We all have a list of things we have always wanted to do, our own personal bucket lists that may be in print and are actually checked off as we accomplish each item on the list or ones that only exist in our heads. Sitting outside a café in Paris sipping wine and watching the crowds go by, eating fish and chips during a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to London, or, closer to home, watching the sunset over the sea with our toes buried in the sand. These activities in Port Aransas may not seem that big to others, but in our hearts, they reach monumental proportions and when one more item is checked off, we can feel a smile in our souls. Port Aransas may not be as stylish as Paris or as cosmopolitan as London, but when you start to check off these bucket list items during your escape to Texas, you may soon realize that Port A has stolen your heart, especially when you choose one of our comfortable and luxurious Sandcastle Condominiums for the sanctuary of your dreams!

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Sandcastles on the Beach

Sometimes it is the smaller things that make the biggest impact and if building a sandcastle on the beach is on your list, well, there is no better way to accomplish it than with a visit to Port A! The tools are simple ones, many of which may be offered up as beach equipment for you to use in your Sandcastle Condominiums beachfront escape; a plastic bucket, a shovel, water, and sand! But if you really want to live it up, the Port A Sand Guy, lessons@sandrum.com, can give you the skills to build your dream sandcastle! Families love him and the creations he helps them build and crossing this item off your bucket list will be one of your biggest accomplishments!

Watch the Dolphins in their Natural Habitat

While there are places that do allow you to swim with the dolphins, it isn’t the best thing for them in terms of health and safety. If you would love to watch them in their natural habitat, however, there are many local dolphin tours, including Woody’s Last Stand/Dolphin Watch Nature Tours that will take you to where these sweet creatures love to play. Dolphins are amongst the friendliest of nature’s creatures and as you watch them frolic in the surf, squeaking, trilling, and twittering with their friends, you will find yourself wishing you could make these moments last forever!

Flying High

 The dreams you have about flying will take you to new levels of excitement and although we can’t help you fly on your own, we can give you the tools to do so, with a tour from Vintage Air Tours-Biplane Rides. Located in Mustang Beach Airport, the pilot will even let you take over the controls of the World War II biplane, as you fly through the skies of Texas, falling in love with the beauty that surrounds you! Also offering flight lessons, you can happily check off flying from your long bucket list!

Sunrise in Port Aransas

In real life, we are exhausted, busy, and dealing with a million things at once, ensuring that rising early just to see the sunrise is the last thing we want to do! In Port Aransas, however, the magic of the sun rising over the beach is something you can do every day of your stay. Rise early in the day, grab your flip-flops and a hoody, and head over to the golden sands of the beaches you have been watching from your balcony every evening. The peace, the tranquility, and the stunning beauty of a Texas sunrise is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list and because you can easily walk back to the comforts of your Port A sanctuary for a few more hours of sleep after, this will be one more item you can check off your list!

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Vacation Home Dream Come True

If you have ever spent a vacation in a vacation property that was less than ideal, the next item on your bucket list may just be finding a property that offers all the comforts of home and as expected, Sandcastle Condominiums delivers! Explore the luxury amenities that come standard in our vacation sanctuaries while enjoying exciting adventures in our Texas coastal village! Modern conveniences (televisions, high-speed internet, and updated appliances) blend smoothly creature comforts that can include premium mattresses, plush sofas, and warm blankets that will be much appreciated in the cooler months. We believe that every detail that goes along with making you feel welcomed and at home is the most important one and when you walk in the door for the first time, we sincerely hope the tranquility that permeates our spaces will relieve you of all your stresses! Reserve your favorite escape today!