Oh, how time flies, and when you look at the partner you chose to spend the minutes of your life, you are lucky enough to know that you wouldn’t change anything important! Sure, you might wish you had a larger bank account, that your jobs weren’t as stressful, and that you could have slowed down the days when your kiddos were little, but knowing that your spouse is standing by you through thick and thin, well, it just makes life that much better. With that being said, upon a closer examination of the calendar hanging on the door to your laundry room, you may be realizing that your anniversary is coming sooner than you thought, (we told you, time flies!) and even if it isn’t a milestone one—or especially if it is—a Port Aransas beach vacation may be the perfect way to show your life partner that there is no one you would rather make the journey with! Port Aransas has long been a lover’s escape, and this guide to everything romantic and comfortable will make you the winner of your anniversary gift giving contest!

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Moonlit Walks on the Beach

Romance does not have to be expensive, nor does it require grand gestures designed to show the public how great of a person you are! Sometimes the most romantic gifts are the simple moments, the quiet times when it is just you, your partner, and the moon shining down on the beach and the sea. Our properties at Sandcastle Condominiums are located within sight of the beach, and a short walk—while holding hands, of course—will bring you to the most romantic spot in Texas. Take off your shoes and walk with your toes in the sand, talking about everything or nothing, or simply enjoy= the moonlight reflected in the eyes of your partner!

The Perfect Date

No relationship is perfect, but all deserve to be celebrated, and a visit to Lisabella’s is the ideal way to celebrate all your years of wedded bliss! Offering a surf and turf menu that never fails to please in a casually coastal style, we have yet to taste a dish we don’t love. And because no relationship survives without a little bit of fun, their outdoor area includes a patio for dining, an array of cornhole games, and occasionally is where live music will play! Calories don’t count on this night of fun and love, so go ahead and order an appetizer, a cocktail or two, and at the end of the meal, two spoons as you share the richest chocolate cake you have ever tasted in your life!

Views for Miles

It can be hard to get a true picture of just how beautiful Port Aransas is, but a trip to Robert’s Point Park and a climb up a set of steps can give you a better idea. Keeler Observation Tower stands tall above the park landscape, providing unobstructed views of the sea and the surrounding areas, and when the sun is shining, you can see even further. Watch the boats go about their business—some tour boats, some working fishing boats, and all possessing a pure grace that brings joy to your day. At sunset, the views take on a romantic cast and as the last of the fire in the sky glints off your love’s hair, this moment right here will be one you want to freeze in time.

Dolphin Tours Aboard the Scarlet Lady

Dolphins are fast and nimble and feature many of the same traits as humans. As a matter of fact, their brain to body ratio comes in second after ours! Friendly and talkative, spending some of your vacation minutes watching them play is destined to earn a place on your highlight reel, especially when you choose the Scarlet Lady for your tour boat! Offering a full bar and knowledgeable captains that will take you where the dolphins gather, a sunset cruise is the only other way we can think of to amp up the romance factor!

Home Sweet Vacation Condo

The most romantic moments may just take place in the comfort of our Sandcastle Condominiums comfortable escapes. Sleep in long after the sun has risen and stay up late into the night exploring the beauty and comforts found in our cozy condos. Fully equipped kitchens make it fun to prepare meals, especially when you share in kitchen duties, balconies overlooking the sea are where the best conversations will take place, and every night will be your favorite when cuddling together in our most comfortable beds! Reserve your favorite escape today and discover that the best things in life are made even better when shared with your favorite person! Happy anniversary!