in Port Aransas with family you can enjoy during your summer of fun in Port Aransas will paint a clear picture of a vacation that will be idyllic, relaxing, and filled with exciting adventures!

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Build a Sandcastle

Of course, most of your time will be spent on the beaches of Port Aransas and the age-old tradition of building sandcastles with your children is a tradition you can continue with just a plastic bucket, a plastic shovel, and a lot of wet sand! But if you genuinely want to build something spectacular, something that beachgoers strolling along the water’s edge will stop and admire, Sandcastle Lessons with Lisa can take your sandy fun to the next level of wonderful! Learn the proper concentration of water to sand and learn to build sandcastles that are large, inventive, and magical with the enchanting Lisa and even though these structures are temporary, the memories you make will last forever and the pictures you take will be frame-worthy!

Teach your Kids to Fish

You have heard the old phrase about teaching someone to fish and never going hungry again, but it does not mention the joy of spending time shoulder to shoulder with your favorite people while enjoying the splendor of the waters beneath you. It does not matter if you do not catch a fish, all that matters will be those moments spent in quiet conversation talking about whatever comes to mind as you stare out onto the poles and lines that dip beneath the water’s surface. The Horace Caldwell Pier costs a few bucks to fish from and offers a pier shop that sells bait, tackle, and fishing equipment; you will need to purchase a fishing license, on your own though. IGA Family Center (418 S Allister Street sells the licenses or you can purchase yours online here!)

Dolphin Adventures with the Scarlet Lady

When you visit the sea, chances are most of your adventures will be based on the sea and that includes the Dolphin Adventures offered on the Scarlet Lady. One of the newer dolphin cruise boats in the area, they offer standard dolphin cruises taking guests out to where the friendly creatures frolic. They also feature sunset cruises, combining the awe-inspiring sunsets Port Aransas is famous for with the friendly chatter of the sleek dolphins. Our favorite cruise, however, only takes place one time a year on Independence Day. Cruising out into the dark waters, and watching the sky explode with a kaleidoscope of fireworks is destined to be one adventure that lingers in your heart for years to come!

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises, (Call 361-749-AHOY for Reservations!)

Every child wants to be a pirate at some time in their lives and Red Dragon Pirate Cruises allows your favorite little’s dream to come true! Offering treasure hunting and cannon firing, “sword” fighting and dolphin watching, face painting, and eye patches, this adventure promises to be the most exciting one ever! We can promise that you will never forget the sight of your child enjoying swabbing the deck and we can also promise that no one has ever had to walk the plank, ensuring that this activity is safe and thrilling. Also offering adult pirate cruises with a full bar and music, it may be worth a return trip (sans children) to Port Aransas to experience the thrill of a grown-up excursion out into the sea!

USS Lexington Museum, 2914 N. Shoreline Boulevard in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a nearby sea town offering a giant surprise in the form of a floating museum aboard an actual aircraft carrier! The USS Lexington has earned a quiet retirement, having fought for our country at Pearl Harbor during World War II as well as protecting our waters from threats after wartime had ended. The Blue Ghost as she was known was officially decommissioned in 1999, nearly 45 years after being commissioned, and today serves as a museum. Offering military artifacts, the opportunity to experience what life was like for the sailors that made her their home, and a couple of Escape Rooms just because, the USS Lexington Museum is one activity you should add to your itinerary.

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Enjoy Things to do in Port Aransas with Family at Sandcastle Condominiums

Coming home to our Sandcastle Condominiums after a day of Texas-sized adventures promises to be your favorite family-friendly activity! Reserve your favorite escape today!

A beach vacation is one that should never be spent cooped up inside, except for the hours of sleep, of course. A beach vacation is a wild experience best enjoyed outside, feeling ocean breezes kiss your cheeks as the bright summer sun beats down on skin that is so happy to feel warmth again after a long winter spent hiding from the cold. And when your beach vacation brings you to the serene shores of Port Aransas, your Texas-sized adventures will be outdoor ones, including swimming, boating, fishing, and yes, dining! Stay outside a little longer stocking up on the Vitamin D the sun provides while dining at these special Port Aransas restaurants that all offer outdoor patios for your convenience and joy! This guide, put together by our helpful staff members at Sandcastle Condominiums, will ensure that every waking minute in Port Aransas will be spent soaking up the tranquil ambiance offered by Mother Nature! Here are the best Summer outdoor dining in Port Aransas.

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Fins, 420 W Cotter Avenue

As you may expect, many of the restaurants offering outdoor dining in Port Aransas are casual spots serving up good seafood and excellent views and Fins is our first choice for your summer outdoor dining experience. Sit out on the Tiki deck overlooking the harbor, order a plate of fish tacos to be enjoyed with an ice-cold beer, and feel any leftover real-life tensions drain from your body. The Pirate ship docked just steps away from your seat in paradise is sure to provide some extra whimsy to your day!

Trout Street Bar & Grill, 104 W Cotter Avenue

Not every meal has to offer a starch, a protein, and a vegetable, especially on vacation. Sometimes all a body needs or wants is a big platter peel and eat shrimp, a pitcher of beer, and views of the sea that will speak to your soul, all things offered by Trout Street Bar & Grill! Their outdoor patio provides more harbor views and although the Pirate ship seen at Fins is not visible from this spot located just a few docks away, the beauty of the boats you can see bobbing in the waters just beyond your seat will keep you entertained and envious!

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The Phoenix Restaurant & Bar, 3500-A Island Moorings Parkway

Another harbor front restaurant, the Phoenix Restaurant & Bar is a popular choice for those looking for something more than fish sandwiches and bar food! Offers incredible views and a menu filled with beautifully prepared dishes including sushi, scallops, and many of your other seafood favorites. The Phoenix offers an elegant dining experience that is enhanced when you join them for a sunset meal on their deck overlooking the sea. A Texas sunset is one sight you must view and when accompanied by an excellent meal, well it just does not get any better!

Tortuga’s Saltwater Grill, 429 N Alister Street

An outdoor patio at any restaurant is a treat for diners and the one at Tortuga’s Saltwater Grill is no different! Feel the salt air against your cheeks as you devour poke nachos for lunch, raw oysters and shrimp and grits for dinner, and on Sunday brunch? No one will leave hungry after sampling the brunch menu at Tortugas! Every dish will taste even better when enhanced with a touch of Texas sun and sea scented fresh air, but if you twisted our arm and forced us to choose a favorite, their Port A Benny, made with a house biscuit, crabcake, avocado, tomato, eggs, and hollandaise sauce haunt our dreams the days brunch isn’t being served!

Montego Bay Restaurant & Wine Bar, 118 Cut-Off Road

Combining the best of food and drink, Montego Bay Restaurant & Wine Bar also offers a happy surprise with the inclusion of what they call, the Pooch Porch! Patio dining is dog friendly, even including a menu for your fur baby, one that includes complimentary milk bone treats, chopped chicken breast, marrow bone, and kibble that is grain-free and destined to be your pup’s new obsession! There is no better experience than enjoying a thick and juicy steak accompanied by a silky glass of wine with your most loyal companion curled up at your feet enjoying his own meal!

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Book a Stay to Enjoy the Best Summer Outdoor Dining in Port Aransas

It is no secret that our condominiums are comfortable and stylish, but did you know that they also include patios and balconies that just may be the best place to enjoy outdoor dining during your summer adventures in Port Aransas! Prepare your favorite dishes in our fully equipped kitchens and serve it al fresco, overlooking some of the most scenic views in town (especially when you choose a beachfront property to make your own!) letting the peaceful scenery soothe and refresh. Reserve your favorite today!

Every year, like clockwork, the long Memorial Day weekend rolls in, and every year, also like clockwork, it catches us by surprise. What do you mean we have Monday off? How did I miss planning a fantastic getaway again? And why didn’t I start planning a trip to Port Aransas sooner? These are the questions that you have asked repeatedly and this year, we at Sandcastle Condominiums have decided to give you the gentle nudge you need, leading you in the direction of a Texas-sized getaway in Texas! This is your guide for when you decide to Stay in Port Aransas This Memorial Day. This guide will cover all the fun you can have and the comforts you will enjoy will make pressing that book now button you have had your cursor hovering over for the past few weeks!

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Sleep Longer

When you get up at dawn most days of your life, being able to sleep in on cloud-soft beds gives you the ultimate luxury experience. Draw the curtains of your Sandcastle condo tightly shut before sliding between the silky soft sheets and fall into the sweet oblivion that you so richly deserve. A little preplanning with a stop at the Donut Palace (There are multiple easy-to-find locations spread throughout the island) ensures that breakfast on your holiday away is taken care of (Boston Cremes are our favorite!)

Or Wake up with the Sun

As the night sky lightens and the sun rises in a fiery ball of color, the quiet peace of another beautiful sunrise on the beaches of Port Aransas is guaranteed to make your getaway that much more special. Feel the frazzled edges of your nerves smooth out as sea waters snake around your ankles and then retreat into the dark distance, smell the briny scent of saltwater and seaweed, and fall in love with this special Memorial Day weekend treat. And once the sun has fully risen and the skies are blue again, why not head back to your Sandcastle Condominium retreat and catch a few more holiday z’s?

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There are no Calories in Vacation Food

At least that is what we tell ourselves because everyone knows that a few extra pounds are a sacrifice well worth it when you get a taste of the town you are visiting! Island Café, 301 S Alister Street, is known for its hearty comfort food and its cheery lemon-painted cottage! Open for breakfast and lunch, its all-American menu brings guests an all-American satisfaction and results in the occasional food coma. Castaways, 337 N Allister Street, serves the best seafood on the beach and if you bring in your own already cleaned catch, they will prepare it in your favorite way and serve it family-style, eliminating the need to work on your holiday days off! Tortugas Saltwater Grill is another great seafood option, offering a surf and turf menu destined to make your taste buds stand up and take notice. No matter how you celebrate this day meant for paying homage to those who have sacrificed everything for our freedoms, enjoying a meal at any of the above-listed establishments will make your holiday shine even brighter!

A Day at the Beach

For the ultimate in Memorial Day celebrations, you need to go further than the beaches of Port Aransas! Spend the kickoff to summer swimming in the warm waters, walking up and down the shoreline, or even hunting for shells to add to your collection. Simply stake your claim on a small portion of the beach, marking your territory with colorful chairs, umbrellas, and beach towels, and spend your daylight menus alternating between watery activities and relaxing in a near-comatose state on the beach. At night, Port Aransas Beach offers a treat you do not often get to enjoy these days, the ability to have a bonfire on the sand! Roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and listen to the music of your youth as the sea provides a lullaby of its own, lulling you into a state of peace that you will not ever be able to forget! Parasailing, dolphin watching, and fishing charters are great ways to enjoy the seas of Port Aransas, and do not forget; you can bring your cleaned fish to Castaways for a family meal!

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Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy Your Stay in Port Aransas This Memorial Day

Every holiday is made better when spent with family and your Port Aransas Memorial Day getaway is no exception, even during those times you choose to stay “home” and play! Watch your kiddos frolic in clear pools, barbecue your catch of the day on community grills, and gather around the dining room table remembering all the fun you have had on previous vacations and realizing that this trip to Port A has easily joined the ranks of BEST.VACATION. EVER! Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today!

As you look out onto another chaotic spring day in your northern hometown, it is not surprising that your thoughts are turning to summer. The windows of your home, office, or school may reveal gray days with rain, snow, or even sleet, but in your mind, you are picturing the beauty of a summer day. You can imagine sitting at the beach, watching the ocean and flow and you can hear the laughter of others sitting near you. The smell of sunscreen, the taste of that ice cold beverage you have pulled out of the cooler sitting next to you and the feel of the sun beating down on skin that has gone far too long without its Vitamin D prescription. These moments are flitting through your mind like a mini travel monologue, and you cannot put it off another second; NOW is the time to start planning your Texas summer escape to Port Aransas for an adventure enjoyed in the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums. Get ready to enjoy these Port Aransas Activities!

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All Roads Lead to the Beach

Of course, you are going to want to spend every minute you can at the beach, and we understand completely! It is quite possible that the Sandcastle Condominium you chose as your summer sanctuary has a balcony overlooking the seas and much of your time spent in Port Aransas will be spent either looking at its beauty from your favorite seats on the balcony or frolicking in cool waters in between toes in the sand bouts spent reading, sipping, or eating. Rise early and be amazed at the beauty of the sun rising overhead as the sky goes through a kaleidoscope of colors that start with inky black and cumulate in a crystal blue hue that never fails to impress. End each evening with a surfside seat of the sunset, watching the fire in the sky fall into the sea leaving you and everyone else speechless over its dramatic beauty. And spend all the intervening seconds soaking in the peace and fun that can only be found on the beaches of Port Aransas!

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Catch of the Day

There are many ways to enjoy fish. You can go to the Texas State Aquarium located in nearby Corpus Christi and spend hours admiring their colorful beauty as they swim through clear waters encased in glass, while you stay dry and comfortable in the air conditioning. You can rent snorkeling gear from Island Surf Shop and Kayaks and spend many vacations hours swimming amongst the beautiful fish that make their homes in our waters. Or you can grab a pole, reel, and head out to catch your dinner; the catch of the day is so much tastier when you are the one who caught the meal! And just as there are many ways to enjoy the sea creatures themselves, there are even more ways to enjoy a day of sun, seas, and fish. Spend a day at the fishing pier at Roberts Point Park enjoying the sun, the company of other fisher people, and reel in your limit without leaving the shore. You can charter a fishing expedition, C&T Bay Charters is a popular company, and go out in the deep waters where the fish are large, plentiful, and always biting. Or you can join your family at the beach and fish from the shore; all that is needed is a comfortable beach chair, fishing equipment, and the bait or lures of your choice. There is no wrong way to fish, just many delicious outcomes; especially when you choose to grill up your catch of the day on the grills in our Sandcastle Condominium community!

Rainy Day Adventures

Into every life a little rain will fall and that can also be true about your time spent in Port Aransas, but that can be a good thing! Rainy days are the perfect time to enjoy the inside activities that you may have been ignoring because it just feels so good to be outside playing! Take a step back in time with a visit to the Port Aransas Museum, 400 N Allister Street. Located inside a 1900s kit house, it celebrates the sea, the sand, and everything that made Port Aransas the thriving community it is today. Exercise your credit cards with a shopping spree at the local shops and boutiques that dot the Port Aransas landscape and as you pick up souvenirs from the Blue Water Cowboy Saloon & Mercantile, you can also wet your whistle at their bar! Or indulge in your creative side with a visit to Fire It! Ceramics, 611 S Allister Street, and bring back a souvenir you made yourself!

Book a Stay with Us and Enjoy our Port Aransas Activities

However, you fill your days on this kickoff to summer getaway in Port Aransas, coming home each evening to the comforts found in our Sandcastle Condominiums promises to be the best part of your day! Reserve your favorite today!

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Easter is just a few short weeks away and if you are not celebrating at the Port Aransas beaches, what ARE you doing? The laidback Texas lifestyle adds a certain charm to your holiday celebrations and as the days grow longer and the temperatures grow warmer, you may decide that spring in Port Aransas is so perfect you cannot imagine spending the holiday anywhere else. Especially when you choose one of our Sandcastle Condominiums in which to rest, relax, and recharge; designed to be an integral part of the vacation experience, every minute you spend with us is guaranteed to be the best minutes of your life! This guide to our luxury-laden properties and all the fun and exciting ways you can celebrate Easter in Texas will convince you that spending it in Port Aransas is going to be the best idea you have had this year!

The Preparation

It is never too early to start gathering the necessary ingredients for a perfect Easter celebration, starting with the Easter Basket. Everyone knows that the secret to Easter Baskets is in the layering as you put the grass in first, add the larger items such as a chocolate Easter Bunny and perhaps some Easter toys (the Dollar General is always a good place to go hog wild, but if you want a little more higher quality gifts, such as video games, the Target in nearby Corpus Christi isn’t far from your Sandcastle Condominium) then you fill in all the empty spaces with delicious candy! Winton’s Island Candies, housed in a mint-colored cottage not far from the beach, is where we go to fill stockings, goody bags, and of course, Easter Baskets! Located on Allister Street in Port Aransas and offering an almost overwhelming selection of your favorite candies, you can’t leave the store without nearly purchasing your weight in candy!


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Easter Festival, 7402 Yorktown Boulevard in Corpus Christi, April 9

What if you want to be home for the holidays and still want to celebrate Easter in Port Aransas, albeit a little early? The Easter Festival held in nearby Corpus Christi takes place the week before the holiday, proving once again that Texas aims to please! Offering everything Easter including egg hunts, seasonal foods, and the opportunity to have your face painted like a bunny, this festival is 100 percent free and allows the early birds to get the eggs, er, the worms! Also featuring special games and inflatables that will help your littles burn off some of their candy highs, everyone is destined to have a wonderful time at this early Easter fest!

All the Comforts of Home

Sandcastle Condominiums are designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience, so why not celebrate under their roofs as you would at your own home? Color and hide Easter eggs, create a magnificent feast in fully equipped kitchens, and snatch a few chocolates for yourself when your kids’ backs are turned after tearing into their baskets! Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today!

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Sunrise, Sunset

If you were at home, chances are you would start your Easter celebration with a sunrise service at your home church, something you can do here as well, simply search for sunrise services in your browser. However, if you want to try something different, or even if you really do not celebrate Easter, starting the day out with a sunrise stroll on the beach promises to bring you closer to the heavens! The quiet of those pre-dawn hours punctuated by the sounds of the surf will bring a peace to your soul, and then, as the sun begins its ascent, the inky black sky starts to slowly lighten, lightening your mood as well! It is hard to be in a bad mood when you start your day with the rising of the sun and if you really want to keep the good mood rolling, head back to the beach at sunset to watch the whole thing in reverse!

Hoppy Feaster! Enjoy Easter in Texas

We all have memories of our favorite holiday moments and chances are your own personal highlights reel revolves around the food. A delicious meal adds to every experience and when Easter rolls around, a visit to local restaurants for a good Easter brunch is our favorite part of the holiday and the local Port Aransas restaurants never fail to impress! From the elegant brunch menu offered at Tortuga’s Saltwater Grill (their Bloody Mary’s are world famous, by the way!) to the more laid-back choices found at Castaway’s Seafood & Grill, every bite you will take will be the best bite of the day! The Port A Benny’s at Tortugas, made with homemade biscuits, crabcakes, avocado, diced tomatoes, eggs, and hollandaise sauce are destined to be your newest obsession and they can be enjoyed at every brunch, not just at their Easter brunch!

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As pretty much the entire world prepares to say farewell to the harsh weather of winter, chances are you are already planning a spring fling to somewhere warmer than your own wintry home town and if your journey involves a trip to Port Aransas, we can promise spring will have sprung by the time you arrive. Offering balmy temperatures that can reach the low 80s, sunny days that will add color to your pale cheeks, and a variety of fun to be had outside, your visit will put the spring back in your step. And because warm days (but not too warm!)  and sunny skies entice everyone to drop what they are doing and come out and play, we at Sandcastle Condominiums can almost guarantee that our guests will even want to take their meals out under the big blue Texas sky! This guide to the Best Places For A Springtime Picnic In Port Aransas, TX will ensure that every minute of your Port Aransas vacation will be ones you never forget!

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Roberts Point Park, 301 JC Barr Boulevard

The sun is shining, the temperature is a perfect 75 degrees, and your cooler is packed with all your favorite picnic foods, but until now, you did not realize that Roberts Point Park is the perfect place to hold your al fresco feast! Located on the waterfront and giving picnickers views of huge cargo ships going about their cargo-ing business, there is also a playground on which sits equipment built to look like a pirate ship, making this park the absolute best picnic spot in all of Port Aransas.

Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond

Located behind Restaurant San Juan at 410 Cut-off Road, picnickers will find their paradise at Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond. A boardwalk made of wood leads visitors along a trail that provides peeks of local wildlife, vegetation, and of course, the pond itself and while there are no provided picnic tables, there are a couple of benches along the path. Pack your picnic and sit side by side watching people, animals, and the beauty of the Port Aransas landscape as you enjoy your favorite foods.

Wetland Park, 1112 TX-361

Popular with bird watchers, Wetland Park provides another boardwalk area to enjoy exploring nature, hiking, and of course, a happy picnic under the shelter of a wood gazebo overlooking the water. Wheelchair accessible, this park is another naturally beautiful part of Port Aransas guaranteed to make picnickers wish they never had to leave.

2 Bedroom Condos in Port Aransas

Port Aransas Beach

The beach is what drew you to our coastal town and the beach is where you will probably spend a large portion of your time, so why not increase your toes in the sand time with a picnic dinner at sunset? Perfect for a romantic evening out with your favorite traveling partner, the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach, the sight of the sun setting over the horizon in a fantastic ball of fiery color, and the taste of your favorite dishes combine together to create an experience you will never forget. When the last crumb has been devoured, the final sip has been savored, and the sky turns that velvety black that never ceases to amaze, a moonlit stroll along shore’s edge promises to be all the dessert this perfect picnic needs.

Venture Further Out & Explore

Mustang Island offers a beautiful spot for a picnic as you explore all there is to do on its 18 mile expanse, punctuated with a picnic! Named after the wild mustangs that used to roam freely on this barrier island, there are picnic tables for comfortable picnicking or you can just claim your stake on a piece of the beach and spread out your feast and prepare to be lulled into a pleasant state of atrophy. There are times in our lives when hustle and bustle is necessary, but during your picnic on Mustang Island hustle is never the answer! Relax and recharge, perhaps keeping an eye out for local birds without leaving your place in the sand!

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Our Sandcastle Condominiums seasonal sanctuaries are designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience, so why not stay home, and play or picnic? You won’t have to go far for a refill on your wine when the refrigerator is just steps away and the views of the sea found on the balconies of many of our vacation escapes are destined to wow! Most balconies come with comfortable seating, perfect for picnic enjoyment, but if you really want to go old school with your culinary adventures, toss a blanket on the floor of the balcony, turn on some soft music and prepare to enjoy the perfect picnic in the perfect spot!

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Winter months are meant for cuddling together for warmth, long conversations about your dreams and secrets, and enjoying delicious meals that often seem too heavy to eat during the warmer months of the year and when your winter journey brings you and your favorite traveling partner to the sunny beaches of Port Aransas, you will be able to enjoy all three! (Not that it gets that cold, but who really needs an excuse to cuddle?) This guide to the best restaurants for couples in Port Aransas area will ensure that your stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums promises to be romantic, warm, and filling!

The Phoenix Restaurant and Bar, 3500-A Island Moorings Parkway in Port Aransas

Not all romantic restaurants are required to have white tablecloths and candle lit meals. Sometimes all you need to do is offer delicious food, courteous and efficient waitstaff, and the setting of the sun over the harbor, which is exactly what you can find at the Phoenix Restaurant & Bar! Enjoy the freshest sushi and seafood in town, delicious cocktails, and that awe inspiring view of the Texas sun setting over the harbor and as the conversation on the patio drops to a low hush (everyone else is watching that sunset too!) you may discover that the Phoenix is your new happy place!

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Black Sheep Bistro, 15201 S Padre Island Drive #120 in Corpus Christi

The giant porthole style painting of a swordfish frolicking in the sea may be the first thing you see when you walk into the Black Sheep Bistro, but it is the food and the person sitting across from you at the table that will be your prime focus! Offering a menu filled with deliciousness that includes a 14-ounce Ribeye so juicy and tender you may consider making the move to Texas just so you can enjoy this meal whenever you like, dimmed lighting and a colorful bar gives the place an intimacy that can only be matched by the intimacy you share in your relationship!

Trout Street Bar & Grill, 104 W Cotter Avenue in Port Aransas

We can’t stay away from the harbor and you won’t be able to either once you visit Trout Street Bar & Grill for the first time! Featuring a seafood filled menu brimming with the freshest treats from the sea, all prepared with a Cajun twist and offering more of the sunset views you will not be able to get enough of, Trout Street is sure to be a favorite of couples of all ages! Be sure to ask for a patio table and let the sounds of the harbor serve as background music for your romantic meal for two and don’t forget to order dessert! (The carrot cake ALWAYS wows!)

Restaurant San Juan, 410 Cut-Off Road in Port Aransas

When it is time to bring a little heat into your couple’s exploration of the beauty of Port Aransas, Restaurant San Juan always delivers the goods! Offering a spicy menu filled with your favorite breakfast dishes, this special place also serves breakfast, ensuring that your day will be yummy from start to finish! The flavors, the spices, and the homemade taste will become your newest obsession and because they are famous for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you could enjoy a South of the Border day of love with your favorite person, if you choose!

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The charms of other countries are not wasted on diners in Port Aransas and today’s tour of taste is about to head over the pond to the old country we all wish we could call our own. Venetian Hot Plate, offers an intimate dining experience, including a charming patio dining space dotted with umbrellas and gorgeous plants and flowers, and a menu that features your favorite Italian classics! The owners, who moved from Venice to Port Aransas to open this special place, ensure that every dish is authentic and delicious, and even though the portions are generous sized ones, we recommend saving room for their tiramisu!

Lisabella’s Bistro and Bar, 5009 TX-361 in Port Aransas

Shiplap walls, rattan seating, and white clothed tables work together to create an atmosphere that is both casual and elegant in our next couple’s restaurant choice, Lisabella’s Bistro and Bar. The food is American, with steak and seafood being the focal points of the menu, and the large yard that surrounds the restaurant offers picnic tables and cornhole games, should you find yourself wanting to play a game. Lisabella’s is a family friendly restaurant that also serves up a healthy dose of romance, so be sure to stop by and fall in love with their Mixed Grill, a plate filled with honey glazed quail knots, beef tenderloin, and gulf shrimp! This dish ensures you don’t have to choose between red meat, chicken, or seafood because it offers all 3 on one deliciously full plate!

Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy the Best restaurants for couples in Port Aransas

The best part of every meal in Port Aransas will be the one where you walk back into your Sand Castle Condominiums love nest, feeling full, satisfied, and ready to get comfortable! Reserve your favorite today!

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