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All About Port Aransas History

Settled alongside the coast of Texas, Port Aransas is a delightful city found on Mustang Island. It’s a Gulf haven for travelers looking to make the most of the beautiful beaches, sensational waterways and exciting activities and attractions too. But between spending time at the lighthouses or digging toes into the sand, visitors who head this way may also be interested in learning more about the rich Port Aransas history. The Port Aransas locals and visitors know and love today has roots that stretch back nearly 5,000 years and a story that’s sure to intrigue!

Ancient Beginnings

It can be decidedly difficult to decipher the origins of islands. That said, many experts believe that those that developed along the coast of Texas, like Mustang Island which hosts Port Aransas, started out as nothing more than submerged sand bars over 4,500 years ago! Exploration of the island didn’t truly begin in earnest until the 1800s at which point Mustang Island earned it’s first name which was Wild Horse Island. This was derived from the fact that Spanish explorers first brought wild horses into the terrain. Eventually the name was transitioned to the more specific Mustang Island.

The Development of Port Aransas

Settlers started building up the destination known as present day Port Aransas in the late 1800s. This occurred after the island and city had been used as strategic fortification points during the Mexican war of 1846-1848 as well as the civil war. In fact, the city didn’t earn its name until 1910 when it was decided it would be a place for a community to thrive well beyond its role as a battle landmark. Unfortunately, a huge storm devastated the city not long after its naming in 1919. The good news was that Port Aransas proved resilient and the citizens immediately began rebuilding what they had lost. It didn’t take long for Port Aransas to find itself in a position of growth and possibility once more.

Port Aransas Today

Today, visitors to Port Aransas will find it to be a place where pristine scenery and fun collide in wonderful balance. Vacationers come to make the most of time away from the grind and the city is more than willing to help on that front. Knowing that such a welcoming place comes with a past built on purpose and resilience only makes the experience that much better!

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