As you look out onto another chaotic spring day in your northern hometown, it is not surprising that your thoughts are turning to summer. The windows of your home, office, or school may reveal gray days with rain, snow, or even sleet, but in your mind, you are picturing the beauty of a summer day. You can imagine sitting at the beach, watching the ocean and flow and you can hear the laughter of others sitting near you. The smell of sunscreen, the taste of that ice cold beverage you have pulled out of the cooler sitting next to you and the feel of the sun beating down on skin that has gone far too long without its Vitamin D prescription. These moments are flitting through your mind like a mini travel monologue, and you cannot put it off another second; NOW is the time to start planning your Texas summer escape to Port Aransas for an adventure enjoyed in the comforts of our Sandcastle Condominiums. Get ready to enjoy these Port Aransas Activities!

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All Roads Lead to the Beach

Of course, you are going to want to spend every minute you can at the beach, and we understand completely! It is quite possible that the Sandcastle Condominium you chose as your summer sanctuary has a balcony overlooking the seas and much of your time spent in Port Aransas will be spent either looking at its beauty from your favorite seats on the balcony or frolicking in cool waters in between toes in the sand bouts spent reading, sipping, or eating. Rise early and be amazed at the beauty of the sun rising overhead as the sky goes through a kaleidoscope of colors that start with inky black and cumulate in a crystal blue hue that never fails to impress. End each evening with a surfside seat of the sunset, watching the fire in the sky fall into the sea leaving you and everyone else speechless over its dramatic beauty. And spend all the intervening seconds soaking in the peace and fun that can only be found on the beaches of Port Aransas!

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Catch of the Day

There are many ways to enjoy fish. You can go to the Texas State Aquarium located in nearby Corpus Christi and spend hours admiring their colorful beauty as they swim through clear waters encased in glass, while you stay dry and comfortable in the air conditioning. You can rent snorkeling gear from Island Surf Shop and Kayaks and spend many vacations hours swimming amongst the beautiful fish that make their homes in our waters. Or you can grab a pole, reel, and head out to catch your dinner; the catch of the day is so much tastier when you are the one who caught the meal! And just as there are many ways to enjoy the sea creatures themselves, there are even more ways to enjoy a day of sun, seas, and fish. Spend a day at the fishing pier at Roberts Point Park enjoying the sun, the company of other fisher people, and reel in your limit without leaving the shore. You can charter a fishing expedition, C&T Bay Charters is a popular company, and go out in the deep waters where the fish are large, plentiful, and always biting. Or you can join your family at the beach and fish from the shore; all that is needed is a comfortable beach chair, fishing equipment, and the bait or lures of your choice. There is no wrong way to fish, just many delicious outcomes; especially when you choose to grill up your catch of the day on the grills in our Sandcastle Condominium community!

Rainy Day Adventures

Into every life a little rain will fall and that can also be true about your time spent in Port Aransas, but that can be a good thing! Rainy days are the perfect time to enjoy the inside activities that you may have been ignoring because it just feels so good to be outside playing! Take a step back in time with a visit to the Port Aransas Museum, 400 N Allister Street. Located inside a 1900s kit house, it celebrates the sea, the sand, and everything that made Port Aransas the thriving community it is today. Exercise your credit cards with a shopping spree at the local shops and boutiques that dot the Port Aransas landscape and as you pick up souvenirs from the Blue Water Cowboy Saloon & Mercantile, you can also wet your whistle at their bar! Or indulge in your creative side with a visit to Fire It! Ceramics, 611 S Allister Street, and bring back a souvenir you made yourself!

Book a Stay with Us and Enjoy our Port Aransas Activities

However, you fill your days on this kickoff to summer getaway in Port Aransas, coming home each evening to the comforts found in our Sandcastle Condominiums promises to be the best part of your day! Reserve your favorite today!

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