When summer arrives in Port Aransas, residents and visitors alike find their joy in a variety of water activities, both as a way to escape the heat and as a way to enjoy some adventures during their precious time away from the job. As our section of paradise is one of the longest of the barrier islands that can be found on the Texas coast, the opportunities to play are numerous, ensuring that your summer escape to our island will be filled with fun activities and memories you will never forget. Want to make your getaway even more special? Choose Sandcastle Condominiums for your vacation accommodations; coming home to the comfort and style we offer in each property will be the highlight of your Texas travels!

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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the smallest adventures offer the largest impact; enjoying a day on the beach can be the perfect example! Pack a beach blanket and chairs, a cooler full of refreshments, and a basket of beach toys and spend a day under the sun, frolicking in the water. Building sandcastles with your children at shore’s edge can make the most magical of memories, and if you want to build a sandcastle that will impress, Sandrum.com offers lessons for constructing a castle so grand, bystanders will think you are a professional! For those traveling with their teens and tweens, they can be a little harder to impress, but if you spend some time learning to boogie board with them, your teen may smile, and your tween will think you are the coolest parents alive!

Man (or Woman) Versus Fish

You can’t come to Port Aransas without taking some time to pit your wits against the fish in an activity that is as old as time. We are talking about fishing, of course, and the opportunities to catch the big ones are numerous! Grab a pole, a lawn chair, and your favorite bait (Island Tackle of Port Aransas is a popular place to buy your bait) and sit at water’s edge on the beach for some low-key fishing fun. The peace, the quiet, and the serenity of these hours spent waterside are guaranteed to be the moments you will wish would never end, even if your catch is less than grand.

The most fishing fun you can have, however, is by chartering a fishing boat and heading out into deeper waters! Offering power, camaraderie, and the opportunity to win a free trip—on some charters the fisherperson who catches the most can get their charter costs refunded! Go into deep waters with Deep Sea Headquarters or Coastal Charters and come home with your limit of yellow fin, black fin, or blue marlin, or stay in the shallows with Texas Coast Fishing which offers a money back guarantee; if you don’t catch a keeper fish, you won’t be charged for your fishing expedition!

Naturally Exciting!

This next adventure is one of our favorite ways to kill a couple of hours on a lazy day and is one activity you should move to the top of your vacation bucket list! A variety of companies offer dolphin tours, taking guests out to where the friendliest creatures in the sea frolic and play, led by captains who are also friendly and knowledgeable about all matters natural. Learn about the world under the sea as you speed across the waters enjoying a day of fun in the sun with a dolphin tour offered by Dolphin Watch Nature Tours, a company that includes a live touch tank as part of their tour. The Scarlet Lady Dolphin Adventure offers a sunset dolphin cruise that combines the fun of spotting dolphins with the romance and awe of a Texas sunset, so be sure to bring your best camera, as you will want to have something to remind you of the beauty of the moments you experience out on the water!

A Daredevil’s Adventure

The last water adventure we are going to discuss is not for the weak of heart, but the daredevils in your traveling party are sure to jump at the chance to try parasailing! Chute Em’ Up Parasail is where you need to go to feel alive as you sail through the sky tethered to a boat with a colorful sail keeping you afloat. Surprisingly inexpensive for an adventure that will make your heart beat faster, there is an age limitation (the flyer must be over 7 years of age), but there are no weight restrictions for this safe but thrilling adventure. As you fly effortlessly through the air with the sea below you and the clear blue sky surrounding you, for a little extra money, the staff will take professional pictures of you, offering all the proof you need to your friends back home that yes, this was the year you made your dreams come true!

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