When it is time to start making your vacation itinerary for your upcoming vacation in Port Aransas, be sure to set aside plenty of time for everyone’s favorite vacation activity. And no, we are not talking about beach days and historical sites (although we do love those as well!) we are obviously talking about all the shopping in Port Aransas you will want to do during your stay in our Sandcastle Condominiums! We know that you have already checked to make sure that we offer laundry rooms (we do!) and have purchased that piece of luggage that folds down into a small rectangle and opens up to hold a huge variety of gifts and souvenirs on your return trip home and as such, we have created this guide to the best places to go shopping during your unforgettable Port Aransas getaway! And we also know that the only thing better than a shopping expedition on vacation is coming home to the comfort and style found in our Sandcastle Condominiums and examining each and every adorable item you purchased!

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Third Coast Beach Company, 101 E Avenue G

There is one thing we can promise will happen on every trip you take and that is someone in your traveling party will forget to pack something important for said adventure and if that one thing forgotten is something beach related, Third Coast Beach Company should be the first shop you stop at! Offering everything you need for your beach wanderings, including swimsuits, flip flops, and sunny’s that will make you look cool as you navigate another sunny day in Port Aransas, it is a wonderful place to shop even if you didn’t forget anything!

Loving Coastal Living, 210 N Alister Street Suite 1, 2, & 3

When you do not know what you are looking for but know you are seeking something special, Loving Coastal Living is the ideal store to explore! Offering a blend of vintage treasures and brand-spanking-new housing décor and accessories, we have never been able to leave this store empty-handed and we know you will not either, especially when you are seeking something beachy keen for your home!

Indigo Eclectic, 1700 TX-361 A

To be perfectly honest, even if they were selling air filters and adult diapers, we would still want to explore all that Indigo Eclectic has to offer, simply because of their name! Lucky for us, this sweet shop does not sell the aforementioned items, instead focusing its sales on vintage clothing and retro-inspired outfits that transport us all back to simpler times! Also featuring beautiful furniture, and charming accessories, Indigo Eclectic is not a large shop, but you should set aside a good amount of time to spend under its roof as there is a lot to see and even more you will want to buy!

Gratitude, 316 N Station Street

We are grateful to have found our way to Gratitude, a local gift shop here in Port Aransas and if you are on the hunt for your pet sitter, plant waterer, or mail getter you will be grateful too! Step inside and you will not know where to look in this colorful shop, nor will you be able to stop the smile from blossoming on your face! This is a spot where the cards will make you giggle, the colors will make you shine, and the gifts will be appreciated by whoever receives them!

Stephanie’s Stuff, 910 TX-361

When you are hungry for Italian food and you want to go shopping as well, you will not need to choose one or the other at Stephanie’s Stuff. Located inside Seafood & Spaghetti Works this charming shop filled with trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories is fun to visit before, during, or after a big meal, and if your “trip to the bathroom” takes longer than your hubby expects, you can always blame it on Stephanie! He will think she is someone you met in the facilities; we cannot help you hide your purchases though, so perhaps honesty will be the best policy!

Conspiratorium Sportsman’s Boutique, 328 Ashby Lane B

Give the men in your life the chance to do a little shopping as well with a visit to Conspiratorium Sportsman’s Boutique. Accomplishing the impossible, this compact store searches the world over to find the coolest sporting goods items you have ever seen on a shelf! Featuring dive gear, coolers, sporting apparel, stuff for your barbecue, firearms, and so many more sports-related items there just is not enough space to list, we can almost promise that your hubs will understand your own shopping obsession after just one visit!

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Come Home to Sandcastle Condominiums and Enjoy Shopping in Port Aransas

After a day spent meandering in and out of the shops of Port Aransas coming home to the comforts (and air conditioning!) found in our seaside sanctuaries will be the highlight of your adventures! Reserve your favorite today!